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can not only provide financial opportunities to everyday people but also help solve many of the terrorism drug trafficking and financial fraud problems that some regulators are incorrectly claiming it enables thanks for watching the Ohio Bitcoin comm Bitcoin news channel today we appreciate you spending some of your valuable time with something really once cryptocurrency uses to ditch the elephant’s it’s now no secret that the Samsung Galaxy S ten will support decentralized applications DAPs in addition to its Hardware back secure storage for cryptocurrencies but will this force Apple and other smartphone makers to also enter the crypto alarms race dot Samsung Galaxy S 10 to support apps last week it was reported that the new flagship smartphone of Samsung the galaxy s 10 will include a dedicated secure storage solution for storing private keys news coming from the Samsung mobile business summit in Barcelona confirmed that the storage solution will support Bitcoin ethereum as well as altcoins called customer point cousin an engine end in a bizarre turn of events Sam Singh today announced its smaller tab at MWC supported assets BTC F image some tiny and game currency thing and cousin absolute chick coin from career for buying beauty products WTF hardly any details I’d wager this doesn’t ship on US models picked Witter comm / WX a 0 MJ see y de tuned – newly Wertheimer that you lure timer February the 25th 2019 in addition however the smartphone will also support select decentralized applications daps as of yet the only dap available for samsung galaxy s 10 is called Qasimi its decentralized nature however is questionable to say the least cousin me is a korean project developed by cosmo jane and it rewards users with cousin for leaving beauty reviews through the dad going through they white paper however raises more than just an eyebrow according to the document customer provided data will be stored on the blockchain somewhat expected the white paper doesn’t mention if the project will be developing its own blockchain or whether it will use an already existing one it only says that the team is spending a considerable amount of time and efforts on research there is also no mention of nodes or consensus algorithms in any case this first project featured on Samsung’s Galaxy S tenders look like an attempt to capitalize on trending buzzwords rather than truly offers support for decentralized apps which may not even really asterisk n EE D asked her risk to be decentralized in the first place prices surged on the news the announcement of Samsung Galaxy S tens support for Kusum & M’s has caused the prices of both Walt coins to surge notably ancient coin has managed to gain upwards of 104 percent in the last 24 hours according to kin market cap cousin on the other hand is also marking serious gains at the time of this writing the cryptocurrency has increased with around 50% on the day samsung bets on a gaming Samsung’s move to partner up with engine is likely in an effort to further the company’s involvement into the fast-growing eSports market especially in Asia engine is a Singaporean based company which launched engine coin and is creating an ecosystem for gaming the platform reportedly has 20 million users and over 250,000 gaming communities on-boarded the engine coin is used to purchase in-game assets and assign ownership of them Samsung has also partnered with game engine maker Unity Technologies in order to enable games to run smoother on the Galaxy S 10 in any case Samsung is certainly embracing everything cryptocurrency and blockchain in an attempt to sell its latest flagship smartphone it remains to be seen if this strategy pays off but its biggest competitors namely Apple and Hugh Ori are certainly watching do you think of Samsung’s Galaxy S 10 and its support for daps don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below thanks for watching the Ohio Bitcoin comp Bitcoin news channel today we appreciate you spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer price articles and markets updates are intended for informational purposes only and should not to be considered as trading advice neither Ohio Bitcoin common or the author is responsible for has declared the hard day for a Bitcoin price of 1 million dollars this followed a prediction of 1 million dollars Sunday by Jesse Lunt vice president of blockchain and digital currencies at IBM’s two weeks next Sunday month made his prediction in an interview when quizzed about his future outlook for Bitcoin saying I see the coin at a million dollar someday I have actually blogged about this a little bit his prediction may however partly be based on the preference for round numbers he explained that he liked the figure because then if the tashi will be equal to one US penny he also noted the 20 trillion dollar liquidity of the network this meant would massively change the global financial services landscape that someday is just a little bit vague and difficult to get excited about which is where mr. McAfee steps in save the date while applauding lungs awakening to the fact that Bitcoin will be 1 million dollars McAfee wasn’t pretend when Sunday so he ups the ante and stated a hard date for the forecast of December 31st 2020 people are waking up to the fact that Bitcoin will be $1,000 0 0 & 0 Brooklyn someday maybe five years within the decades I’m the only one giving you a hard date December 31st 2022 HTTP colon slash slash t KO / RS t 3 b/c BFD will be 1 million someday says Jessie one VP of blockchain at in dot html’ John McAfee at office on 15 February 22nd 2019 this updates and in effect doubles down on his previous bet Nathan July 2017 that’s Bitcoin price 0 0 would move above $500,000 in 3 years McAfee famously claimed that if he lost that bet he would leave his own penis on national television one question in the Twitter comments McAfee confirmed that this was the same event and that I never lose a bet wild wildlife whatever one’s opinion of McAfee his life is nothing if not fascinating last year he declared his intention to run for the office of US president with the libertarian party’s for the second time then earlier this year he revealed that he is being pursued by the IRS for unspecified crimes and living in exile price prediction is a notoriously precarious occupation and putting one’s manhood on the line would be a step too far for almost anyone except math iffy so will we see them devouring his genitals on national television I personally hope not for many reasons chief amongst them being personal financial gain after all the prospect of a 1 million dollar dollar Bitcoin in less than two years is certainly something to get excited about more so than a man chewing his own tickle tackle I’d wager do you think McAfee will be proven correct share your thoughts below it’s not a verb is not a fart is not too sweet not too tart at six o’clock Eastern bar agree the candles make a wish it’s like a fart but smells like a queen crypto industry still at odds over JPM coin weeks after the announcement of the JPM coin the crypto industry is still confused about whether to embrace or reject it now vine ins put out a study on March 1st 2019 claiming that the coin will not be in competition with ripples XRP what to do in February 20 19 km organ broke the news that they would be launching the JPM coin a dollar backed coin that would be used for cross-border transactions among their customers the news is already weeks old but discussions surrounding it if not slowed down in the least there has been commentary calling the move hypocritical due to the management of JP Morgan previously bashing Bitcoin and also discussion about what place the new coin will have in the market and more specifically who they would be competing with the most obvious candidate is ripples XRP token which is the go-to for cross-border transactions in the industry the initial verdict was that the JPM would definitely be competing with XRP because they would be targeting the same class of users who want quick and affordable cross

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