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the currency projects by introducing them to potential investors the number of scan coins that have come and gone and have been listed on CMC are in the dozens if not hundreds CMC has seemingly made little to no effort to filter out assets that have a high potential of turning out to be scams use can market cap with care kin market cap is an excellent platform if you want a quick and dirty snapshot of whether market roughly is however using kin market camp prices to make trading decisions or worse to price financial instruments or value portfolios means opening yourself up to an added layer of risk kin market caps shortcomings are perhaps most pronounced when it comes to small cap crypto suits where the price listed on CMC is regularly far away from where you can actually trade the asset especially if you are looking to trade more than a few hundred dollars the current pricing methodology deployed by kin market cap combined with its lack of due diligence makes the platform unusable for serious investors hence it is not surprising that a range of new crypto saat price data platforms have launched in the last few years as financial institutions are searching for trustworthy pricing to build new cryptocurrency based financial products and solutions kin market cap remains the go-to crypto pricing source for retail investors and this is unlikely to change soon the platform’s first mover advantage has enabled it to establish itself as an authority despite its evident shortcomings for the sake of new investors entering the space commentators can only hope that CMC cleans up its act and improves the quality of the data it provides on its platform want to see accurate up to the nanosecond cryptocurrencies pricing that is faster than kin market cap visit our sponsor at Ohio Bitcoin comm thanks for watching this has been the Bitcoin crypto currency market top ten report today is sponsored by Ohio Bitcoin calm we appreciate you spending a bit of your valuable time with us we broadcast numerous times throughout the day so state and disclaimer price articles and markets updates are intended for informational purposes only and should not to be considered as trading advice neither Ohio Bitcoin dot-com nor the author is responsible for any losses or gains as the ultimate decision to conduct a trade is made by the reader always remember that only those in possession of their own private keys are in control of their own money if you enjoy this type of content please smash the like and subscribe buttons below it helps us to get more views thanks again see you with the next up to the nanosecond edition of the Bitcoin crypto currency market top 10 crypto report Bitcoin mining proof of work and the reinvention of energy financial markets blocked shame based innovations are as much about new technology as they are about new concepts of governance in particular the continued proliferation of proof-of-work power consensus has the potential to fundamentally change the structure and incentives of the energy markets by translating physically trapped energy into global and digital immobile value the energy economics of production and distribution may change one of the most common misconceptions about the blockchain and digital assets space is that we witnessing a technology driven revolution while the technology paradigm of distributed Ledger’s DL T’s certainly brings incremental innovations to the table mainly increased standardization and electronification arguably the big transformational innovation comes from new forms of distributed governance and incentive mechanisms dural innovations that drive blockchain and digital asset systems technology and governance it is perhaps not surprising that those who follow this space spend a significant amount of their time on governance and durability of incentives a decade in since the launch of the Bitcoin network and the introduction of proof-of-work panel consensus numerous arguments have been made and fiercely debated at its core proof of work power is an incentive mechanism designed around the consumption of energy in exchange for a reward from securing a global distributed data ledger so long as securing this ledger the blockchain rewards someone with economic value that is worth more than what they put in the incentive works a wise person once said show me the incentive I’ll show you the outcome this deceivingly simple incentive has birthed new industries e.g crypto mining and has the potential to trigger knock-on effects for global energy systems and markets as proof of work consensus mechanisms mature traditional paradigms advocated in energy systems engineering energy economics and energy financial markets eg power trading project financing Green Finance purchase power agreements could fundamentally change this article explores some of the context and significance for these changes split across three sections section one understanding the very basics of proof-of-work panel and mining section two power and energy systems engineering and energy economics section three implications for energy markets understanding the very basics of proof-of-work and mining to set the appropriate context for the rest of the article it is important to understand the very high-level basics of proof-of-work power and crypto mining the basics of the proof-of-work process is to convert energy something which is globally distributed and available in various formats / quantities into a digital liquid and mobile form of economic value represented in the form of a cryptocurrency / token example Illustrated for the Bitcoin network the phrase proof-of-work refers to the fact that work in the form of energy consumption which has real costs is expended and converted into another form of economic value Bitcoin or other tokens institutions that participate in the proof-of-work process are called miners miners run specialized Hardware / equipment to solve a cryptographic puzzle e.g sha 256 in the Bitcoin network those that can configure their mining operation to solve the puzzles and the fastest time while incurring the least amount of costs will have profitable businesses this is not too similar to other types of energy in manufacturing eg in the oil and gas industry except that the final economic good being manufactured is digital therefore so long as people ascribe a nonzero value to the tokens being mined e.g Bitcoin there is an economic incentive to mine refer to an earlier article on non-sovereign assets for why tokens may have nonzero value miners do not necessarily need to believe in the principles of the block chains they are helping to secure through mining in fact they can be 100% agnostic and mine the block chains that the market deems to be most valuable e.g the mined tokens that the market will pay them the most for in many ways this is the beauty and elegance of proof-of-work this property and incentive could have profound implications for those who study and work in the energy sector all away from exploration and production refining and distribution to energy financial markets and policy power and energy systems engineering and energy economics back in university i majored in chemical engineering in my final year i took a course called energy systems engineering which would proceed to have a major impact on my life the point of the course was to design and analyze energy systems that could technologically supply sufficient energy to meet the round-the-clock demands of customers of a given market while also being economically and financially viable the basics of energy systems engineering matching supply and demand by configuring the optimal energy mix matching supply and demand in a nutshell the key to understanding the complexity of energy systems revolves around matching the profile of energy supply how much energy can be produced in a given physical location at a given point in time versus the profile of energy demand how much energy does a community need in that same location at given point in time the energy mates based on what technologies and methods are available reflect a complex optimization exercise in addition to supply and demand other real-world constraints can be overlaid including but not limited to things like environmental factors e.g burning coal releases more co2 versus burning natural gas versus running a wind farm build / decommissioning factors e.g building a nuclear power plant requires building 100-year financial reserves for future teardown life cycle operation factors e.g different types of ongoing servicing / maintenance required for upkeep of different technologies from carbon-based to carbon free one of the main focuses of many energy systems engineering exercises today is to try and maximize the use of renewable carbon free sources political developments like that EWTN’s sustainable development goals / SDGs

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