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good afternoon everybody that’s the bottom of the hour special edition we’ve had some audio difficulties in our last livestream we hope you stay tuned now fight of it ha ha ha well it’s a new channel so we’re doing the best we can apologize for those of you popped off – with some emails we’re working on um but clapping brothers and sisters welcome to another 100% fresh addition of the bitcoin cryptic Reggie market top ten report sponsored by Ohio big green downtown we report to train up to the nanosecond price status of the top ten cryptocurrencies there go off and follow that up with a quick breakdown briefing houses and shirts on each campaign coin today is the 19th of March 2019 and we do it live here ladies and gentlemen so it is what it is ok let’s dive right in to what you’ve all been waiting for the top 10 cryptocurrency starting from bottom to top first in time let’s do it again number 10 Ellie coming in at 0.50 8 up 2.6 1% number 9 cutter yours DT at 99 cents up 0.04% number 8 position is held currently by star x RM at 11 cents USD up 4.8 5% number 7 finance creep be and be $15 42 cents USD up 0.01% the six position currently held by Bitcoin cash we’re busy 8 at 158 60 down one point two seven percent number five position is held by light according LTC that’s $60 and 48 cents up 0.05% and before els yes three dollars and seventy eight cents USD up 0.06% number three XR p XR p 32 cents up 0.20% number two aetherium bath at 137 dollars and 30 cents USD up 0.24% in the cast changes 24 hours number one coin bit coin BTC at four thousand sixty one dollars and 81 cents four thousand eighty one dollars and 81 cents up 0.45% changes in the past 24 hours take a look at the volume the past 24 hours from bottom to top we got 88 car Ghana brain in its sixty two point four seven million in volume the past 24 hours number nine by it’s going to our twenty six point five eight million in volume number thank you smell by Scylla 295.50 m in volume Bitcoin cash comes in at seven hundred sixty four point five zero Marion x RP 820 seven point seven for Marion the number five position is held by e o s at one point four 1 billion number five litecoin at one point five five billion number three aetherium ask the three point nine nine billion risk OB number two Bitcoin BTC five point seven eight billion and Qatar you guys DT coming in 4.03 belly this has been Bitcoin cryptic ready market top ten report sponsored by I’ll bet thanks for watching we appreciate you spending a little your valuable time with us the broadcast numerous times throughout the day so stay tuned usually at the bottom at the top of the hour quick disclaimer Pais articles and market update I intended for informational purposes only should not be considered as trading advice neither Ohio Baker got conned or the author responsible for any losses or gains and held acidity to cut the trade they’d like you the viewer the reader the filter always remember the only those in possession of their own private keys aren’t control but their own Bitcoin you enjoy this type of content please smash the like and subscribe buttons below helps us to get more views thanks again see you at the top or the bottom of the hour with the next up to the Nano second edition on the Bitcoin crypto crazy market time team fit their report brothers and sisters I am out have a great rest of the afternoon

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