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hey everyone I’m max from, and today I am joined with the co-founders of Crypstock Felix and Alex
thank you so much for joining me today I’m so excited for this interview, and
let’s just get right into it Felix and Alex could you please
introduce yourself and maybe tell us a little bit about your team ? my name is
Felix I’m the project manager of crypstock basically I have more than 10
years experience in the finance field and analytics. in the last 10 years I was
involved basically in business development on the analytics in the financial field.
and in the last four years I’m involved with the ”crypto” and crypto projects .
I’m Alex Castleman I am a project manager responsible on the technological part of
the project I have about 25 years of extensive experience in development of
the software products for the capital and financial markets between my
customers are most of Israeli banks: bank Israel, Bank Leumi and about
Bank Ha’poalim and a number of exchanges like Tel Aviv’s Stock Exchange. the
past four years I was involved in a number of projects in the cryptocurrency
industry. what exactly are you building and what problems
are you trying to solve ? the crypstock concept is based on two elements the first is consolidation of
multiple order books from more than 30 crypto currency exchanges into one
integrated order book the second is availability of the system ownd funds in
every used exchange, distributed between used crypto currencies this approach is
the base for a multiple and proprietary services unavailable in their simple or
conventional crypto currency exchanges what makes Crypstock different from
other exchanges ? the consolidated order book provides a number of advantages the
first is the best prices in the market and the second is much stronger business
model comparing to conventional crypto currency exchanges can you please walk
us through the user experience of a future trader on your platform sure mark
let me show it to you okay max so let’s imagine we have a trader and user that
want to buy two coins I have regular two exchanges with the same to order books
with the same asks then the user is coming to the first exchange he wants to
buy over there two coins the order book show him one coin for $100 the other one
for one 110 what will be the average price 105 the
same trader is going to the other exchange over there he also wants to buy
two coins in the best price basically the same order book 110 100 the every
track price will be 105 so basically DevExpress the declined bought two coins
in traditional exchanges are 105 now let’s see our consolidated order book
that we created what we are doing by using this consulate order book which is
integrated with more than 30 exchanges we are taking the best prices from the
exchange like clockwork I explained it so we will take two coins
that cost 100 in 10 one from here one from here so basically we have here two
coins the worst one in 10 we will take also from those exchanges 1.41 on it in
the other one for 100 basically here we also have two coins that are worth $100
so basically if the end user will buy from us which price he will see the
average price for two coins 100 dollars because we have them both for only 100
rows now by using our proprietary market making engine we are creating
inside of our system one more order book which is this one
okay this order book declined end-user we’ll see okay and this order book
basically the best person that you will see for those two coins will be 105 and
105 eyeing those two coins his average prices 102.5 dollars per to coins which
is also lower than in in the traditional exchanges now as a conclusion both sides
are earning your earning here first of all the end user the trading getting
here better price if as we compared to the to the other exchanges and the
system addition to the trading commission that the system will collect
from each trade operation the system will also help 2.5 dollars from this
specific trade thank you continuing on from what you just explained about your
consolidated order book can you tell us do you have any competitors out there
with similar solutions okay max thank you first of all thank a great question
as far as I know and from what we checked we don’t have any direct
competitors or similar platforms that using or doing something something
similar to what we are doing but the risk platforms that basically providing
to their own end users they are providing them the option to the Orbitz
Rogers and this is the only service that doing and providing compared to our
platform which basically based on this merged order book on consolidated order
books yes we also providing arbitrage but result only 10% out of our business
model the more stronger service that basically we’re providing to our users
is based on our block trading and market making on the platform which is
basically then the most higher profit in our a an income to our platform which is
also providing to our end users the traders the best prices in the market
you stated that you will also have a USD backed token can you explain the reason
why you need this token and how the one-to-one ratio will be kept as
everyone known today in this crypto market there is a kind of problem too
inverted marriage between crypto and a Fiat money so what we created invent and
basic is a token which caught you 40 which is equivalent to $1 so each time
when a token by a potential buyer will insert to the system $1 you will get T
for T 1 T for T token which is equivalent to $1 this top this $1 and
one token are Becht or will be back in the future by outted company that will
basically back up that actually the amount of T for T that was sold for
those dollars that was inserted to the system will back up adios but by this
third party company out of the company in order for trade on your platform to
execute quickly you’ll need money in both the exchanges as well as the
currencies themselves will it be difficult to add new trading in pairs
onto your platform due to the fact that it involves a lot of funding basically
no it’s not be difficult to add additional trading tears because and
this is why we are basically raising these funds and doing this ico for the
amount it’s written on our project and as it’s written the majority of the rest
fund which is basically sixty percent will go to those exchanges in order to
fill and fill we found those accounts in order to provide us the option to trade
and add each time more more trading pairs more smoothly and this is
basically the purpose of this project and the purpose of raising those funds
so we all know that security of exchange is a huge issue can you tell us what
measures you’re going to implement to avoid loss of funds for your future
customers we plan to develop our security system based on the Japanese
regulator requirements for the security for a cryptocurrency exchanges because
this regulation is most developed and accepted by many countries and based on
the huge experience of Japanese cryptic exchange your solution involved
you working with a lot of different exchanges can you maybe give us a
scenario of if an exchange wouldn’t want to work with you and how that would
affect your business basically you are right we are planning to run our
question with more than 30 exchanges in the same time but the accounts that
we’re opening on those exchanges there are trading accounts though there is no
reason why any exchanges or some specific exchange will basically refuse
to working with us and there is something else because our system will
provide to those suggestions huge volume of transactions so each exchange would
like to have this volume so there is no reason that I can think to myself that
any exchange will do not work won’t work with us and if every Crip stock trader
will feel the requirements of kyc there is no basis for any conflict with
caustic interest so is every a used crypto currency exchange let’s talk
about the roadmap can you explain to us what you guys have done so far and what
future milestones you’re looking forward to
we are completely now the full functional prototype version based on
the real connection with 30 crypto currency exchanges and according to our
roadmap would plan to complete the pilot version till October November and in
December – to agree to open the full function of beta version of the system I
would also like to add something very important basically you should know that
our system was already established and worked two years ago but two years ago –
it worked only on few exchanges and now because we are developed the system more
and now we are doing dramatically and very extremely huge q Ernie because it’s
integrated now with a bit more than 30 exchanges
this is why we are implementing it now and the pudding in online again you aim
to raise 50 million u.s. dollars can you maybe explain to us why so much money is
needed to launch your exchange you’re completely right we are trying to raise
50 million dollars which is the majority out of those raised funds which is 60
percent we’ll go to the exchanges that we are integrated with them now it’s
about 30 changes and the Fugit will increase 30 percent out of those funds
will go to the marketing as you know in order to make this thing happen and that
all the system will work we need strong marketing operation and 10 percent will
go to our R&D development team and the bau-t program so if I can conclude it in
one sentence 60 percent are going to the exchanges to fund those accounts 30
percent marketing 10 percent R&D development and bounty program is your
token as security token and how have you dealt with regulations this token
basically is not giving to the token holders any dividends in the company and
it shares any voting rights nothing it’s talking it’s only
distributing the fees that was promised to the token holder and my final
question for this interview can you let our audience out there know how they can
get involved with your project so is the conclusion first of all thank you very
much for this interview we’ll be more than happy to see it our potential
client or our investor joining our telegram community and I join our
project we are starting our presale in June 11 all of us will be more than
happy to see you part of our big big big family future big family and good luck
to everyone that is the end of the interview thank you so much for watching
I really appreciate the guys from a krip stock coming in and joining me today
don’t forget their pre-sale starts June 11th as well as they invite you to join
their telegram group if you enjoyed this video please subscribe we have tons of
videos just like this all the time on our YouTube channel
additionally we also have a news telegram group ourselves all these links
will be in the description below thanks watching

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  1. Wow! Interested to hear how this project is going. Alex Keselman has a somewhat dubious past, and interesting he never named those past projects!
    Any chance of returning the substantial amount of Bitcoin you owe me, and promised you would return, Alex? I still have our email/comms trail, amongst other things, just in case you have forgotten about it. Only, you have been rather elusive the last couple of years, you slippery snake! 🙂 Do get in touch!

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