Crypico – The Freelance Cryptocurrency Marketplace

Crypico is an online freelance marketplace
and community that allows freelancers to get paid in any cryptocurrency. Freelancers post gigs advertising their services
on the Crypico platform. Whether you’re skilled in graphic design
or you’re a online marketing whiz, everyone can earn Crypto on Crypico. Freelancers simply create a gig, name their
price, and list which cryptocurrencies they are willing to accept. Users in need of contracted work can browse
these available gigs, evaluate workers’ skills and reviews, and hire the perfect candidate. If a more customized service is desired, users
can post a Gig Request outlining their specific requirements and hear back from qualified
freelancers. Unlike other platforms, Crypico is completely
free to use, doesn’t charge a transaction fee and requires no bank accounts or credit
cards. Additionally, Crypico offers its very own
Bounty Campaign and Airdrop platform. Here you can browse current services needed
by ICOs. These tasks pay in the ICOs own coins, allowing
you to participate in new and exciting projects. Join Crypico and take advantage of the fastest
growing cryptocurrency-based freelance community.

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