19 thoughts on “Critical BULLISH Pattern Confirming In Bitcoin & Crypto Markets! BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH & Crypto News!”

  1. Do you think this Inverse Head & Shoulders pattern is going to play out and bring us up to the $5000 range?

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  2. Money Authority , What are your opinions on the Gandhiji Ethereum smart contract ? Its a unstoppable and immutable smart contract on eth. Has no owner , no admins , Nothing in the smart contract code can be changed. Basically the smart contract has its own token called IND . The tokens are created when eth is sent to the contract and destroyed when the tokens are sold back for eth. Each buy has a 10% fee and that fee is split up among all the token holders as rewards for holding the IND tokens. Anyone from anywhere in the world can interact with the smart contract as long as they have metamask. I have a video about it posted on my channel.

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  4. I'm glad to see your views and likes per video and your subscribers shoot up even when we're in the midst of this bear market, really speaks to the quality and consistency of your content. It's going to absolutely explode when we finally bull up and you'll have really earned it. Cheers!

  5. Wells fargo bought 64 billion of pension funds and caused the small spike on the Dow Jones, s&p… It won't last.

  6. The Greatest Depression is coming. The stock market is going down only the bankers profit from it.

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