6 thoughts on “Crest Token – Crypto Campaigns Crest DigiAd Platform”

  1. Crest Token – Crypto Campaigns Crest DigiAd Platform

    This is my first video about the Crypto Campaigns Crest Digi Ad platform. I already made a video 8 months ago about Cresttoken. Crest token probably had the best ICO in 2018 and now they have launched the Crest Crypto Campaigns. You can enter a Crypto Campaign or Stake your Crest tokens.

    Create a Crest Token account (REF): http://bit.ly/CrestTokenGMMC

    Cresttoken without REF link: https://cryptocampaigns.co/

    Crest token CryptoCapaigns Telegram: https://t.me/cryptocampaigns

    Cresttoken Info Website: https://www.cresttoken.com/

  2. Wow! Good stuff! I missed the $1 mark! Currently staking mine as well, I think $1 should come back soon. Yes this should last a long time!

  3. Nice video! Love Crest as a project and the future look bright, especially now the crypto space is shifting again!

  4. Bro Nice Job man!!! Oh don't forget about trying to gain subscribers lol now that's hard!!! Lol

    Over all Crest Token is a amazing project and deserves to be promoted and open to new investors/viewers.

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