Creating The Widest Ecosystem Ever For A Cryptocurrency – Dagcoin

You’ve spoken quite a few times
about the Dagcoin ecosystem and also what’s coming this year. What do you think you are doing sets you apart from
what’s being done by other cryptocurrencies. I feel that a lot of cryptocurrencies,
they are just focusing on the possibilities of buying and selling, trading, having a financial gain. I don’t, I don’t support that kind of approach. if you focus on the price then the good benefits
of a cryptocurrency don’t come out, if you focus on the good benefits,
there are values of cryptocurrency, then the price will come by itself by default So, what is important for people to see and
to feel it is that the currency is usable. We can do a lot of things with that. And therefore we are developing, so far the widest, ecosystem for cryptocurrency that there is, you know, we are focusing
on all kinds of different services that people would want
to use with their money as we create those platforms ourselves just to show people how they can use it and give them the possibility to really transact with dagcoins on a daily basis. And I believe this is something that is very unique. The ecosystem is very wide,
by end of this year, it’s definitely the strongest. And then next year we’ll make it
even wider and stronger. And I believe this is the way
how we can show to the people, to the world how crypto actually
works and that it really works as money, as currency There are different services for merchants, different platforms for merchants
to conveniently accept cryptocurrencies. There are platforms, like I said, for example, Merchant Finder, which will show people
where they can, which merchants accept the coins, where they can use their currency. There are different platforms for charities, there are different shopping platforms for,
auction platform is coming. There is a person to person exchange coming. There is A marketplace where individuals
can sell their own belongings, their own things, whatever they want to sell through Dagpay, every merchant can actually accept, every business can accept cryptocurrency. There are a platforms coming
that actually help people to, hire somebody to find the job. There are platforms that are
for people who want to have fun playing games, gamble for lottery, different platforms that, we would
want to use in the financial world. for storing money,
taking loans, transacting, deposits, also this year
we bring out the ATM’s, we bring out the gift cards. There is different payment systems coming out. There is a lot of things coming out for,
to show how serious this is currency is. And once people understand that,
you know, this currency is here to be used, that is where, I see the biggest growth
for the community will come. And once we can show for a large community and within the larger community
how actually cryptocurrency works within a certain community, and this is where
the big players will come in. Another big payers,
I mean big merchants, big platforms because they they want to be innovative,
but they can’t risk with their business. They cannot go with something that is unstable
and something that is insecure and therefore, they want to see first how a system, how an economy works, before they implement it.

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