Creating A PayPal Shopping Cart In EverWeb

Selling products or services on your EverWeb
website can be easily done by using PayPal. The first thing you need to do is signup for
a PayPal account. In order to use PayPal’s merchant services, you must have a Premier
or Business account, or a PayPal for business and nonprofits account. After you have signed up and are logged in,
click on Tools. Then click on PayPal Buttons, and click on Create a Button if a popup window
appears. On the next page, click on ‘Create new button’ which can be found under the
Related Items section. In the following form, add the information
for one of your products. Starting with the type of button you want to use for your products.
For this example, I am going to use the Shopping Cart option since most users will have more
than one product they are selling. If you are only selling one item, the Buy Now button
may be more appropriate for you. Besides the item name and price, as well as
the shipping amount and tax rate, most of you can leave everything else as is. Adding
an item ID might be helpful for you to distinguish between products. Make sure that you use the
same currency for all of your products otherwise your customers may experience problems when
trying to add items to their shopping carts. For now, don’t worry about Step 2 and 3. Those
are more advanced options that you can look at in the future. For now, click on Create
Button. On the next page, highlight the code you see,
and copy it. Next we’re gonna open up EverWeb and go to
the page where our products are located. Now click on HTML Snippet and paste the code that
we just copied. The PayPal Add To Cart button will appear and you can place it wherever
you want on your page. If you have multiple items that you are selling on your site, repeat
this process for your remaining products. After you are done, here is what a sample
shopping cart might look like once a customer has added a few products to it.

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