Create a cryptocurrency wallet

welcome Alfa a global crypto market is greeting you to manage cryptocurrency you will need to create a crypto wallet let us briefly outline it on the blockchain info platform this is the most popular wallets for bitcoins and atheria now go to blockchain info make sure that you log into the domain above you can find the link to the scripture wallets under the video click create a wallet and to the email that you can access enter your password the password should be safe and consists of at least 10 different symbols verify your password it can read the Terms of Use here agree to it there it is your wallet has been created now you receive an ID of your wallets in the letter sent by the blockchain you have to make sure you save it because without it you won’t be able to gain access to your wallet to access your wallets you will need the ID in the password we recomm that you saw the credentials or your wallets on a PC or a portable device I have it’s written in a notepad to which only you have access verify email go to the page with the newly created wallet click start now go to the Security Center in order to make sure that your future fonts are protected with a verified email it can now access the secret backup phrase it’s going to be used in case you forget your password in this tab it can print a list with 12 special words necessary for recollecting the password you could just write them down make sure you keep those special words then the system verifies whether the entered words are valid he answer four out of twelve required special words you did it back up phrase has been activated create password hint you create a hint that could really help recollect a password level to link mobile number this step is simple and quite common for any website enter your phone number verified by the code you receive via SMS enabled two-step verification this provides a good security measure for accessing your wallet to activate it you will need to download a mobile app Google Authenticator now every time you access your wallet you will need to enter a six digit additional password provided by the app level three next step is to enable the block tour request an anonymous network that can be potentially used by hackers in your general settings you can enable mobile app pairing codes of your wallet with a blockchain so you can have a direct access to your wallet via cell phone in preferences it can make any necessary adjustments for wallet select a language that is suitable for you select a currency currency evaluation unit vacations of incomes in your wallet enable the automatic session termination option in the browser set the theme go to security here it can create an additional password this password will be required or it transfer funds from your wallet whether the security settings adjusters it can go to the ID the address of your wallet click the request button wallet will pop up which will be needed for the money transfers made to you credentials to the other party you’ll have to copy the digits in terms of security and privacy each time you receive the money the idea of your wallet will change but despite the change it will still be your wallet so become when a click request and completely different digits pop up to transfer click send in a new window you can see the line enter address see you enter the wallet number to which you want to transfer your money enter the sum in the description you can state anything for example specify the reason for the transfer or give some details on the address see only you consider description it exists for your convenience only in order to display the information about your completed transactions here you can select the commission option Commission on the transaction depends on the speed of transaction select the Commission and click continue we’ll be completed it will have all the details about the transaction thank you for your attention we are AlphaTech accom

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