okay I'm going to show you how to create a token on hexyl and Link it to your discord server so here I am on the hexyl home page and I can go to this drop-down menu and click create a token the name for the token will be demo token and a symbol can just be DT and then I'll enter a number of tokens to start so how about 10,000 now I can choose which wallet I'd like to use I could choose my wallet which is my meta mask wallet that I'm using to deploy the token or I can use the hexyl wallet and this is a wallet that holds your tokens for you and connects to all of Hex's services and this is what lets you send tokens using discord so I'll choose this if it's a new account and you haven't verified your address yet this is a signing a message to verify your Etha counts use quick sign and then here we go we're ready to deploy our token so we've got demo token here we've got the initial supply and we can just go ahead and submit in meta mask and this will take a little bit depending on network traffic is actually pretty congested day so I'll cut the video here and then resume it once the token is done deploying this usually takes a few minutes okay so our token deployment is done so we'll go ahead and go to the page and we can see we have the demo token here and you can also see that we have the a token in our wallet so if we go to the account settings page when we can see here that there's an option to link a discord account so I'm gonna go ahead and click that so that I can a link my discord account to hexyl and so you can see it comes over to discord you can go ahead and authorize and there you go you are verified with discord and I can continue to go back to my settings but we also now see this button here want to link a token to a discord server you own click the button below so I can go ahead and click that and I actually get an menu of tokens that I've created and I can click here and go through the process of linking but I'll just show you one other way that we can link our token which is from the token page if we click edit we see that same button so in either scenario if we click the link to discord server button and we choose our a a server that we own and I have this discord server hexyl demo that I'm gonna link my token to being click Submit and we've successfully linked this token to this discord server now the final step to integrating our token with discord is inviting the hexyl bot into our server so if I click invite bot I can see that this Axl bot exists and I can go ahead and choose to invite him into my server as well and if I authorize that I'm not a rogue it's great and I just heard the notification so we should be all set if we go over to our discord server we can see that hexyl bot joined the server now the final thing to do here is I'll just show you a few commands that you can do with the bottom the first is help command and if we do that the bot will tell us what we can do now right now there's only really three main things you can do with the bot you can check the balance of any user using the balance command you can send tokens using the send command or you can see the token leaderboard using the leaderboard command so first I'll go ahead and check my balance by typing an exclamation point and then the balance and then I will tag myself I do that the bot will say balance for John is a thousand ten thousand GT which is right now I can also send tokens by saying send I'll send a thousand tokens to Marcus and the bot will go ahead and say sent a thousand tokens to Marcus now I can also check the balance for Marcus to verify that those were sent and as you can see Marcus now has a thousand demo tokens and the final command we have at the bot is the option to check the leaderboard so I'll just check the leaderboard and there you go you can see my demo account has nine thousand and Marcus has one thousand and this will show up to the top ten holders of your token you can see that this is right on our page we refresh you can see that I have nine thousand tokens and Marcus has a thousand and we can also verify that in our wallet you can see that I have nine thousand tokens and we can see the two transactions so that's it there you have it that's how you can create your own ERC 20 token on aetherium and integrate it with your discord server to send around with your community thanks


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