CRAZY Bitcoin Conspiracy Theories 🤯🤯

Conspiracy theories are some of the most interesting things that people can think of Especially when they seem to make sense and when they’re about something widely known What’s up CryptoPeeps It’s your girl, Maria, here to deliver your daily dose of Bitcoin news! Whether it be about Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty or even about cryptocurrency these conspiracy theories are interesting enough to make you stop for a second and think Today, we’ll be going over some of the craziest Bitcoin conspiracy theories. Let’s start with the biggest mystery that started it all. Ever since bitcoin was invented there has been a cloud of mystery surrounding its founder Although we have to thank this person for the very first cryptocurrency invented and blockchain technology invented, no one really knows Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity. How can it be possible to hide the identity of someone THIS influential? Most people believe Satoshi Nakamoto to be a pseudonym, some people even believe in the possibility of him being female or a group of people Some of the crazier theories include Satoshi being neither male nor female There are theories that he could’ve been an it. There were claims that he may have been a bot, called “Robo Satoshi”. And while this theory isn’t based on a sturdy foundation, It’s definitely interesting Another interesting take on this was when a Russian IT entrepreneur named Natalya Karpersky claimed that It was unclear how she got to that conclusion, but her claims definitely received some attention. There was also a theory floating around that the Chinese government was responsible for creating Bitcoin, aiming to help China lessen its reliance on the US dollar. China also seemed to really embrace bitcoin in the early years, adding fuel to the conspiracy fire. But it ended up not being possible because the Chinese government eventually cracked down on cryptocurrencies Time traveling Satoshi Nakamoto!? If you don’t know what a block hash is, it’s a randomly generated code that documents each new block that’s mined and added to the blockchain ledger. Last June 2018, there was a block hash that lit a spark in the eyes of everyone in the crypto-community. So what’s the relevance of this code? First of, all the zeros at the start of the code mimic the “Genesis Block”, or the first block that was ever mined. Second, according to an article on Medium, the 21e8 that comes after the zeroes signify “an exceptionally simple theory of everything.” according to the article, he 21e8 of the function relates to physics theory called E8 Theory, a theory that attempts to describe all known fundamental interactions in physics. If that was a little bit too complicated for you, all you have to know is that a very important identifier was created and that this hash function is extremely rare, making it significant. The conspiracy theory comes in when people thought about what could possibly create this special code. People think it may have something to do with time travel, as the code is so improbable it would take a lot of time to achieve it People think that it’s an indication that someone from the future has mined it. Some people think that it is Satoshi himself since the mathematical coincidences are too strong for it to be anyone else. If not Satoshi himself, some people believe it to be the very same computer he used to invent bitcoin. Other crazy theories on how it could have been generated related it to hackers and quantum computing. In an article written on December 2017, an author on FXSTREET named Michael Pento talks about how curious it was for him that the U.S. Government and Federal Reserve have become so “enamored with cryptocurrencies” and how the authority figures have been reluctant to shut cryptocurrencies down. Back then, the Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering regulations weren’t implemented yet and the governments were still figuring out what to do. Pento believed that the governments were purposely orchestrating an environment where cryptocurrencies can flourish. He also believed that the governments had ulterior motives to crush private cryptocurrencies altogether, creating the “Fed-coin”. This coin would utilize the blockchain like bitcoin, but with the government having complete control and with it replacing physical currency altogether. In turn, they aimed to create a monetary system that is 100% electronic money, and 100% controlled by the government. What do you guys think about these conspiracy theories? Do you think they too crazy to believe? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section down below don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and if you liked it, got to our channel click subscribe and click the bell button as well to get notified whenever we post a new video! Lastly, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and once more my name is Maria and this is WeTheCryptos!

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  1. Conspiracy theories bitcoin, something that i never heard of. But this definitely caught my attention. It sounds plausible if you ask me. Great video, thx.

  2. I am not sure who Satoshi is or was or who he represented but I am pretty sure Cryptos and blockchain tech was preplanned to eventually allow financial markets and asset ownership to be removed from the fiat system that inevitably would collapse

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