hello and welcome to episode 15 of the craving crypto podcast in today's episode we're going to be doing a market overview starting with Bitcoin and going into the top alt coins so let's get right into this all right so we're gonna be doing the top five coins by market cap starting with Bitcoin so let's go into the one hour time frame and do some short-term technical analysis as far as the one-hour time frame is looking it does look like we have hit some previous resistance here at 8400 we're going back up to test that resistance if it can break above this resistance at 84 it's likely to see continuation above this level if we have a failure of resistance breakout and then a failure of support at 8000 we're likely to test the support levels in this range here so let's just go ahead and draw that resistance so there's our resistance levels and here is our support levels all right the MACD is a bit oversold right now so if this does get enough momentum we may just get above that $8,500 resistance level and see a higher high either way this has seen quite the rally over the last week or so so it won't surprise me if we see a small correction out of this although I don't expect any serious Corrections now that we're breaking out of all these resistance levels down trending resistance levels so switching to the 12-hour we can see our short-term resistance that we drew in our short-term support okay so there's resistance right here at 9000 just below 10,000 and then we have a nice little chunk of resistance right here again at 11,000 then we have a really big chunk of resistance right here at 14,000 and then we have another chunk of resistance right here at 17,000 and then last but not least the all-time high just under 20,000 then coming over here we can find some previous support levels to watch as well we see one area of support that was not reached we see another area of support that we did reach very nicely and we see another area of support rate here which lines up with our short-term support line right here on the smaller time frame and then last but not least you've got this really really big support right here at 3,000 which I don't suspect us to ever see those prices but it's also good to be aware of all of the support and all of the resistances that we're seeing right now now in this type of a sell-off we even successfully had a breakout in this downtrending resistance here so we can just take this and I'll use black lines for the downtrend and resistance so you don't get too confused and then we use this black line right here we got a break out in that downtrending resistance as well and then this black line right here to prove the breakout and that downtrending resistance so now the only resistance that we really have to get through in Bitcoin is horizontal resistance and again these are the horizontal resistance points that we're looking for but with a breakout like this and the momentum being in a huge squeeze if you go into the six hour time frame and then you zoom out on the MACD and look at the momentum don't even look at the prices just look at the MACD down here you can see that we've been in this huge squeeze squeezing squeezing squeezing momentum and we finally had a bull break out of this squeeze so this is looking really really good I mean upside is highly probable and downside is very low probability unless we're just testing support levels like what we've drawn here so I am expecting these resistance levels to be met and many of them to be broken in Bitcoin and the short term is looking pretty good although I wouldn't be surprised if we have some support testing in this area and the medium term is looking really good and the long term is looking amazing so overall Bitcoin isn't is in a really good spot to be accumulating right now I've been saying that I expect a bottom of the market to be found soon and it would not surprise me one bit if this level right here is the exact bottom especially since everybody had their stop-loss set at 6,000 and usually what happens in markets is since everybody has their stop-loss in the same spot it has to go and stop everybody out before mooning so that last little wick that we saw right here where we panicked and made a little bit of a new low is actually a good thing and I personally believe that that was a shakeout for everybody that have their stops at 6000 and now the market has shook those people out and it can go on the upside again and it's highly likely that we're in a in a short term bottom and likely to be a long term bottom for the crypto space as well ok so let's go into the next coin which would be aetherium because as we know aetherium is number 2 in total market cap all right so aetherium has broken out of 2 falling wedge patterns that I have drawn here as you can see it has successfully found support on to the 382 dollar level and the short term we have resistance levels at 834 we have some resistance levels right here that it actually just barely touched rejected a little bit off of we have a bit of a resistance area right here a bit of a resistance area right here pretty big resistance area right here and then lastly the all-time high would be the heaviest resistance now let's go into our support areas right here was the previous support right here is another support area I would consider this to be another support area as well and then last but not least we can get this low low 50 dollar support area which is unlikely to ever be reached but again as a trader you want to keep your mind open to all possibilities so with aetherium on the short-term if we go into the 4-hour we're starting to see a nice break out with some curling on the up side of this wedge we hit our first resistance level making a 1 2 3 4 5 and an ABC correction and then we've made another one – it looks like we could make a 3 wave here and start heading up towards 5:18 and then possibly this next resistance level right here so aetherium is looking really bullish on the short term as well that's curling and that rounded bottom shape is also a good sign as you can see we can just take this tool right here and you can see how the prices are rounding out at these lows that's a really good sign and then also the falling wedge breakouts are really bullish ok let's go into Ripple okay so Ripple first we're going to find support levels our first support was at the top of the previous wave right here our next support would be at the top of that wave I would also consider this area right here to be support and then now we can start finding resistance areas so this is a pretty good chunk of resistance right here this is a pretty good chunk of resistance this is a really good chunk right here at 2:38 is a chunk and then right here at $3 is another really big area of resistance for Ripple okay so this is generally on an uptrend as you can see since last year we've been trending up on this lowest trend line we have also landed back onto the major support of the previous wave so this was a 1 2 3 4 5 wave up and then this was probably an XYZ correction if you count sub waves this right here would be another falling wedge we're seeing that a lot in the crypto space and again because we made a new lowest opt-out everybody that had their stop loss at 47 cents again that would be a classic shakeout where you suspect to see a bouncing upward breakout after that shakeout we also have the MACD curling on the upside and momentum is looking bullish for ripple as well so I suspect these resistance levels to be met with the next few months out Bitcoin cash Bitcoin cash will be a similar story we can just take our resistance levels here starting with this point right here I would consider this to be a nice little chunk of resistance and then this right here what we're kind of kissing up against right now is also resistance then we have some more kind of resistance right here and then this huge wick all up here to $6,000 would be your next resistance zone now if Bitcoin cash because we're so oversold we don't really see very much support here there's not very very very many areas to draw support just because the Marques already fell so hard that it's already near the support levels just because we don't have as much price history so that the trend has only really been since $200 that we can we can do ta on this now this is also having a momentum curl on the upside the MACD is having a histogram flip and a curl looking like we should see upside momentum we're also bouncing off support levels and I suspect these resistance levels to be met in Bitcoin cash over the next few months as well and last but not least is a OS us is looking very very very good as we have made the first wave in the three wave landing onto support right here perfectly we're very oversold on a OS right now as you can see the MACD is clear down here over Sorrell sold getting that histogram flip as well as you get this cross in the histogram and the momentum is showing a lot of upside potential we also have a left head I mean a left shoulder a head and a right shoulder right here and in u.s. you also have the falling wedge pattern that has broken out it did the same thing right here before it went up really high and made a new high at $23 so with a OS specifically I'm expecting there's this is mainly support this has a really strong trend the real resistance levels that we need to get past will be right here at $14 and then there's a pretty good chunk of resistance right here at 9 dollars and 13 cents but because of how oversold we are I don't think we're gonna have any problem getting through that and then again at $23 we have some resistance but after that it'll all be you know an open market for us so I suspect us to see a new high in a OS while everything else goes up to previous resistance so us is looking really good overall and one that I'm watching carefully and holding so yeah total market capitalization on Bitcoin is 141 billion 700 million the price is eight thousand two hundred fifty four dollars as we were predicting telling you not to panic cell volume is at 4.5 billion 24 hour changes up 1% aetherium is at 48 billion dollars in market cap price is four hundred seventy eight billion 24 out of 24 our volume is 1.5 million and the 24 hour changes up one percent ripple is at 18 billion dollars in market cap the price is 46 cents 24 hour volume is 189 million dollars 24 hour change is down 44 or point 44% Bitcoin cash is at 14 billion in market cap price is 836 dollars 24 hour volume is 578 million 24 hour changes up 4.7% or 0.47% and AOS is at 7 billion in market cap eight dollars and sixty two cents in price and 620 million in 24 hours all u m– being up to 0.71% so a lot of people are asking well should you put all your money in Bitcoin or altcoins okay to be holding because the Bitcoin band dominance has been increasing so my answer to that is watch us again the Bitcoin price so AOS BTC should be your new indicator for whether altcoins are good to be holding right now so this is leading the market meaning that AOS is doing better percentage than aetherium and AOS is doing better percentage than Bitcoin so that means that this is really the one that you want to be watching when you want to figure out whether it's alt season again or not and gos is landing right onto major support it's just made to falling wedges and this is the Bitcoin chart so it is a little bit different than the dollar chart which we were just doing ta on but it's a similar it's a similar perspective and we've landed onto the trend line and curling so this is finding support I really do not suspect alt season to just stop now I think that the Bitcoin dominance will start dropping again this looks to be like just a weird kind of up wave before it needs to crash this is a lot of resistance to for the Bitcoin dominance between 50 45 percent and 60 percent so I really don't think that we'll be able to get much above this area I do think the alts will be back in season soon this was just due to the heavy breakout that we're having in the market cap that they lagged behind a bit so yeah I use AOS as your indicator to watch your altcoins I've been getting a lot of questions about that in the VIP so that's why I wanted to kind of address that to my viewers in this video thank you so much for tuning in today's video I hope that you learned something if you have any questions go ahead and let me know in the comment box below just so you guys know starting next month I am going to be increasing my VIP product prices so if you are interested in getting in on it you can go ahead and use a 10% discount in the description box below go to my website and get in the VIP before we increase the prices I really value the VIP product and that's the reason that we're changing the prices and just so you guys know I am currently in Utah and that is why I did not upload Tuesday's upload but I'm doing Thursdays and Fridays as planned and expect next Tuesday's as always I really appreciate everybody that tunes into these video go ahead and hit that like button hit that subscribe button comment down below and I will see you guys in the next one as always stay profitable out there

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