39 thoughts on “Crashes Happen During Bull Runs, Ripple Partners And XRP Ecosystem”

  1. In cryptocurrency, the perfect time to get in is always NOW. Reading several comments and watching videos, you get to realize so many people are still waiting for the bottom before buying but in reality, there is no bottom until the asset is actually out of it. Another issue is the bull trap which may cause traders or investors to act on the buy signal and generate loses on resulting long positions and its very likely we are currently in a bull trap and may have a reversal which would break the prior support of $3,500. How can you profit significantly and be safe from false bottoms and traps? First thing to do is, get some more education which is more effective by following a few selected successful traders, mastering their strategies, and copying their signals with their permission of course.The importance of this is, you will learn a great deal while making good profit simultaneously. I used this strategy when i contacted Emillie Smith after reading great reviews about her in an online forum and after making contact, i started using her signals on a demo account which turned out really educative for me and when i applied her system to real trades, i was making returns of over 300% as profit bi-weekly, 4.8 BTC growing into over 15 BTC in no time. My suggestion is to find such a guide and get rid of emotions which would be counterproductive for you as an entrepreneur. ([email protected] . com) are her contact details if you need a very accurate guide on how to build a great portfolio and start profiting from cryptocurrency.

  2. I agree with you but also at that time we did not have that amount of manipulators, traders and weak hands

  3. the correlation between btc and alts is good. no matter what cryptocurrency you invest in, it will eventually go up when bitcoin goes up. it's very hard to lose money. people just need to be patient

  4. Not 7%. More like around 0.006%… Pretty much around 2 million people in the US, and that even feels high to me. We're the early pioneers in this, like getting involved in home computers in 1976 or internet 1988….

  5. One of my clients STILL thinks its for criminal activity ahahhhahha I tell him its TRACKABLE. AND paper money is used more for money laundering (he's stupid).

  6. I love your videos and when you give shout out to folks is awesome, it's networking and helps us all to know where to find the good content.

    Thank you for your time to make videos.

    I started investing in XRP and your videos have helped me to keep strong and believe I have done the right thing.

  7. This shyt might go .20 but I swears the second I sell it’s gonna go back up. But I still wanna know why the market cap went up 6 billion and that money is just disappearing. And the volatility/ number of XRP owned didn’t increase that much. So is ripple just taking the money from the market cap and usin to find projects.

  8. XRP is going to $0.24 . This is a monthly order block. It may well right ATH again but there will be better buying opportunities in the coming months

  9. There is no bull run. This was a pump and dump by large shareholders. at least we know the price can move though.

  10. I lucked out and put my Xrp into a stable coin at 42 cents. Now i am just holding out to see 31 cents again and then go all in!

  11. Manipulated surge….manipulated pullback…institutional investors want their short orders filled….all according to plan ?

  12. Im still on my road to 10k, I was counting on it being a stablecoin for a while longer lol, so the dip is kinda good for me.

  13. People follow u and look to u for information maybe u should tell us what crytos u bought more of if you're going to mention it in your video. While I think u are one of the best xrp YouTubers… u are the only one who doesn't respond to or liked a comment when someone responds to your video!

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