Crane Game Secrets Revealed: Japan’s UFO Catcher Academy ★ ONLY in JAPAN

So here we are at Sekaiichi no Game Center, Everyday Here in beautiful Saitama Joining me for this report is Bob Werley Comedian for Pirates of Tokyo Bay and Director/Producer for MY LIFE JAPAN, Alan Welch So why are we here? Well, we’re here to play some crane game. Yeah and we’re also going to be Ins and outs, and nuts and bolts of crane game. We’re going to give tips and pointers on how to play better, and how to win more. and finally we’re gonna get a certificate saying that we’re the crane game master A diploma! This is a crane game school! and it’s also known for something else, Alan? The Guinness Book of World Records That’s right, this place is in the Guinness book of World Records for… Having the most crane games in the world! Got to be awesome. We should check it out. In Japan, game centers like this are still live and well. This may be retro to the game console generation, but really, look at this place! You can actually win this stuff. if you have the skill. Games in all shapes and sizes. Glass boxes filled with stuff. Toys and other goodies. It’s all waiting to be owned, by you. The crane game is also called, UFO CATCHER or the CLAW GAME This crane has a mechanism called the PINCHER Two ends that pinch what you are after. It seems easy. Just grab that hook. Sometimes it takes a few tries. Yes, there really is a strategy to these crane games. and we’ve come here to master it if that is even possible. But first, a message from the manager. The technique for winning this machine is obvious. Get the pile of stuff to fall. Like Niagara falls. The instructor shows us how it’s done. The pincher attacks the whole pile. It closes and pulls the item up Starting an avalanche. Watch again. You know what to do. Often you have to do this 2 or 3 times to set up the big fall. Remember, don’t alway look for that easy win. even though the instructor makes it look like a piece of cake. The triangle method. The triangle method works well with long objects. You want to pick it up in the front third, not the middle. This locks the item in place, between the pincher, and pincher upper base. It may take a couple of tries to get the object into position. The key is to get it perpendicular . Lying it up perfectly so it won’t slip out. Well, you can see what the instructor is doing. It’s just that simple. The overturned table, named after the angry man at home or in your company meetings who topples off the table over in anger or frustration. That’s right. All your frustration over the years may help you win big in the crane game. In a way, the idea is similar to the triangle method. You need to get the item in position. to flip it! Grab it from the rear. and it will be easier to steer. The instructor overturns the bear in one try. Now it’s our turn. We’ve been released for trial and error with 30 tickets. It’s part of the course. Bob’s been thrown into the crane game world. This time armed with more crane game knowledge than usual. He accepts the challenge. and will use this method. The hole hook. Here is an example of a hole hook win from the instructor. The pincher claws enters one of the holes. The box leans in, and the prize is yours. just don’t topple the box over. It’s worth a 2nd attempt, with one more box standing. He really wants that “ONEPIECE” action figure. Close, but oh…so far. Sorry Bob Here is Allan going for it. He’s found a popular Hello Kitty stuffed bear machine. One may say he’s pretty sure of himself. It might be from all that studying today. See, these item have a string loop, requiring the pincher to thread the needle It requires a surgeon like precision. Attempt 5 Boom! Success Sort of… Sometimes it’s not your day. I found a treasure heap requiring the Niagra Fall method. 1st attempt Instant ego boost. Did you see that? I can get them with one more… Careful… Careful.. Avalanche! The prize is mine. After an hour of few successes and many failures We Graduated Level 1 of 3 Allan Bob and myself. We’re grads! That’s great! We’re kind of like the experts of the crane game now! We’re masters Hold on, where’s Bob? There he is! Hey guys! I did it! I went back. I didn’t give up. I got it! I got the hook! I totally earned the certificate. We all have. Yes we have. This is awesome That’s right! If you come to Japan You got a try The crane game! It’s awesome So cool Let’s get some more stuff! Honestly, there is a strategy to this. Some say it’s part of the Japan’s culture to find the littlest flaws in something and try to perfect them. It requires constant practice to perfect any skill Attention to details Crane games are no exception Practice makes perfect and on this day, we are level 1 masters That means something in this building full of UFO catcher games Maybe even outside of it Game centers may be able to take our money but they will never be able to take our insider knowledge our winnings and our freedom

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  1. Beware if going for the "Niagra Falls" method – a sneaky (and understandable, they have to control payout rates somehow on a game with so much freedom to win a lot in one go) method they use is to tuck the "tag" of the doll underneath a mountain of other dolls, so even if it looks like one is loose near the top it's actually pretty solidly stuck inside the pack.

  2. Love your shows and content I feel like I have visited all these wonderful sites with you and not to mention all that I have learned….Bravo my friend Bravo….!!!!!

  3. Seems like the Japanese UFO catcher are a lot more about strategy, whereas Western claw games are often just pure luck (like they set a certain interval of when the claw actually grabs strong).

  4. In the 90's my Uncle owned 50 claw games. He would buy broken ones and fix them. It was my first job to fill the machines and
    set up prizes. I loved taking the apart, refurbishing them and then bringing them back to like new

  5. interveiwer:
    and it says in your resume that you graduated at the age of 14? impressive
    yes, i had a master degree in crane games

  6. With the 30 tickets do you get to keep what you win? Or the 30 tickets wins are to be returned? If so how did Bob keep his One Piece figure?

  7. UFOキャッチャーは時代と共に進化していて、元々アームの弱いものから、入れたコインの総枚数によってアームの強弱が決まったり

  8. Покажу каk зара6атывать от 200 дол. ежедневно. Информация на канале.

  9. I feel like I'm watching one of those corny learning videos with bad acting played in schools to teach you something

  10. thing is, ufo catchers is purely skill based, but makes so much money, because it's so hard
    it's not a slot machine, it's a real time physics based strategy game.

  11. 2:00 those bird plushes… I need one. Can someone please tell me what they're called? I've been searching for a hot minute but I can't find them.

  12. It's awesome going to play claw game with bunch of your buddy! Sharing techniques each other and enjoying the fun from your harvest are main reason to spend time there! Cool!

  13. I thought I was done with higher education but looks like I'm getting a Crane Game certification sometime in the not to distant future…

  14. This video is more rigged than the games themselves.. what about the different balls or stones at the bottom of the prizes that displace the claw? Looks like the owner set up the ideal scenario to make it look easy..

  15. I did the Sega UFO Catcher here in the US. It is very difficult, but still the best crane game around. They have one of 'em at some movie theaters and Dave & Buster's too! 😀 I actually got the prize(stuffed animals)in a one try!

  16. yeah, i got my name for these machines also: 1 armed bandits. the rubberized bars the item is put on are pure evil. better off ewith the 1 arm push types.

  17. 6:10 in most places if your prize is stuck by the crane, you can ask the owner to unlock and it off for you.

  18. My only experience with these was playing the mini games in Kirby's Adventure on the NES. The one minigame was a grane game with a UFO style arm. Just like you'd see in Japan.

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