Craig’s Exact Weekend Trading Plan

G’day, everybody. Hope you’re well, hope
you’re having a good weekend. Guys, just wanna tell you one thing straightaway for those
of you who are looking at coming to either Melbourne,
Adelaide, or Perth. Filling up very very quick,
especially Melbourne. Few weeks away still and we usually get a
pretty big influx towards the closer time towards the
course when people like to go. I can come along with that. So I’ve been thinking
about just get you a spot ’cause it’s, I think, about five? What’s 43? I only got seven spots left and that is of yesterday morning, so that’s probably changed
again, just letting you know. All right, let’s have a
quick look at the market here and of course, if you are in
any other part of the world, you don’t have to stick around and wait for these live courses, guys. Just get on, do the online stuff. We got a whole bunch
of new resources there on how to open orders
on different exchanges, the journey of the apprentice videos. We’ve got Terry’s risk management videos. We’ve got how to use risk calculators. We got a huge amount of
additional content there, so if you are an old member, jump back in. Have a look, it’s all changed. We got a lot more there
to make your journey a hell of a lot easier. For those of you who are starting out, well, we’ve got everything
there that you need from literal starting
and opening an account, to how to raise orders,
all the way through to your risk management and calculators, so get involved and yeah, enjoy. Right, so across the board, top 10 quick little burn
down through this now. I’m gonna focus mostly on the daily for the most part because there’s a lot, sorry, there’s very little going on. A huge amount of confusion in the market right now in my eyes. I mean, look, we’ve sold off. Boom, there we go. A bullish candle, I hear that was a 10% from the low candle, a big drive there. Then, we saw another one here. That, for me, is two rejections of 10,000, but is that enough for
maybe getting bullish? Well, not just yet. There is simple not
enough information there, not enough trend, and not
enough focused market attention there for me to be considering any longs. Now you look at this here and again, it’s quite messy, bullish
candle right there, but is that a strong candle? No, I don’t think so. It’s a little bit confused out there. Have a look at the four-hour gain. Yes, there’s a higher low,
yes, there’s a higher high, but I mean, come on, let’s be honest. This is not the sort of conditions that we like to be playing our part in. It is not a strong market right now. And for me, it’s one that
I’m gonna leave alone. Ethereum, a strong downtrend,
there is no doubt about that. It’s a very strong downtrend, but look at what happened yesterday. It didn’t pull back far
and now, we’re getting back into that cradle, so not
a real lot going on there, not interested right now on Ethereum. There’s no timeframes of interest at all. EOS, again, very similar. Yes, the daily downtrend’s there, but I mean, what a mess on that four-hour. We haven’t seen a clean pull back. We haven’t seen anything in the way of the continuation to the downside. Stellar Lumen, again, very sideways, as it has been for quite some time. Pretty average looking
chart there as well. XRP it’s holding it’s ground, but very little in the way
for opportunity for trading and that’s the interesting thing. It was a big move, it
was a big erratic move. It happened very, very,
very quickly as you can see. On one 15-minute candle,
all of that move occurred, so it’s been pretty slow since then. The cyclicality is gone and the interest, for me,
has also been vanishing. Have a look at Litecoin here. We’ve back down at $74-mark. You can see it was a
strong support back here. This goes back quite some way and we’ve come through their
tests a couple of times. We’re sitting on that level right now and again, until I see some
conviction selling through that or even potentially, a data pull back, but that doesn’t look likely at the minute without creating an uptrend. So for me, Litecoin,
I’m staying away from. Bitcoin Cash, have a look
at this in the daily. What a mess, all over the shop. Leaving that as well. Binance, well, I can’t
trade that with margin, so look at that, it is ugly. TRON, grinding lower. The only one that has
continued to grind lower, but look at the cyclicality here again. And if you don’t know
what I’m talking about with cyclicality, well, then, I guess I can’t teach you in a video, so it’s all in the courses and whatnot, but waiting for a pull back there. Yeah, it’s okay, but nothing
there for me right now. Cardano, another really, really messy one. For those that want have a look at BSV, I’d be more than happy to
do so, as it is in the list. Let’s have a look at
it against the dollar. It’s sat back up on that area. I mean, you look at this yesterday, I was watching this region through here. It’s got that little bearish candle there. It’s got it on the 12-hour as well. Could potentially be a short, if that’s the way you want to try, but for me, I come back to Bitcoin, right? It just doesn’t have enough information. It’s just not got that trend. I want to see more conviction, whether it be bearish
or bullish conviction. I don’t mind so much. I just need to see something more. I’m not seeing that. And giving that it’s a
weekend, and last weekend, I was running a course, I’m actually more than
happy to just, really, turn the charts off after this and take a break, just walk away. There’s nothing strong enough here to warrant my attention
coming back into the markets. I might do a little Live
later if I’m around, if I’ve got some time, if the kids have a snooze or
something before the rugby. Yes, come on Wallabies. But, until then, I’m
gonna be taking it easy. 26 degrees here in sunny Sydney. I’m gonna enjoy this day. I hope you do to. And don’t forget, if you
haven’t got your spots for any of the cities coming
up, Melbourne, Sydney, oh sorry, Melbourne, Hobart. And we’ve also got a
second date in Sydney now and as well as Adelaide and Perth, and you wanna get yourself
locked in over the weekend. Get it done guys. They’re a lot of fun. I’ll speak to you soon. Bye for now.

2 thoughts on “Craig’s Exact Weekend Trading Plan”

  1. Hey, I know it’s the weekend. And you should enjoy it without posting vids.
    But yes, if you have time I would love an update.
    Since I started to listen to you I make more and lose less.
    So I sure want to know what you look for to get in on a trade.
    Will you ever come to UK with your courses?

    Anyway, if I do not see you before next week I wish you a great weekend.

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