20 thoughts on “Craig Wright Copyrights Bitcoin | Trade War Boosts Bitcoin | Don’t Diversify?”

  1. Unsubbed! Been following you for a while. Realize you are part of the problem why Bitcoin cant grow. BTC is held hostage by those that dont want it to succeed, due to it takes away legacy systems. So much hate for(CSW) really shows the level of power & groups put into attacking one person including you. The nchain team is very solid. If there is anyone that can go on record right now to debate the knowledge regarding how Blockchains work at the level CSW does, then they need top come out now. If the copyright is not valid then the other side must defend. They wont though, cause they cant. You get penalties for lying in the court of law. If CSW is a fraud, he sure is making a big mistake taking his case to court. The writing is on the wall, and the only trolls are the ones who promote a project that doesnt grow. CSW being Satoshi is not the issue. The issue is that BTC is being misled to failure, and stunted by misinformation, and the code changed to not scale. I feel refreshed to see what the BSV team is projecting and am glad my eyes are open enough to go look at the whole story, not just listen to same ol same ol.

  2. I'm in Bitcoin for the clown show! Never, in all my life, have I seen the proliferation of so many CLOWNS until Bitcoin came along. Barnum & Bailey's Circus ain't got nuttin' on this space!! Thanks again Ben!

  3. You can’t file false copyright protection on something you didn’t invent or else you go to jail… Who would do this unless they actually invented bitcoin?

  4. Hi, I’ve been buying £50 of BTC every week since February this year however all this Satoshi Vision FUD is really harming the market.
    It’s no more than a thorn in the foot but SV is eating the positive vibes from our space. Craig is posting 3 medium articles every week – filling law suits against people & harming our supporters .
    Feels like an SV storm is coming.

  5. I like Jimmy Song but he should stay with his core strengths and stay away from investment and money management advice. Please don't provide Bitcoin SV and Craig Wright with a platform. They don't deserve the attention – imho

  6. I can’t understand why you haven’t already got 250k-1M subscribers – this channel is easily in my top 5

  7. Lovely video thanks for putting out such video how ever price movement is easy to chart, and right now i think its more easier cause you only have to watch for one indicator and there will always be pull back and sell off after a big shot. Most of us bought in at $2,400 and should be taken more profits and just wait for pull back and buy in more stock for greater profit and that’s what am doing, but with the vital and strict advice from my mentor and tutor Adrian Markus who is from Denmark, who I met through YT comments and videos giving him accolades on how good he is in handling people Bitcoin, so he introduced me to is specially designed layout, his trading patterns and sure signals that have helped me grow my my ROI to 300% in just a month. Checking the historical crypto chart, a bull runs time frame last between 6 months to 1 year. It’s only the last 1-2 months of a bull run when it moons and crashes back. We are winners automatically having the idea and knowledge that something like this exist so we shouldn’t allow our ignorance and lack of understanding make us loose our stocks be alive and in control in what you do if you know you want to increase you bitcoin or you a novice reach Malthe Williamis personal assistant at via mail <[email protected] com>

  8. Sure, there could be tons of filings for copywrite on Bitcoin, but with all of those filings, they would not be publicized as much as Craig Write;, and perhaps not publicized at all.
    Craig Write is close to the news media and probably even has their phone numbers and can call them any time to interview him. Craig write is more high profile in the public then some average man.

  9. why hate on Craig Wright?! when basically 100% of youtube crypto channels are More BS than he iZ?! with all the youtube predictions and BS in the Crypto views and thoughts of those youtubers… …God, GunZ n Beer…

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