Cowardly Republicans Hide From Media After Weekend Violence

On Sunday morning, Jake Tapper told us that
CNN had reached out to several different Republicans and not a single one of them was willing to
come on the air and talk about what had happened over the weekend. Um, over the next 24 hours, things actually
got so much worse for CNN in terms of struggling to get guests. I’ll let them explain it themselves. Here it is. So
out of 50 Republicans that they asked to come on the air and address these mass shootings,
one said yes, 49 Republicans said no. These cowardly Republicans are ducking from
the media that’s actually going to ask them questions about their policies, about the
money they take from the NRA. They’re going to ask them tough questions
because right now tough questions need to be asked. And so these Republicans have gone into hiding
some of them hiding out at their homes because again, we’re on recess right now. You’ve got Mitch McConnell who, you know,
depending on how you look at it, conveniently broke his shoulder this weekend. So he really can’t go on the media right now,
but they’re not hiding from all the media. And that’s the point here. They’re only hiding from the media that’s
going to ask them tough questions. Plenty of these people, including some of
those that CNN asked to come on Sunday morning, appeared on Fox News later that day and they
were given nice little softball interviews where they could go out there and you know,
blame homosexuals and Obama and you know, atheists for these shootings in the video
games, in the movies and Yada, Yada, all that crap. But they won’t go on any network that might
actually ask them, hey, why aren’t you doing anything on gun control? Why are you blaming these imaginary Boogie
men out there? Instead of saying one that the president is
using racist language and inspiring people to commit these horrible atrocities and to
let’s get these weapons of war off the street because believe it or not, that’s what CNN
actually wants to ask them. That’s what any real network would want to
ask them. Fox News isn’t going to ask them though those
questions. Fox News is just going to say, can you tell
me how many gay people influenced this guy? Can you tell me how many hours a day this
guy spent playing video games, how that affected his brain and now he’s mentally ill and how
the presidents language had nothing to do with any of this. And we’ll pretend that manifesto doesn’t even
exist. That’s what Fox News does and that’s why Republicans
continue to go on. They’re not just on this issue, but on any
issue because they don’t care if these people lie to their faces because it’s the job of
the Fox News anchors to go out there and lie to our faces. They’re just basically cutting out the middle
man. Just let the politician directly lie to you. CNN wanted to ask good questions, most likely
not absolving CNN of any of their past sins or even saying they’re a decent network now,
not they’re, they’re pretty bad majority of the time, but on this issue, they wanted answers
and they wanted answers from the people who are in power to make solutions. And those people ran away because Republicans
know that at this point they don’t have a leg to stand on. They helped because this, by doing nothing
after each and every mass shooting that we see in this country, and they’re hoping that
maybe enough time will go by to where they can just quietly slink away, not have to answer
these tough questions and the outrage will have faded and Americans will have moved on
and forgotten all about this. So Republicans can once again go back to their
NRA fundraisers, cash their NRA checks, run for reelection, and then pretend that it’s
actually those Pesky Democrats who are blocking any meaningful gun reform legislation in this
country. Mitch McConnell actually already laid out
the framework for the blame game yesterday in a little post on Twitter said, you know,
we’ve got gotta have it bicameral. We gotta have it by partisan. Democrats have to work with us on it. And if they don’t, we’re not going to be able
to do anything. Republicans, the only thing they want to blame
right now is the Democrats. And they’re already putting that in motion. But Democrats and a majority of people in
this country understand it’s about the guns. And until Republicans address this, they’re
going to have to continue hiding from the media after every single shooting that happens
in this country.

100 thoughts on “Cowardly Republicans Hide From Media After Weekend Violence”

  1. …forget about votes…look what kind of mess this beautiful land is in…the circus of government…the clown of a leader…the people who do the high wire act every day…a mess a total mess!
    The way out … Elizabeth Warren…intelligent, energetic,willing and able….!!!!!!!

  2. Moscow "turtle neck" Mitch would've been better off breaking his triple layer neck instead of his weak ass shoulder!

  3. The answer to all this is to put time limits of four years max on all Congress people. MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL! Most of these Congress people, on both sides of the aisle, have been sitting on their asses in Congress, doing NOTHING for "we the people", collecting money from the NRA and other "special interest groups" for years and years. Most of them don't have a shred of decency left! Most of them spend 100% of their time thinking about how to make and keep more money for themselves. The system is corrupt! Getting these "fat cats" to vote themselves out of a job will be pretty impossible! However, "we the people" do have the vote and "we the people" can have a big hand in voting these lazy, do-nothing for the people out of office or to "force" them to resign!

  4. He broke his shoulder. Yeah what about the Broken Lives of those families who had a relative killed by Gun violence this weekend Mitch? Oh i feel so sorry for your pain BO-Ho want sympathy you find my sympathy for you in my dictionary between Shit and Syphilis that is where you will find my sympathy Mitch.

  5. Hey, the GOP sent soldiers into Iraq, under false pretenses to die for money.
    Why is this unexpected?

    As long as they get money. Everyone is expendable.

  6. This is the Grand Old Pricks folks. The same party that rode a huge wave earlier in this decade: Cowardly, spineless, and callous. They'll blame everyone that isn't on the right for the problems in this country instead of taking accountability for their hatemongering which has divided this country. They're the folks who claim to be pro life when in reality, they turn around and take blood money from the NRA.

    The Grand Old Pricks are the biggest hypocrites and the real problem in this country. Come 2020, they need to be voted out of office including the orange asshole in the WH.

  7. 1 in 50, the other 49 need to go! Obviously they ARE the REPUBLICAN(T)S or REPUBLICWONTS!!!
    …and then there is Draft Dodger Double Talking Donnie I can only lie & obstruct subpoenas Toxic Tyrant "tRump who made it easier for the mentally ill to get guns when he rolled back Obama regulation
    In 2017, Trump quietly rolled back an Obama-era regulation that made it harder for
    people with mental illness to buy guns."
    Just remember, while some may be walking around with a loaded gun of HATE, RACISM, BIGOTRY, other thoughts in their heads, all it takes is further instigation & condoning by a Country's Leader to cock that hair trigger which then fires.

  8. Their weak and have no business being in charge of anything not even a dog. Get this repugs your silence is a vote for Democrats down the ticket! Pack up whimps time to move muscles in and a lot of brain after a dummy who lacks one, back into the WH

  9. Republicans are satanist, they serve the devil that's why ppl getting killed by shootings don't bother them, they like it, they're demonic. This is spiritual wickedness in high places right in front your face, and they're not hiding anymore. They serve satan and thy're proud of it, wake up folks, evil is on the raise, PRAY THE HEAVENLY FATHER DESTROYS THESE WICKED BEAST SOON, PRAY AND WATCH CHRIST WORK, let us all call on HIM in unison in prayer.


  11. Talk is cheap.. I do agree with this video… time to organise and invest more in order that people take to the streets. You are making an enormous amount with profits created on each of the views… but you won't invest in the organisation of safe protests. You are no better than the repubs. Sickening. Prove me wrong…

  12. Republikkkans are a bigger threat to our Democracy than White Nationalists, not to diminish in any way the threat of National/White Supremacists but those idiots aren't in a place of power to change things but the GOP and the Republikkkan party is…..marinate on that for awhile….scary times we are in!!!

  13. Aw, what's the matter, RethuglieKKKlans? Too scared to go out and admit that you love the dead presidents that your donors shove into your pockets more than the people you're supposed to represent? That you don't care about the people living in fear of being gunned down in the next mass shooting and only about those bribes from the NRA and other destructive industry? Well, your silence has spoken volumes, and it has told the people that you all need to be voted out.

  14. Moscow Mitch!
    For-ever your nickname.
    You earned it. It has now replaced any good image or fine work you thought you earned. Moscow Mitch, go home and stay there.

  15. Next up: cowardly Republicans' bodies found floating in river after they block background check laws in Congress and senate.

  16. Republicans absolutely silent on the shootings, afraid of the wrath of Idiot Trump. Are they so stupid they don't see Trump for what he is? Apparently so. I cannot imagine being in a position where I couldn't tell the truth, or at least express my honest opinion. Cowards all! Your day of reckoning will come soon enough. You think you're saving your Congressional seat, but you are in fact sealing your death warrant.

  17. I wonder if it has anything to do with fact that every single one of them takes bribes from the NRA and gun manufacturers.

  18. How dare you impunge the character of these spineless cowards. Didn't you know their bone spurs were acting up. Thats why these spineless cowards couldn't make it. Faux news well they don't ask hard questions so bone spur recovery.

  19. mcconnel broke his shoulder?
    to bad it was'nt something else that snapped like a twig…
    what a spineless pathetic excuse of a man…

  20. Republicans are spineless idiots. Doing absolutely nothing about all these gun shootings. Too busy blaming the Democratics and Obama!

  21. Moscow Mitch broke his shoulder! LMAO, What goes around come back to bite you. I hope this downturn for Moscow Mitch continues. He isn't working for the voters but to line his pockets. Screw everyone else I got what I want. Wife too!

  22. Moscow Mitch has his head up Putin’s ass so far he hurt his shoulder trying to pull out to stick it up Trumps ass for dessert!

  23. Repubshitanism …. The act of being really shitty , and then acting shitty some more… while making up lies , while deflecting, then hiding when answers are wanted/needed,and all the rest of it that suits their sick agenda .. you know their script by now. Repubshitanism is actually a thing . It should be added to the dictionary , under the heading , spineless swines! And that's putting it ever so mildly .

  24. Other countries have lots of guns per capita but have little or no gun violence, why?

    The difference is those other countries have social safety nets and they tax the wealthy heavily to pay for them. They still have very wealthy people but everyone is asked to pay their fair share and they all do pay their fair share. They have a live-able minimum wage, healthcare that costs less than half of what ours costs but covers everyone. Result: much lower stress for the public.
    If someone gets sick they don't lose their home. No one goes bankrupt because their child got cancer. If a person needs help, there is help available. Their education is free or costs very little. The result: much less stress for the public.
    In Germany if a company is struggling, instead of laying people off, the government subsidizes the employees and the company cuts their hours. So, the employee may work half time at their full hourly wage and the government covers maybe 25-30%. So the employee still makes about 75-80% of their wages, the company still has the employee, the employee keeps their skills up to date and when the company is ready to run at full capacity…. they let the employee know they are back to full time. That is far less expensive than unemployment, it gives the company tremendous flexibility and the employee doesn't lose their job and can keep on top of their bills. Result: Less stress for the workers and more flexibility for the company.

    These shooters are all overly stressed and feel they have nowhere to turn.

    The republicans at times like these acknowledge mental illness is a problem but… they ever want to spend a dime on mental health? NO, not ever. They are far too busy cutting taxes for zillionaires and corporations.

    Bottom line, it really isn't the guns so much…. but it IS the republicans that are at the root of the problem, just like they don't want to clean up the environment and people get cancer, people are rationing life saving drugs while the republicans allow drug companies to rake in billions in profits. The republicans are the party of unbridled greed.

    Guns don't kill people, republicans kill people through their sociopathic approach to every situation.

  25. lets be real, they wouldn't answer the questions truthfully, correctly, or intellectually even if they did go on CNN or other Liberal media.

  26. Hey do a video about a Montana grown up man beating a 13 year old kid for wearing hat during anthem. The kid suffered terrible injuries including skull fracture.

  27. Republicans,Democrats doesn't matter their two sides of the same coin. Why is their only two options?.don't get me wrong Trump is a disgrace of a person but not anymore than Obama, I think their was mass shootings when he was pres too!

  28. Why would any republican want to be on CNN? It’s not exactly objective, unbiased reporting. I’ve seen just as much racist language from all those special interest groups. We’ve had mass shootings under prior presidents as well.

  29. Of course they are. They are owned by Donors especially including the N.R.A. I'm really sorry America, you've been sold out.

  30. McConnell pretended to have a broken shoulder despite there being absolutely no hospital record… McConnell is hiding!!!!

  31. Most of all of them are fake fragile greedy non concern for any entity who's a part of the public. That's not in there wealth bracket. If they truly cared for Americans they would stand up and speak up against the heinous silence. Although karma is a bitch and it's soon going to rip them a new asshole.

  32. You nra republicans whores we the america people are first, we elected you in office and you work for us act like it, do your job or let me express in Trump terms your fired. Oh Mitch McConnell you go straight to hell

  33. Republiscum are all garbage though. The bar is so low it's sickening. Republiscum can't see it because that is their world. Here in the civilised world it's clear as day what they are.

  34. Where is the non corporate media reporting on the race based mass murder? I want to see the dead body of this White Race Soldier/Mass Murderer. Just like the dead faces of Malcolm, Martin and Saddam Hussain (just to name a few) was broadcast for the world to see. The "Official" story is that he was shot and killed by POLICE. Really!!!??? a well known white race Soldier with ROCT training was shot and killed by white police officers!? Do we know that for sure!? Police on the scene in less than a minute to kill him or to save one of their own!?

  35. Farron, I'm going to play devil's advocate here, because I'd like you to address some issues raised by the pro-gun people who hasten to point out that: 1) Only a tiny fraction of a percent of murders in the US are the result of mass shootings. (And why are we more focused on those rather than the huge number of murders in large cities such as Chicago?) 2) The vast majority of gun homicides are committed with handguns, in fact about 20 times more than rifles 3) Knives and other cutting instruments are used about 4 times more than rifles in murders. 4) The homicide rate over several years has actually gone down, all the while the number of guns has increased. (They then try to force the conclusion that more guns equals a decrease in homicides, as if a true causal connection exists.)

    This is what we're up against in trying to deal with the incidence of mass shootings. They always have something to throw back at you. Thanks.

  36. Republicans are cowards. They walk on eggshells around that SOB. They don't have the balls to stand up to trump. They need to work with the democrats before this whole gd country goes to hell!

  37. Trump doesn't give 2 shit's about the people whom lost their lives in either of those mass shooting, he's only concerned about not going to prison, after her losses the next election!

  38. Old white man they need to hide and never come out from under that rock, that's stuck in their ways and they're not going to change that's old people in general but when you got old white men in power that's something else

  39. The NRA was waiting for him In the shadows and broke his shoulder, next will be a kneecap then possibly a hip. Anyway that's how I heard it.?

  40. Republicans are the enemy of America, they have stolen elections and continue to do so, their lack of gun control and the corruption of our entire society is our downfall. The Russians have a plan and they are succeeding and won't stop until we are so weak that perhaps we will be attacked. However, is there any validity to, once American give up their guns , the idea that marshall law will be put in place, not sure, but the Russians are helping all Republicans as long as they continue to support the division of America. Russians will continue to throw money at them until we are speaking Russian for better business practices. Folks, no mater how outrages it sounds, it could happen, we could loose our democracy and Whites will suffer more than anyone because they benefit the most .

  41. us here in El Paso, Juarez, Las Cruses, were all a big familia and we will never except riasisum we have eachothers back at all times we laugh together, we dance together, we eat together, we cry together, we go to church together, we share stories together, and nobody will divide us .the nation should try it it's a beautiful filling.# El Paso Strong god is with us Amen"??

  42. The government asking us to be blind again is asking too much, even if they tell us to I cannot, this present system is failed. Only government employees can shut themselves down?? The majority of citizens probably want it shut down now I don’t think any of them deserve the paycheck taxpayers continue to pay them while they do nothing about the idiocy going on in the White House. If Charles Manson had managed to become president before he committed or ordered mass murderers would he be allowed to continue his full presidency term and be the absolute power we had to abide by even if he started a killing spree during that time?¿

  43. MOSCOW MITCH HAS HIJACKED CONGRESS to the extent that no federal legislation may be enacted without his approval. What price American democ(k)racy and the American Constitution?

  44. Mr. Cousins, thank you for your reporting. I truly enjoy listening to what you have to say because the fact checks confirm you.

  45. Hitler would have loved Fox! And they definately would have wanted these GOP on their team. If Germany had this political set up and Fox tv working for them, we very well could be speaking German right now. ?

  46. Republicans… How did you get yourselves on Trump's and Moscow Mitch's Traitorous Russian complicit lying platform?

    What happened?

    Did you make a conscious, deliberate decision to join Trump and Moscow Mitch with the mentally, "If you can't beat them, join them?"

    Republicans you have blood on the n your hands. You are a willing participant in the mass Killings of Americans on American soil by a domestic terrorist Administration.

    Trump's and Moscow Mitch have made very clear that NO American Family is safe, no matter what the Party line.

    Republicans Americans Families- Not Safe from Trump administration instigated violence.

    Democrats American Families- Not Safe from Trump administration instigated violence.

    No American children are safe. As long as Trump and Moscow Mitch are in office.

    It's disheartening to know that our children are not even safe in School.

    It's time to turn the tide of Trump Administration Racist hate and Moscow Mitch complicit efforts block to protect the American People from mass killings from automatic weapons.

    It's time that we ensure that America, a government of the people, by the people still stands for liberty and justice for all.

    WE the People must rise now more than ever and put a stop to the domestic terrorist Attacks killing our children.

    American rise up, stand up! And fight for America.

    This is the MOST important fight of our lifetime. VOTE!

  47. McConnell is the "poster-child" for why we need term limits and mandatory retirement at 72, like the rest of the country.

  48. Dude, i saw the interview of a witness in Dayton who lost his elderly Father. He described the moment he realized he was dead and it broke my heart. You're right, tough questions need to be asked. Still can't believe Trump said there's no appetite for banning the weapons used. I find it hard to believe that there's more of an appetite to let these things happen again than to try and prevent them from happening. His big solution is banning video games, and with the thing that happened recently with the controversy over a horror movie, i wouldn't be surprised if he bans movies and books next. After all his pal Lindsay Graham is against a ban, he compared choosing what type of gun to own is like choosing what book to read or movie to watch. Makes me wonder if we care more about the 2nd amendment than the 1st in this country.

    And you're absolutely right. Dr. Michael Savage invited the NRA and Gun owners of America to come on his radio show but they never replied. He called them cowards and grifters who don't want to have an adult conversation.

  49. The rich thieves should be required to help those in real need. Unconscious flaunting they will pay for dearly for their greed

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