26 thoughts on “Countdown to Bitcoin 2020 Halvening Begins. $50,000 Soon?”

  1. Hi Louis. In traditional and well functioning markets, all publicly available information (like the halving) is already priced in. The same should be the case for BTC. In the end the phenomenon of FOMO may make the difference. As BTC rises and more professional investors enter the market, the impact of FOMO will diminish. In the end it might be a case of "buy the rumor and sell the fact". Time will tell…

  2. I hope you take this into account (as I know you are not taking into account that BTC is broken blockchain with no future):

  3. Just a bit shy of a year til bitcoin halvening and market is already going crazy over it.. Just above the $8600 as of writing and I'm sure it'll hit 10k before June ends. Looking forward to 2020

  4. Bro, I liked your video, and love your content… but you need to calm down about these guys h8ing on you and calling it a coordinated thing. I mean yeah its obvious that MartiniGuy and MrKristof are friends and lots of those guys talk to each other. Why is that weird? Dont fall onto the trap of thinking they are all conspiring against you. They are most likely doing that for search rankings generating YouTube views (since they will tend to capitalize off of each others' videos all on the same/similar topics around the same point in history since the search interest has been piqued).I STARTED INVESTING IN CRYPTO LAST YEAR AND I WENT DOWN THE DRAIN UNTIL I FOUND A COMMENT ON YOUTUBE ABOUT RICHARD. I DIDN'T HESITATE TO CONTACT HIM, I TRADED WITH HIM AND WENT FROM HAVING 4BTC TO *18BTC. THANKS TO EVERYBODY WHO POSTED ABOUT RICHARD, YOU ARE ALL PART OF MY SUCCESS STORY. EDGE COMES FROM INFORMATION FLOW, THE ABILITY TO CORRECT YOUR HABITS IN TERMS OF THE MARKET'S CHARACTERISTICS AND BEING ABLE TO LEARN FROM PEOPLE WHO KNOW MORE THAN YOU, EXPAND YOUR INFORMATION NETWORK AND TAKE RECOMMENDATIONS. IT’S NO NEWS THAT MR RICHARD HAS BEEN HELPING SO MANY OF US OUT HERE WITH NEW WORKING STRATEGIES TO TRADE OUR BITCOIN. YOU CAN CONTACT HIM VIA EMAIL AT [email protected] WHATSAPP +1 9043 8508 01 OR VIA *TELEGRAM @cryptorichardx EVEN WHEN BITCOIN IS NOT MOVING FORWARD, YOU CAN STILL MAKE SO MUCH MONEY DESPITE THE CURRENT FALL IN BITCOIN

  5. Just before the Bitcoin moon,
    Wolves will howl and ladies will swoon, Then the banks will all go bust,
    And paper money will turn to dust.
    And when we see the rising sun,
    Louis will say My work is done.

  6. Arrrggghhhhh!!!! Louis!! That shirt! hahahaha
    You're not bloody Richard Heart you know! lol
    Seriously, cool shirt, great video, keep 'em coming.

  7. I respect your “hints “ more than most other youtubers predictions. I remember when u mentioned the possibility of a big correction when bitcoin was around $20,000 and when u said u bought at $3,800… and u didn’t brag about it. Thanks for ur great humble work Louis!

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