hey guys what is up its dusty here back with another crypto video and in this video we're going to tackle some I guess rumors that have been going around and some other cool stuff I guess but again keep in mind that these are just rumors and some general thoughts they're by no means confirmed and no means you know what's gonna happen but feng Lee steak in toronto rex and coinbase could take tron to disguise now when you see this title you're like okay who the F is feng lee and right and you might be thinking like what does it have to do with coinbase and what does it have to do with Shawn now first off there is no real partner or I guess like steak finger is a person like one of the first investors I guess the first investor in coinbase and also an early investor in ripples so he's a very successful crypto dude enthusiast whatever and it is alleged or whatever it's thought of that he has now invested into Tron and because he's one of the you know cord investors of coin basis that he can might be able to fix sort of a partnership between them to stake this price up quite a bit now there's no real way to actually know if he's in this – or not or I mean in Tron or not because it's not being confirmed but this article says that the possibility of them doing some stuff together because he's involved now allegedly could actually be a very big influence so sorry for the weird intro here maybe but whatever friendly what is one of the crypto coin world or one of the crypto world main players and investors he played a crucial role in funding ripples start in 2013 and has the seat on board of directors by investing thirty two point nine million dollars but even before that he was the very first investor to put money into coinbase now according to the reason rumors going around in and Twitter it could be the case that mr. Lee also is involved with Tron so again because of Reddit and Twitter no official means yet well this has not been confirmed at all yet the mere possibility given Lee's connection and experience in the out Quinn environment would make trance credibility search as a kooky little coin based now when you read this again you're like okay since he was one of the first investors into rip was well why is ripple not with coin based then if it has two possibility because of this but okay one among many Tron investors thrilled by the idea is reddit user with the name of mr. Lee or mr. Geist he wrote Phegley is one of the what let's see here other that's from like in the disk where there's a lot of people pump and pump and pump and dump group so that's what that's about so friendly is one of Trance key early investors who just so happens to be significantly connected to pre so why is it so annoying to watch it here to ripple and coinbase oh there we go and then twitter users are excited as well about the prospect so here is a another post from virtual crypto traders hashtag rumor is that coinbase can list t-rex it should be noted that one of the trance key investors is finally here ease makes it look like this is already for sure but again like rumor why is this important well in 2011 as a partner of the venture capital firm IDG Lee became the very first investor in coin base with a hundred thousand dollars in seed funding alright so this already posted the fifth of April so quite some time ago and still nothing has happened and this has been posted four months ago huh okay okay but at the coinbase element coinbase is digital exchange of currency exchange based in San Francisco California it boasts over 13 million users it trades all the digital other big digital currencies in the market no that's not true and it's earned a reputation for being the factor that can either make or break an Alcorn again not really true this is really make or break it just makes a coin doesn't really break them like a lit like one like one like what when up by 57% just five days after coin buys adopted it on May 3rd last year it was even more spectacular for Bitcoin cash which surged 300% in a single day this one was a really really weird situation there were a lot of speculation going on there a lot of people who thought it was are just rumor and then it kind of really happened but a lot of people thought it didn't really happen and there was a lot of stuff going on about that really weird how that took place I find and that is that's exactly what a coin base could do for transport on would ever go on coins I think we're gonna see at least you know a few hundred percent because there's there's gonna be massive people buying into that because that can really show that Toronto has potential to you know compete with etherium on a higher I believe truly believe so if it decides to include it which is why mr. Feng least ties to Tron if they turn out to be real could put it right there playing with the big boys Tron is about to leave the etherium Network by releasing their own t-rex property re prop Prix teri technology called main net this is scheduled to happen by this month's end may 31st as we all know and this event has been rising expectations and increasingly rumors for inclusion in coinbase sto Tron t-rex becomes an autonomous currency so yes right now because it's a near sea 20 coin or token the chances are zero point zero that will get out of to coin base but when it's on its main net yeah there's a few like and there's possibilities for it to get at it though I believe it should be in the top six like Justin wants it before that could actually really you know take place because there's a lot of partnerships that need to happen for Tron actually get listed on there and there's a lot of regularities I guess because it must be quite some paperwork for the Tron foundation as well and I believe that coin base doesn't really want a coin that's top ten that's just what I'm thinking right now though like Qin has gone down a few places as well whatever is there any actual evidence and well not really not really at least not right now mr. Lee's name is not listed any more on the Tron website and there is no information of the amount of money he came up with for Tron only his pictures still round and it's on an address that is linked to Tron so here you could see his picture Feng Lee's photo that available on URL related to Tron so mr. Lee's information on social media other sites like LinkedIn and crunchbase is also silent on the subject but the lack of the information only fused further expectations and makes the room or even more tantalizing so I really know about that because he's silent could also mean that he doesn't really want people to know he's investing into it but if he doesn't really want people to know that he's not really hopeful for people to invest in it either because if he's investing a lot of people would kind of follow him right because he's an important person I believe so you don't really know the strategy behind staying quiet with this let's be clear but there of course our good part is staying quiet as well let's be clear on something this could all be hearsay in the end but you should pay attention to the buzz because if it's true it would surely make Tron one of the most successful coins available and now I first a few I guess days here because there's a few other articles that popped up about coinbase and Tron to actually cover this at all but now that I sell Feng Li and one of the titles it was like okay let me just press it and read through it and this one's actually quite significant for you guys I was like okay I can show this in a video because most of them just said like okay there's a possibility because one of the members of Tron team know like Alibaba persons and those are really important so that could mean it could go on coinbase and would rise you know a hundred percent or something most of the articles really something like that and was like okay if I show that there's gonna be a lot of skeptism and there's no real ground as to why it was good listed on coinbase not a real good one here if Feng Lee is really involved into Tron and since he's really involved into core missus well that could actually be some more reason as to why this would really realize though it was also a very big role how much Feng Lee is actually into Tron could also be that he just invested some of his side money just for you know maybe some speculation some quick gains you know I don't really know how big of an investor he is for these kind of coins maybe he doesn't really believe too much in the project that he wants it to grow you know all over the world and that he's really putting everything that he has on something like this maybe he's just putting some side money even though I know for sure he put doesn't put everything he has but as an example are kind of saying that he just really puts a lot just to make it grow more because of his power or that he just put some in and he's just forgetting about it you know what I mean so he's just investing like any of us just putting some money in and see what will happen instead of just like putting a very big stake in it and pushing it out of the way hopefully you guys actually got what I'm trying to say here I'm just trying to say that there's a few things that he could have done and it will also really affect what's going to happen for the most of us because if he did the first thing so he did it just put some side money and he's most likely not even gonna try to push for coinbase like I don't even know he's not on the board of directors for coinbase I believe he's just on there for ripple I guess right he says that's right here so yeah it does I don't even know how much influence he would have in coinbase even though he's one of the first investors or even the first one because he's the very first investor mmm I don't know how much influence he still has as of this day it's kind of hard to notice or how to see he might really have some big influence but then you would think like okay if he has that much of an 8th floor then why did he not get ripple involved into coinbase you know because record ripple right right now and he's like the crucial a crucial role in funding ripple and he's the first invest for coinbase you would think that a while back he would already have funded like merged to you know just to get ripple on coinbase another thing that I find skeptic or that I'm skeptical about about this coin base Extron thing is that there's this article is like four months ago and this one is over a month ago and still nothing is popped up so again it could really happen and this article actually gots it gets a lot of attention because when I first open it I believe earlier on the day like 6,000 views so it's really going up store as you can see here another 100 you know the ten minutes that we've been busy a lot of people actually like this kind of stuff a lot of people want to know about you know Tron and coinbase because it's an important subject and I guess you should all keep in your mind that this could always happen but that's with any coin it could potentially happen though the chances are really small that will happen anytime soon no for Tron I believe that is it is in the top 5 of currencies that could get listed on coinbase ever so I guess that's a prospect to it this all you know Phegley stake in this could really do a lot of good though it's still small chance so there's like three more articles but it's not really interesting for you guys anymore it's just indians epee exchanged as XRP to t-rex pair atom doesn't do for the gains you know like this get was a few days ago already that happened like that the news came out that India would add or India's debt pay would add t-rex to t-rex pairs and here you have extra P to t-rex was just something unique but still doesn't do for the price of what people said you're gonna actually see ripple XRP and tron reject support swimming the gains hmm yeah so here again let's see what is this know things chew on t-rex trading down 10 percent over the 7 days so a lot of people skeptical about tron this site is useless since it doesn't really say anything just says how far down it is but it's kind of interesting to see the other side because I've seen the site more often and it's actually another one that just look looks just like this but there's just a lot of different currencies and how they are doing I don't like the site though it's really useless in my opinion still just so you guys know and then the last one was truant price analysis Tron ignores India's FA exchange tier X 2 XP ad makes subtle down sight correction so again even though this is added the price didn't actually do much from it it actually just got down but that is because all the coins are going down still I have no idea how she'd call this video should I do it Trond coinbase again kind of scared that people will get too skeptical about that even though our Tron community is actually quite nice I'm noticing a lot of people just like the videos and watch it for the content instead of just getting angry because of some stupid title but I owe that so if you have anything to add to this know me don't know in the comments below come you guys have no idea what I'm talking about with Tron that is funny I have no idea what I'm talking about which Ron again electron you've never heard that coin ripple again never heard of that so you have no idea what these coins are and that is why I'm talking BS right yeah whatever guys thanks for watching and hopefully I'll see you later in another video

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  1. I didn’t really put much thought into crypto currency until I watched one of this videos and i was amazed to bump into an expert that brought life and turned my finances into higher levels, I made more than $20,000 in 2 weeks with the help of Miles Scott, I’m blessed through him.

  2. That was a terrible article with an abundance of inaccurate/misconstrued information and a ton of speculation.

  3. I'm assuming dusty has a lot of tron and he's promoting it. Cause this is the 3rd of 4th video about trx.

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  5. No way! It's up against Ethereum, why the hell would it be on coinbase? Coinbase ceo said he holds more Eth than Btc

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