Could a Move to China Hurt Furniture Company Natuzzi?

a Tutsi group was founded in 1959 by Pasquale a Tutsi the current chairman CEO and group stylist the company produces and market so fast she armchairs and livingroom accessories the group experienced a very wealthy grow throughout the years but at the moment is experiencing some financial difficulties we believe that the problems that the companies facings have to do with the nature of its success the company growth has been always determined by the high quality product that they deliver in fact the company strategy has always been pretty much product oriented therefore there's always been little need to enforce good practices efficient practices across the several business areas they always believe that top quality products and a very wide retaining coverage could have determined the long winning success of the company but this is not enough at the moment many dis insiders believe that the company would be relocating to China to improve profitability the company never confirmed such a rule though of the the middle of Tober once one third of italian workforce will be laid out the company must relocate somewhere else the production and China looks like the most likely choice at the moment we we think that such a decision could negatively impact the branding image of the company in fact consumers buy 'no tutsi because they believe they're buying italian handcrafted products what we think that the company could gain profitability by developing a better more efficient brand strategy that could allow the company to charge the highest premium prices possible at the moment we think that the company should focus on reorganize its very wide product range into more brands in fact with only three brands it is very difficult for the company to reach all the potential consumers who are willing to buy unique and transported products

One thought on “Could a Move to China Hurt Furniture Company Natuzzi?”

  1. It's not a rumor anymore, a lot of their products are now made in China, and not only that, the stuff made in Italy is junk too. Poor quality foam that fails just outside the warranty. Crappy cheap pine and fibre board frames that break easily. Poor quality strapping that doesn't stand up to normal use. I've rebuilt hundreds of Natuzzi products over the past 20 years, replacing the foam, strapping and rebuilding the cheap frames. I can't understand how a company can build junk like this, charge an average 3500.00$ for a sofa and still stay in business. People must be pretty stupid gullible !

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