17 thoughts on “Cosmos(ATOM) coin jump into the top 15! How and Why?!”

  1. Binance runs on the same technology from tindermint. Cosmos got listed on binance because they are close.

  2. HYPE AND FOMO x 999999 and beyond! so much people will loose a lot of money, and honestly they deserve it for not being rational before taking a decision. I will stick to my bets.. Kubitx, Beatzcoin, Edexa, Allsesame.. you can keep your ATOM, and hope you didnt sell your house to buy that coin.. you will get rekt!

  3. There are a few other coins trying to link blockchains just like atom. I think people just fomo'd into this coin after Binance added it. Definitely not a coin to jump into right now..wait till it stabilizes.

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