Controversial Stellar Lumens [XLM] Coin Price Prediction 2018

Stellar lumens coin price prediction 2018 today we talk about some stellar lumens
per dictions from different sources after the video I would like to invite
you to the discussion in the comment section welcome back to crypto land where we
talk about cryptocurrency from Monday until Friday the markets are
showing signs of recovery at the time of recording of this video in a video that
I did a few days ago about three coins that are leading the recovery we talked
about Ferg gos an ontology but stellar lumens has not been left behind in this
video we want to focus on stellar lumen and in particular a few stellar lumens
that I read about on the internet but the first price prediction puts xlm on a
$35 mark at the end of the year this prediction is based solely on ta by the
team at wallet investor comm and this is a pretty conservative price prediction
they advise you that if you’re looking for virtual currencies with good returns
xlm can be a profitable choice the second stellar illumination was brought
to you by oracle go and says that xlm would be a solid $1 very soon this is
considering that xlm had kissed the 92 cent level on january 3rd this year and
would be a more plausible a prediction since the article was written in
December of 2017 the price prediction was based on the technical capabilities
of the stellar platform that had attracted numerous partnerships from IBS
Satoshi Pei exch dot one-click ex Mobius and hash cash the other thing worth
mentioning are the nine current IBM stellar notes being used for
cross-border payment settlements that can lead to a few global central banks
opting for the stellar platform for their own national cryptocurrencies
moving on to the third excellent price prediction which is quite an ambitious
one putting stellar at between two and three dollar range by the end of the
year this is also based on the banking improvements around global due to
stellar the nations that have benefitted from stellar Network are from India
Philippines Nigeria and some other African countries the IBM partnership
was also taken into account with this price prediction the forest price for the
is even more ambitious some may even say this is quite ridiculous and it puts xlm
at a banging 6.41 by the end of the year this price prediction is courtesy of
coin licker komm who has a section on their side
where they where all they do is do predictions this side states that
excellent excellent price predictions as well as any other price predictions they
make are updated every five minutes and they wrote a custom algorithm to
hopefully predict future prices for all the list of cryptocurrencies similar to
stellar they have identified xlm as a very profitable cryptocurrency they also
predicted ripples extra P to go around $80 in the next year and first to around
$13 and 47 cents I’d say this is pretty optimistic but I would love to see it
manifest itself of course all in all stellar Stellar’s xlm is not being
talked about here a lot a lot of crypto traders are not aware of the numerous
partnerships for that stellar has already made
they include companies in over 40 countries in industry such as money
remittance mobile financial services asset management crypto exchanges
digital commerce financial consulting with Deloitte and technology with IBM
just to name a few I will link a full list of stellar lumens partners in the
steamin article about this video in the next video we’re gonna talk about five
cryptocurrency applications that are gonna make your life as a crypto holder
much easier we’re going to talk about some invaluable tax applications and you
don’t want to miss it so tune in tomorrow that was a coin Bruce thank you
for watching don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications for your daily
cryptocurrency pics see you tomorrow you

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  2. thanks for the video.
    i have a few Trezor hardware wallets but some of the alt i have cant be stored on them. I have read about some customer issues and mixed reviews, what is your impression of Ledgers Nano S hardware?

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