24 thoughts on “CONTEST WINNERS! Fidelity, Bakkt, BitGO, Institutional Investors – Crypto News”

  1. Thanks Tony.
    Your presentation is detailed and this has helped me a lot.
    Getting Apollo from Idax appears impossible now. Is the exchange "dead"?

  2. When will the tokens (800 APL) be distributed. Did not get anything. Even though I'm in between 5k winners list.

  3. Thank you tony for this great contest….Congrats to all the winners and to all participated…Best contest ever!!!..


  4. Thanks Tony. Its been educational for all participants. Congratulations to every competitor; and spread the word about the values of cryptocurrencies and Apollo. APL, the future of crypto. Once again thank you for your hard work for putting this contest together and to expand peoples interests in the crypto space. Amazing job!!!

  5. Thanks Tony
    You're definitely one of the most genuine, honest and unbiased personality I've come across in reality. And I'm sure you will definitely go places with these qualities.
    This was a great contest and it was all possible because of you. So kudos and big shout out to you Sir.
    Looking forward to bigger things with journeyto100k channel and blog.

  6. I must confess Tony……You are to be commended and applauded for an exemplary performance on what i would describe as the best contest EVER launched in the entire crypto space, and I doubt anyone can argue that!!…..Furthermore, any threat to the CENTRAL BANK SYSTEM Worldwide ( including the Federal Reserve) can only focus further importance and wealth to the finite crypto industry…..Its no secret that Central Banks have been grossly corrupt for decades and their days are most definitely numbered!!! Hats off to you Tony on an excellent job and kudos to your sleepless nights dedicated to make your creation succeed!!!!!!

  7. thank you tony .its a very hard work that you are doing . thanks to all admins on the groupe and congratulation to all 5000 winners

  8. Tony can I get your thoughts on a project called Uhive….Looks really really really Mass Adoption ready….

  9. The funny part is the bill gates was talking badly about bitcoin 6 months ago. O how the tides turn.People wake up it is time to buy xrp , bitcoin, APL.

  10. MetaMorph
    Can you do a update video on the coin metamorph and let the community know about this coin give us a price prediction, what's the future of this. Thank you

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