Conoco Begins Confiscating Venezuelan Oil Assets + Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Litecoin News China U.S

hey guys how is it going welcome back today is May seventh 2018 and happy happy happy day welcome back happy Monday so first of all I got a few things I want to fucking get off the docket real quick this is episode of 111th it's pretty fun cool but yeah I remember all these anyway then I'll put it out there but this is the hundredth eleventh episode this one one one and that's pretty cool so that's that I'm up to 502 subscribers so over the weekend you know we passed 500 I was at 490 something now I'm at 502 you're very humble thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you so much another thing I mean I know most of you guys don't notice because I am that much but for those you guys have told me have been knowing me for years you know way before I started doing this shit I used to be like Bertha this is like I used to play football back in high school and the whole thing I was chefs of like my whole fucking life you know I weighed like almost 300 pounds like 280 pounds and now honestly just changing my fucking diet I'll talk about this at some point if anyone really cares but by just changing my fucking diet just what I eat not the amount only what I eat I've been able to just drop the weight and then just drop the weight feel like a zillion times better healthier definitely don't feel like Bertha anymore that was no boy no but I feel like I never talked about that shit but like I'm a lot of people that you know that know me you know and then watch my videos haven't seen me in a long time constantly talking you know bringing that that point up and it's just it's been so long it's gonna wow that I just forget and there's been such a gradual thing that I just forget like um I'm definitely like the lightest I've ever been my whole life like I meant 180 or some shit like that we're just pretty fucking nuts but again I feel a million times better and it's all by eliminating you know things like you know just weak you know anything that gluten and all this you know all that poison that we fucking need every fucking day alright that's it I'm done trust me I stole you know I don't treat my body like no fucking temple tell you that but I definitely don't eat fucking Cheetos or pizza every day and I stick to the cheeseburgers well it's protein anyway just ok so ok enough about me let's get out to the episode let me see if I can make this short keep them all a little shorter you know than usual because they're you know I go along just for no reason at all so we're gonna keep this unsure I got a little list of things let's just cover real quick now let's talk about real quick before we get on topic we have look we're gonna talk about litecoin oil a bunch of shit ok so real quick you know let me just touch on you know the little school maker school situation I'm trying to get going now the reality is I gotta get the fuck out of the place on that because my roommates are you know they're just moving back east so I gotta find the place to go so I was trying to see if I can find a place so that a bunch of like-minded individuals like myself and you guys out there whoever the fuck is interested we don't could get together and like live or be in the same kind of environment there's a place down and that I heard about this week and I didn't get to make it but they had like a opening and where the fuck is it like about an hour I want a half away like in Manhattan Beach all the way down south of LA County and you know it was like a crypto space meetup area where you know incubator type business type area anyway it seemed pretty cool I'm gonna see if I'm gonna put the link down there for you guys you guys can check it out seemed awesome I'm gonna see if I can check it out next time I'm in that part of town and so forth I'm going to a crypto meetup on the side note I'm going to a crypto meet up tonight it's something that they advertise out here in LA Sun down Santa Monica and just seems like it's just regular people that meet up etc etc so I'm gonna see if I can make it down to that laughs I won't record because that'll be a little weird I don't know many of these people my first time there but I'm definitely going there to network who knows maybe I'll be able to bring somebody back and interview them one of these days and so on and so forth any of you guys are down there in the city today you know just hit me up and I'll tell you where the meetup is but again if you just go to and just type crypto meetup in LA it's the one that's happening in Santa Monica today at 6:00 p.m. I don't know the details that's what um but again I can't get them real quick and they're easily accessible out there for anyone that would like to join us or be out there or whatever today so that's happening today okay so and that's for the incubator thing again that's still happening and in the process but I'm also in the process that will fucking and I mean I might end up in like my own apartment and continue building this and we're still gonna build this so don't get me wrong I mean that that homemaker school the whole tech school the whole Silicon Valley situation that whole thing is this happening it's something that I have been wanting to do for a very long time me and my friend so you know this is still gonna happen it's just the way I work is it's like I'm buried you know so a lot of times I do you know think that I can get things done like that and a lot of times I do get things done like that but you know as I've gotten older I've also realize that it's not always the case so you know I also have to you know control my behavior control my impulses and like okay well maybe he's not gonna work out maybe we don't push it back a little bit further and that that it's not gonna happen just be realistic so that everything actually does work out so anyways now let's move on to the fucking news all right let's talk about like on this talk about the crypto space all right we've been in a great amazing fucking bull run for I don't know it's been a week now this weekend was great going great you know we had like coin hit all the way to 180 pretty close right and I'm pretty sure I hit 180 I'm trying not to watch it too much but and a Bitcoin let me see if I can find that other meme but again Bitcoin flirting with 10k so close so fucking close but not quite no you know I wouldn't be surprised of a lot of a lot of what's going on has to do with you know in the sense of like the price went back down so now this morning it's like one's at 160 bitcoin is like a one then 9300 give or taking so you know even the theory of is dumping as we know because they're having SEC rulings today an ethereal to see whether it's a security or not and look man I'm gonna put it to you like this alright I've said there's a long term for a very long time on this channel and I've said it for a while double but anyway in Tony Bayes if you guys are familiar with him he also fucking said this the other day and at the end of day like Bitcoin is the only real crypto currency everything else is a fucking shit coin for the most part so we have no idea what the fuck is gonna happen today but if again no one thinks that this theory was gonna be labeled of security but what if it is exactly so let's just see what happens again like what I love like when because like on to me is like identical to a Bitcoin even though it's not the same but you know it's in a census it's the same look what's happening with Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash and that whole fucking thing so yeah yeah I mean like anything can happen to any one of these things okay I'm especially when there's no one controlling it so again there's no one controlling or protecting the whole Bitcoin name or whatever so that's why someone like a Roger ver can come in and just hijack the whole thing at least try to we already see that he is failing miserably all right and they're failing miserably the whole Bitcoin cash is at the end of the day we're gonna fucking you know look at big connect like late like a nothing in comparison to a Bitcoin cache was you know Bitcoin cash is gonna be even worse but fuck do I know right we know so you know let's not jump onto another thing I'm just jumping up to a bunch of subjects today um by the way let's talk about art for two seconds if you guys haven't seen the childish gambino he was on SNL this weekend it was fucking hilarious but he also came out with a brand new music video yesterday I'll put the link I can't put the video up but I put the link and you didn't have to see this shit no matter what kind of fucking music you like watch it just fucking watch it this shit will fucking twist your fucking mind I hope in a good way because it was really really well done and was in fucking 30 seconds of you watching it you will be glued to your fucking seat to see the whole thing trucks he's not showing it to someone moved yesterday that and older gentlemen never in a million years thought that he would even send to the whole thing and he did not want me to turn it off so I would suggest you guys check it out it's fucking awesome okay and you know it just goes to show you where everything is gone whether it's we between Kanye in between this childish gambino guy or you know just everything all around the world and how things are going now speaking of around the world I know I've said this before another pop in other podcasts other vlogs or whatever you know where the conference talking about you know Latin American countries and start talking about Bob listen I really think I am I really do think I have to because just too much shit going on all around the world and then that may be like madness any Latin America per se and only but I got to talk about the whoops happening in the rest of world I know I do but when it comes to you know the geopolitical you know in the crypto thing and everything because it's all core they're all very closely related you got we're gonna remember that here in the United States of America on very developed countries it's all crypto currency thing is just like a fucking speculation it's like you know investing in fucking Apple back in the day or Internet stocks or whatever the fuck is bullshit but in a lot of and a lot of places around the world you know people are really using already using cryptocurrency and he trying to you know use this technology or build or Ava's technology in order to you know save themselves you know from you know other governments or you know the hierarchies you know the hierarchies but you know the corporations and you know the people that have the power people have you know their lives under control and all these other stuff so you know these things already being used and this is what's really pushing them forward more than anything no matter what the fuck we think you know we then we think that it's all lost nerds but no no really okay it's it's it's nerds and poor people so let's talk about let's talk about Venezuela in China because look I'm gonna tell you like I wasn't even expecting this this morning but when I was reading through Zero Hedge and I'm gonna fucking let Angelou site are you guys lost time I got those stories and mostly like blind none of these things really catch my attention but something to catch my attention and I know it takes me let's see how long we got it again motherfucking minutes to get to to to the point you guys are really patient out there I appreciate you guys that really to me is still crazy that you guys enjoy listening to me but hey it's humble humbling it's fucking let me get to the story before you guys stop watch you're listening anyway the point of today's video honestly you know was did this story that I read and it was about the United States freezing not freezing I'm sorry confiscating Venezuelan oil assets in order to pay a debt and you know not China's gonna be mad so let me let me dissect that a little bit real quick so as we know you know Venezuela the only export is fuckin oil for the most part you know that's like it's bread and butter also we also know that they're going through an economic fucking destruction right now you know we're you know now to get a haircut it cost like three bananas and a fucking two nuts or whatever the fuck the price was you know whatever the fucking article was the other day so you know that's what's going on there it's like whoa why is that happening to Venezuela what's going on there what what's causing all this turmoil was causing all this economic well the reality is it's it's us is the United States of America you know putting sanctions and men and creating all these roadblocks so that that country can't survive so other countries have come to the aid of a country like Venezuela and you know like Russia and China and they themselves have you know given the Venezuela loans or help or what have you in exchange for oil but over the weekend actually a few days ago whatever the United States ruled in favor of ConocoPhillips if you guys don't know how Kanako Phillips always is you know there are one of the major oil companies you know like Exxon Shell you name it BP so they favored a ruling in favor of ConocoPhillips you know the oil company and pretty much with the but the ruling said was that now this corporation has every right to confiscate property in Venezuela so to confiscate oil you know Auto rigs or your processing plants or just oil fields or whatever and they have the right to do that and the corporation has already taken the steps to start doing that now it's gotten to the point where the the ships that were leaving port from Venezuela this weekend I think it was they Venezuela had to tell them to come back to port when they were in the middle of Caribbean because they weren't sure what was gonna happen because again the reality is and they weren't sure they know when they would get to port or halfway through the thing that they will get confiscated themselves that's fucked up but anyway so now you know they came out Venezuela can't export any more oil now China can't get that oil from there any more and now the United States of America is trying or not trying they already are confiscating pieces of property and by the way all this is legal whatever that means but it's all legal for them to do and again you know this is to the point where I keep bringing up over and over and over again that you know when people think about the police the police force in that whole situation out there you know not just in this country but all over the world you know again what the police are I'm sorry guys I don't know fuck when you want to hear this number this is the reality of and you guys can look at it google it you know maybe not google it but just fucking you know really do your research and look it up but this is a real you know working with cops police officers are you know what these people are are there to really just protect corporate interest that's it they're there to protect property they're there to protect you know corporations you're there to protect you know certain interests not not us in order to serve and protect us not never that's not what they're there for okay get that you guys have to get to that shit through your fucking mind all right they're there to just protect the law which again is there the laws there to protect the corporations that's it that's what they're there for so you know right now these entities are being employed and they will be employed in future situations like this in order to take things from the people or from other governments or from whatever so now do you understand a little bit like why someone in the military or in the military itself would be the only thing that would have the interest of the people or the actual country itself because someone that's in the military they actually went out there voluntarily to fight and die for our country to fight and die for for us for us people for us people okay when a cop signs up you don't police academy that's not what they're signing up for okay you gotta remember that they're setting up for a fucking paycheck there's a big fucking difference okay so you know a military person that's you know literally like dedicating his life to you know protecting the lives of others and all of a sudden they're back here and they're not necessarily getting paid for that that's all volunteer working now the lives of these same people the population the family is getting threatened again you don't think that they're gonna fucking help and stand up for us so don't think that there's a scenario like this already getting it's already happening in Venezuela we've already talked about Porto Rico and what's happening there the same exact scenario where the police officers and then that gang of fucking bandits are the ones that are protecting the government and the corporate interest while the military you know is helping you know the population and you know formulation our thing you know these things you know we're gonna see these things develop in these countries as they've happened all over the place but he remember the populations of these two countries these two areas don't have guns per se all right then I'll have the weaponry that we have here so this is why it's a big big thing to have a Second Amendment in this country so anyways yeah what's happening in Venezuela right now is beyond sasaki sad horrible insane that what this country is doing is is horrible to Venezuela and again we don't know who is the one that's doing this okay we don't remember you know I'm still on the fence you know like a Trump is doing a bunch of great amazing shit but he's still friendly friendly with fucking Netanyahu and the whole fucking thing so we don't know we got to see let's see what's happening here let's see what's whatever so you know we got a judge everything once everything is set as done we can't really like it's hard to judge as things are happening right now so we gotta wait and see but you know this whole thing that's happening you know he might not have anything to do with it and again our you know people that be are too concerned trying to fucking save the planet to you know check on these rulings even know these rulings are going on behind the scenes okay you know the thing where they were where the government allows chemical Philips to go to Venezuela and just take their assets like that doesn't happen okay that's like you know remember it's like on Lincoln it's really a country that goes into another country and take stuff okay it's not a corporation that just goes into a country to take things you know think about that they just think about these things you know in the world that we're living in that these corporations have this power this insane power to just go and do that okay and how are they doing it okay think about that too you know so like did you get it remember that these people not gonna just willingly give these properties away or these things away so what's gonna happen and how is it gonna happen in to what's what's you know so all these things are playing out not just here but you know like all of Africa Africa is you know the whole content go back for cuz the fucking Chinese colony people don't know that some people do and it's like you know Stu many things that are going on and this is this country the United States of America the powers that be are losing their grip on others you know the empire and these are not pretty not looking pretty not just in this country but all over the world right now and we are officially in the transition I mean that's it you know that you know people look man right now we're in that transition you know the transferor well that whole scenario thing is awareness we don't really see it because it's the very beginnings of it by the time that we hit like a stock market crash or what have you you know we were we would have already been in it for a while okay that's just like the signal for the people but again you know we're you know you know we're what is it we get a gold star we're like you know we're in the hottest class so you know we're a little bit ahead of the people in the sense of you know where he know what's coming and preparing for what's coming so but the reality is it's right around the corner so let's you know let's send this video written because I know is already going to long okay we're 20s okay we got a few so why all this is very important because again all these things are what's gonna signify next thing the fight but all these are the things that when for example in this country when oil starts going up in price like it's already going up the price but remember that's how inflation you know that's how they hide the inflation and doing things like this so you know when oil prices gas prices starting fucking skyrocketing our 1970s you know they're gonna start blaming the fact that what's happening in Venezuela and what's happening you know round the world with China and blah blah blah when the reality is and you know we have one enough oil in this country and we produce enough oil to quench that thirst but you know we can't rise the prices of everything around across the board because I was signify hyperinflation signify to the people that the dollars worth shit and you already know where you know that psycho house is gonna end so what are they do they just raise the prices or few commodities and then they fucking blame it on the stupidest fucking shit so oil is one of them so yeah I mean who knows you know like at the island honestly like oil should not be fucking going up in price it should not be like 80 90 100 dollars a barrel or not but it might well probably will be and again that's just hyperinflation math let's work that because it's probably worth like 20 30 bucks a barrel where it was not too long ago but again with all of this even I mean it's just gonna put more use into the crypto space he's gonna you know again as time goes on time goes on in this in this in our space as well so just because of the time that has passed by more people will be using it you know other entities will start implementing into the blockchain and the use cases and then the mass adoption will just keep increasing and you know just take over but it's gonna take a while but at the end of the day you know this is just a really slow gradual process that we're all watching take place right before our eyes right now and it's all the things that are happening you know whether you know again you know the just a mumble jumble that's happening you know with the president and and the lawyer and the stormy Daniels another's fucking shit or what's happening behind the scenes on like the stuff in Venezuela or what's happening in India or what's happening in other parts of the fucking world you know I mean it's just a constant thing we look look well a good look at North Korea you know the peace get out of here with that shit you know me the stuff with Iran and then in in that part of the world and listen listen man like I was just thinking about this in the car the other day I mean I don't want to say this a lot but again I feel so freeze or whatever that I I do feel and again thanks to Kanye and other artists you know that are really pushing the envelope I do feel the need that we have to talk about these things look I'm gonna straight-up say right now all good majority of my friends are fucking Jewish okay I love Jewish people the whole thing you know it's all great wonderful blah blah blah in fact in Miami that I grew up with a lot of juice and I've always considered myself anything maybe like an honorary Jew because of again I'm gonna try to get to that Seinfeld episode you know I'm gonna trying to call myself a Jew here and it's like that I'm not who gives a fuck the point is with all these things that are happening around the fucking world right now especially the shit with Israel Netanyahu and just so many things pointing at that group as public enemy number one listen if you guys don't remember this fucking movie from a hundred years ago okay go rent it in a fucking Blockbuster I'm talking about World War two World War one okay and the whole fucking scenario how one group of people were blamed for all of this okay and you gotta remember was fuckin Hitler said hey and they were in this fuckin you know blaming them for everything what was he blaming them for the economy tanking that's what started the whole fucking thing okay so please guys keep this all in mind as this gets worse as you know this whole everything around the world and in front of you and all this shit gets getting worse and this group of people will start getting blamed they will start being the the martyr not the martyrs but like the you know the people that you know again like the door World War two rules Japanese people now during this time it's the Muslims again do not be surprised if this poor group of people because again just because a few entities a few bad scenes did things you know how the population gets and you know all of a sudden is that what we got to blame somebody so we're gonna blame or you're Jewish but we're gonna blame you so we gotta be careful okay because again this is history history history okay we can that repeat even though we might we cannot repeat history okay this is what we learn from history so we do not repeat history so when all this happens again and on an entity above or entities start blaming groups of people and again it's by gonna be this group people we had to be very careful now you're gonna remember in this country all right it like it or not you know that group of people does control a lot of the media and does control a lot of things so we don't know we don't know where all this is gonna go but we have to give America we have we have to be very careful very vigilant and very astute and aware of this situation okay we are all equal we all love each other we all on the same fucking team team human and okay just because a bunch of bad seeds out there and we can't Matt you know all of us on say that this group of people they're all horrible because they're not okay they're just not okay and that goes for everybody okay whether you're black Asian Cuban you know from England from fucking New Zealand from fucking China and don't matter a bunch of good ones it's a bunch of bad that's it so again you know this is where we're heading it's a fucking you know it's just a giant ball of fucking crap but at the same time you know being in the space that we're in we're gonna fucking and I just benefit from it but again also build it and when when is when is when the shit really does start to hit the fan and it starts kind of settling where the where the group people that people are gonna come to okay because they have no one else okay because we're the ones gonna be building the future leading the future creating the future so we're very important okay not only do we have to fucking keep doing what we're doing but we have to survive this in order to survive the human race I don't know that sounds like a humongous dumping big task but that's the reality of it you know we're almost at thirty minutes so much for fucking shorter piss up today anyways guys I want to end this at the fucking high note because fucking Monday's fucking awesome everything's going great the markets are gonna be fucking green we're we're on a bull run despite everything remember we got a look at the trucks from other you from last year from other times another whatever and there's a gradual move okay so as long as we're you know gradually you know I've got most of the days out of the week we're going up it's all that matters remember we're gonna remember is always gonna be ups and down days but as long as we stay up and remain up there remain going to remember okay every single day so you know once we crash we were willing to crack that 10k mark and we crack that yeah I didn't think a mark I'm not gonna go with anything else I will be fine and I really do think that right now things are maybe 10 on a hole because of SEC rulings situation you know where the theorem and stuff like that and yeah you know I'm I don't see many more broad blocks ahead of this I think everything else has been you know green lights I think someone's dying over anyways alright guys thanks again for watching I really you guys I really appreciate you guys and yeah please like please subscribe please donate please share please everything please spread the word and comment and the whole fucking thing let's keep this going and I'll see you guys tomorrow hopefully with some briefing there's some cool news or some anything from you know the event that went to last night or whatever just in use as usual anyways thanks again for watching and I'll see you guys manana smoke em if you gottem oh by the way I got a really good review so I actually went to go check out the store and they fucking love that see told you alright guys well I went gotta go later today and I'm already running low bye

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  1. DELUSIONAL: Conoco Phillips had over 3 proprietary projects taken (not bought or negotiated, stolen) from them by Chavez. It was completely illegal and after a decade of stalling in court, pdvsa lost. Conoco Phillips was given the legal right OUTSIDE of Venezuela to regain assets stolen from them The quality of lives of Venezuelans has dropped exponentially under Chavez. By the way, the second richest person in Ven has well over $4,200,000,000 (billion). Its Hugo Chavez' daughter. Jose Arteaga, put down the bong, stop using the F-Bomb as a verb, go to the corner store and BUY A CLUE ! ! !

  2. You're full of sh*t! Tel Aviv was named in 1910, its a Rothschild Banking Construct calling themselves "Chosen", they were wanting a land grab and stirring sh*t long before Hitler, and long before Bolshevism and Khazar Theory, Cicero wrote about )ewry's insidious nature thousands of years ago, their usury means the toppling of nations. They've practiced Masonic Kabbalistic Inversion for much longer than Hitler, once again, you're full of sh*t!,..


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