CONGRESS attack on FACEBOOK is an ATTACK on ALL Crytpocurrency

toe and we should be live at
this point so won it is 10:00 PM as is the all report once again
streaming lives, Wednesday
evening looking for to a
phenomenal love, talk tonight
we’ve got two will be joining us off roll
those if you that are a login
and and and restraining and
watching the replay almost take
a few minu , efficiently and making sure
there’s no technical glitches
all we do have a lot of great
things and talk about and as we all probably tuned in and saw,
see there’s no lack of things to
talk about all when it came to what went on
in Congress, for the past two
days, with , with space book, starting
with, David mark is over the
past two days starting in the
senate and then moving over to a
house to so let me, has on his arm while
walking through this I am going to pull one of our
guests in Sorg and have calmed gaining crypto excerpt you with us this evening
on I’ll be with us and to about
1030 in the marina bring in a
crypto see Foo so, before we do
t , me get to car dashboard and
then wallow in wait for that to
come up again to pull a gaming
crypto, into the chat ago and seconds a right now let’s say I should
have , you know what I need two are ago are a guide gaining
crypto of guts you live in
online and everybody should hear
you also mean I’m really a real
excited to have you on a
designer you been an IE of
definite to ensure the member of
the community , adding a lot of value, like
comments, really appreciate me
all the time the tape to sit and
watch when I to say and I know
you in the in the circus over the
past couple days off before we get into that just
a just and a little summary you
know about yourself so we get a
lot to a background and how you got
into digital asset and and a
value found the space and top of it it’s a young and I think that
was an all part of our I believe you
know that’s really a part of the
debate and over what we’ve heard
enough for the past couple da and really been a leading up to,
and we saw , and was a name a Presley you
going to rub on cue in a the
other day, when they had run
Powell the chairman of the
Federal rese , and then it unfolds going into
anno the circus a wood David
mark is from baseball, past
couple days Tian Tian exactly IE and others
deftly a lot of all a long-term
all they can deftly unfold a and the space and in really
another’s one no primary young
to the point you know and you
know as I as I look at it and I
look at and I saw it was interesting and
were talk about the CIA right
before we got on here but I saw
a very distinct divide you know
i off from the senate is it was in
the house and the democrats I
felt were coming from a position
of spite and vengeance, and they on as they came out and they say
will you come that ought to
delaying your project will you
commit to you know what ever
might’v and owes much as I yelled
distrust the way baseball
candles, conservatives and
privacy and all of that I
couldn’t help but side and then the republicans I
thought you were coming from a
position of you know can we
understand the space better and
we apply o to why we need a token taxonomy
act, and I thought that there
was you know one side digging
for answers on in trying to
figure o Tia bits that city on the view of like to know,
deftly like to know yet what
these book is really guilty of , one thing that can be you know
for sure is that they monitor
you know different post of
people put a final lot of people
and e taste on anno posting actual
factual content, Tuesday and
politically aligned with the a
fund police and face book and oh
so her and most in a wall one of the
the points that, that that
Congress keeps bringing up and
like people keep bringing up is
this pri and the issue that I have with
that and one of the reasons why
I a share when I shared unsure
what I don’t share base book is
fo it’s written in their you love
the guidelines that they can do
whatever the hell they wanna do
with your permission a own your
i they’re sharing your information
in your he now in your content
one to give that information to
them it’s really there is to do when they hit, let register for
baseball and the sample face book account
again you know it’s a free
provide service so it’s to 10
inches, funny enough Congress is
going these endless of mail campaigns
by mortgage companies as soon as
you get a mortgage or you live
in a house or you know where wha you know the banks are guilty of
it on your the IRS says was
deftly guilty of of collusion against a
conservatives, view of the list
goes on and on you know and so
when then also on a single out
face book a and on the make up stories and
the twist stories to their
agenda you know when your
thoughts anno array of a no ago the oh Tia yup II agree anno: beyond
what people would anticipate and
really I think what people or
are comfortable with what I
think e , in the house and a mean it to
oh obviously you know your
phones can be listening as the
bones are always turn on a
listening a and I guess you know that’s
deftly propping on its deftly an
issue, that they bring up
regarding privacy, and then you
know if w you know they start in a folksy
man on, lever cloying, I think
there was a disdain
misunderstanding as well, and
know there’s de or you know were were in an
automobile basin some of the
line of questioning again you know outside of, there are
their vengeance points of but
you know I found that there were
enough only of you bake they
kept and one other things up talked
about a lot and the space, is
that there seems to be a
blurring of the lines when it
comes to a e and Owen and I think that maybe
that’s what their alluding to
buy me that the weather line a
question just in the tempting to
kn are a M you and me a yell and that and
that’s something else that kind
of candlelight meanwhile were to
listening to all this unfold is
as a another business of their
business statements a business
plan whenever might be, it some of it kind of fall was some
anno reflecting on to what they
could then potentially due to
the rest of the digital asset
spa , the things that I got out of
this whole thing was that it Tia yell and as of yet to be it
just me know if and when it
comes to trust and anno and and
anno and honesty and
truthfulness an listening to some what did those
in a Congress have to say a can of little law a little way
issue that you know because you know you know that they’re
not necessarily all very sincere
and an truthful with their
information and also that’s
deftly pr it’s a an up and nominate CIA it’s deftly of a lot of this is gonna unfolding
of my my concern over this is
that what we’re seeing a right
now one of the things that dot
tha as zero authority over what face
book is doing and what we’re
seeing is the Congress as really
040 of are what face book is doing
in a reason why I say that is because there’s already a no, they’re already companies
out there that are doing exactly
what face books as they wanna do
which is create a payment, a p , to compete with the U.S.
dollar and was interesting that,
that some of the democrats can
talk about National Security of a cat singling out the
destruction of the economy, they
went back and they try to focus
in on a node of frank and you
know th and also not you know completely
factual and on how to one folded
but and I just a lot of fear
become mongering but it to me it , and it be to find a way to go
after face book to find a way to
go out for everybody to do think that that’s just
been a little over and over
fearful what they’re doing or or
nine and of the a and I think was Ted but
actually a Congressman Ted but
came out and said he wanted be
very clear that there was it
that th , an odyssey is relating to
others as well, Ted bundy’s been
a big proponent, and fighting
for regulatory clarity in the
digital and I thought that was
interesting and all I think I
was reading some point before
thing got a Sean Schaefer was
saying that to it or tse and a big mention
token taxonomy act a number of
times , Condon miss the very end of
it, if you caught L and you see the end of all the
hearings and all were no no open the all and a tow and puts it in booking it
summaries of comments popping up
as wanna say you know what’s up
to everybody that’s logged in,
really , we see here I did one who a
point now if all it be still
here and say, first one on , stinking Jenkins if you’re
still on, let me know if you’re
still on the stream if you are a
throwing you’re on your twitter,
s , we’ve got DN I in the stream
of great stream tonight is Welty
and I and I caught the eyes of
most of it and outstanding, so
he that and the need for
regulation, glen Wilde Starr
brought that up to that is that
is a great great takeaway of
that you when we see that really a
view one somebody else and said
owner exactly what was up but
Congress really can’t do
anything an yet out of the ordinary outside
of the venue know what paypal as
dawn or anno really know what
rebel me is doing you know with
e tell the other isn’t that big of
a distinction only thing that it
is as their animosity to and
really some of the fear of one
ex to top and the a bill that’s what they and here’s a good question right knee eggs at yeah I know
even a the other active users
and then really how many of the
active users of Argonaut and I
actu I just like stellar talks about
with excellent are targeting a
different market and all those that are using one
setup, I think that that’s
that’s important you know to oh,
a so let’s see there was up a
quest , and nine ago by this from baldish Ickes,
gaining crypto with your name or
you into any gaming tokens,
casino token by any chance a casino: a yell me up and then from up and is
that were you, you got the name
from gaming crypto are dead were then took a , some that were anywhere you
see the on a space going in
terms of all Tia games on an icy
that they’re such a huge utility , within that space will you
can’t , anno it it’s very cool and a just real
quick a stake in jenkins’s your
twitter stinking under
store_Jenkins a disk and a yes
or no to be awesome , just wanna make sure I’ve got
the right one , four shoot this over and are a anno and I think so too I think
there’s deftly up another things
here ago and a machine to and
injecting some excerpt either
ego and , quick question there are of
excerpt the flood and a new all
time high will fight is that,
and I think a is always up a as always a sum of and a fund,
in the excerpt the space, paint
and studio as as up as excerpt
he doesn’t move , then, people people get
negative I think that’s really
what it’s all about and people
just want instant gratification
at this we see other things going up an
excerpt he doesn’t beeper to
give some are a L COL some M and it’s awesome and unite a
deftly it’s great in IC and of the
engagement that we get in these
on in these chats are
outstanding unite I watch the
Kaminsky OM, so and I know I don’t know much
about to a scene out: you know
why I like your thought process
also one on what a digital asset
spa and then that space is still
anno ever going up in a dozen
seem to be dropping down so the AMA meal exactly that , awesome are eight men I really
appreciate you coming on a one
to bring a crypto seaplanes,
deftly one have you back on
again b and think there’s a ton the week
and talk about their tell it also man also I appreciate
you coming on those awesome , it was a gaming crypto excerpt
he everybody and outlook for him
in the in the chats, he’s always
up a participating and and al , read have him call on here in
a second I just need to one take a few changes here , and we will get his all it is of twitter and and and
then as we wait for Macaulay and com we will get things going
here and each at this is all I
haven’t done this before you try
to get multiple people in
switching I just left a chat it’s an hour
waiting for crypto seafood to
call it might take a second
after we do it this way year ago
we go and go awry I think we’ve got
crypto see the witness online and their real up to it on gem to a a test a little bit and see for
Jim, a local huge and so I we
got jam on the line with us many
young it’s it’s great that
graded p announce greater funny talk to a net prescient that a lot I
really do , you’ll want one thing that I
like to do you know one and a
first time I might bring
somebody on a Teflon like to
know just a l and how long you been in the
space and anno, how you found
space and into digital asset
excerpt E and K and all are a team of Koll some it’s awesome and, it was so what
would your thoughts about it all
this turmoil going on with a
with space book and are a tell to it that’s right man to go A Tia you know it’s a man and it’s
crazy because as oak, I put it
on today does probably a mistake
and I probably should have been and I’ve got this plane in the
background and but II manage to
get some of the notes and and
this is what you always
disdained a and all from from the democrat
side, miss AC a Congresswoman
Maloney the set will you abide
by Maxine waters that I,
like_and so it all by Dino basically you know they’re the authority
Maxine waters whenever she says
is the authority you Gotta
listen when will you abide by
Max Moor and what I get out of that is
just just a bunch of BSE of
years you know the bid these
Congress of congressional
representatives a rally worried about you know
getting them to submit to their
anno to whatever there are there
women’s and all and so I look at it does face book as a free
platform I don’t see face book
as a platform where I share
everything you know and I deftly
don’t se and Owen and you know to me you
know I am watching these
representatives Ed and I look of
Maloney and I look at these
others are that you know don’t you know
support the growth of business
to begin with the yet in your view over you’re
pointing your fingers and wagon your fingers everybody
instead of asking questions you
know and then another was one of
more a question that came up a a pretty a spot on question,
amorous another one from because
I’m a son but in Wagner came up
and she says com, that see this ad to do with
protecting the U.S. dollar for
10th in the U.S. geopolitical
interests keeping libra for
being , and they came back to Kyi Sea
and now, young and I just
thought that was really
interesting of this distinct and
efforts and a , but at the end of the day I
felt like they were the world
again lecturing they were asking
questions of their something
that t it has nothing to do with up
with lever cloying, you compete
you know competing, are
developing any further there
something else that their freedom uniate and in
a just interesting array anno are a Tia array of exactly exactly check
this of this coming up here and
bullish I suggested to the last
three weeks a little journey
went tight they want handled mouth of
it it’s been going on or a
couple years and also on sly,
getting to immediately to have MM anno are a meal and a and a no anno and I agree with the L it’s
great, yeah and that tie not super problematic and
that’s why we’re all about the
yeti: OTC, a a a 100% in I know
about this yeti baby on all
bought to all these other comments and
your user of this fraudsters and
schiller’s soul and we’re about
what they say a a a an up an eighth of a deterrent it’s to that of a and a love that are
of a, ages real quick, a jay
Jackson Anthony Jackson all the
way from somewhere up in Canada,
I , Canadian and a large Canadian , and that’s awesome define for
shoot the top of a and then we’ve got the lead
searing as we as we go down the
list one of things that dumb
that the chip brought up again
you know and the number to call out there
in their cells and it is too
many issues to be not just can’t
you just constant if they like
th an odor their only a link to do
things that are going to benefit
themselves personally and enrich
themselves in some way shape o is going to expedite their real
action in 2020 to think a lot of what they’re
doing right now has to do with
that and appeasing certain
lobbyists, that are there you
know to u it Tia Tia Tia, David like to want it
all in all ways as an agenda and
always a slant, that’s for sure
and a special when it comes to t and although all these different
sides in his ears and other
comment that came out and I just see this is more fear
mongering that the government
has responsibility and the AMA
in the financial meltdown of
2008 yet they wanted knowledge it,
but this was a Congressman Meeks was comparing Bear Stearns and
the gov’t L and wanted their
married to a Bear Stearns and
they go global crisis , that they odyssey a good
intent and they didn’t
anticipate that they would trigger this
global crisis odyssey will even
out the government aspect of
Denny also then try to compare
that wi are a tight and it awhile , and all tell me and I mean it’s an
aching and went there to do and
I think though it’s it’s really
a government is you know
Congress is 2.6 billion users active users
that they claim to have to think
that’s what scares everyone
every it scares them that you
know t as soon as you already in place
that they you know they see what
they’ve been able to do tell
attracting people pay when a
send tell but they the key here is
the run what sap they own what’s
at the audience to Graham anno
they take their expanding their
th anno that that’s gonna be the
connection and Oates moving money in
between individuals and at the
end of the day it burned from
that purse purpose and the
perspective ar and ½ to go to the bank’s enough
to do anything they just go what
sap, send money to my family and that’s it the now and then that’s part of
what their freighter because
that is a cash cow tees book
knows it is a nose at mask are
knows i and said it exactly is so I think it as a
small percentage and up to the question is how many
people use what sap, I know what
that what that number isn’t sure
we can look it up you know but that that’s the key
to face book is bringing you
know face book and I think
that’s what everybody best in
this in t in other countries and ’cause
that’s the way you communicate
from other countries and it’s
all about what’s happen and I
think t an ego and ego that that’s all that
matters that that’s the only thing that
matters and all it exactly that said yelled that’s an easy terry very easy of have to use
and tell people are using it to
me that’s what it’s all about
and economist to vote on it and
oth , I had to do with, this is
mostly from the republican side
they can’t say why Switzerland
why why you move in that pours a
Swit Telling what they are hinting
that was a note Alice why your
neck and in the U.S. because it
all has to do with there’s no
regul and all that going over to
Switzerland is top black chain
from lee is crypto currency
friendly and that’s why they wanna be
read in even in a surprise it
even really come out and say
that it was basically kept you
know the and out why use in a basket of
currencies and I’m from base books
perspective and as people the U.S. don’t
know what sap is in they’ll use
what’s that it’s something
that’s used overseas and and
that’s thei that there’s their opening this
business ovary and other to open
over in Switzerland there to do
what they can to abide by anno some of the regulation that
does pop up in the U.S. to
deftly wanted to make sure
they’re implementing Kyi scene
and all of and I think they know that to and what would your thoughts and it are a array and a and really dozen and that
Young’s I think that’s that’s
the missing link you know that
they been focusing on and that’s
a day ha , is the I think the bacon depot
is bob us to abolish Ives, a K a
leave that some today gets
confusing when you know was
always , names, and then dust does so a
beacon depot shout out for us
some excerpt he that was sent
over, as Stephen shifter over
some and a little a collection going
here and then nine day, shucks
cleaned out his account and said
no more excerpt the tip-off real to a to a tollway and of it exactly toe and going down the list here
and you there’s just so many
interesting statements, they
came out, and find another one, let’s see
here , I thought, so yeah those may
camera kept asking, you know
about switzer land and all bad,
senior, you know what else was
this , a whitefly, what’s up a good
to see one and senior in a long
time and money around but it’s
always good when you you, long
tim , from the Jeremy light touch are we is just an
enthusiast , was interesting because I
think mark is a charger of to
ease from rebel right I believe
all marks is from rebel and use
REIT w no fees test exchange rates move
payment experience, zero cost
and they put up an image,
transferring 100 pounds onto lot
polish , so I thought those super
impressive and the fact that are
using nine rebel not to do that
it wasn’t just one more you
rebel ke you adding more and more and
more of the one thing that we’re
not hearing about I think this
is where the fun comes from a
note and a array and up exactly its right and a meal and it’s it’s really it’s
impressive it’s really amazing, and C it’s it’s unreal you know
when we see this and see what’s
happening over all yacht and
like you said you know before
and a , you look at overall and an die
in gaming crypto brought this up
that they’re holding the to
value of excerpt he down, you
know of their death and I can go to
the exchanges, moving that,
money and a specially when some
of this is in the test phase,
you kno of young and as they bring
altogether I think and that all the peas of the
puzzle together and think that’s
one that you know bill
potentially turn the switch on
when everybo you know someone asset question
and I can you tell the volume
that’s moving because of ex
rapid and II don’t think you can com think there’s visibility to
that that’s a that I know I don’t
know that we can you maybe
someone knows and I know there’s
something specific decks rapid
and not the drama see excerpt the volume
but you do we know that it says
are direct result of the excerpt
the car acts wrapping your uti are of a anno anno one wild star
says you can only see
transactions on the ledger you
cannot differentiate the
transactions by a and I’m sure there is in a
somewhere they must have the
mechanism and it was utilizing
its offer feature, some
wondering if ther as a much money as transacting
through our software solution
attracted, you know and and does
what it’s doing a no it a no LL, the young and to me it’s
it’s time you notice or watching
it and I look at it from day one and a son is a speculative
investment I saw amazing upside potential an icu what
this is gonna a notes, go one of
two ways it’s even be amazing or
its knocking do anything you
know Thea yelled and it said another other part
of that is an know that there are in
Congress quite a bit and I know
that they you know are you a
speaking in educating and
another spends and also I think that that is a
no part of a no is this whole roll out nine
think that’s it we started to
see and that’s one of the points that I notice to Owen nine, of
IE on a Presley was speaking and
rolled how she seemed very well
coached an educated and that’s o worn davidson’s office of took
upon themselves to stay educate
other people miss space and the
one thing that dot that they
told when they do have this hearing
there knocking have the same
embarrassment that they had you
know the last time, they were
going , and then I think someone above
and a member of wasn’t the
scrolling backup mention that
the Sherman eder was was out
there mak a no anno anno M exactly to an already are
actually be on the of the hour a
day and Taiwan to try to keep
its 1 hour so men who is really
a ple and I hope will be loaded do
this again it might my intent and it’s
funny because I started the of the Sunday
night open mike night and then
ousting a Ziegel of those
awesome I love reaching out to
the communit , so young, try to do this more
more I’m actually working on
bringing on a a a black chain
nine compa neon, been talking to
them and then nine as always all
manages to appreciate everybody
else in the community of it is
participated, again be a genuine
than as absolutely awesome and it’s awesome it’s fantastic,
look for Davignon again, and if
the final note here looks like
chip is drawn that out who’s dow tell if a and yet it: it a a a that’s right I agree tow it will of the tune for all
that all what’s a Wednesday a
chip will be streaming tomorrow
night, a deal talked little bit
mo a open my gun on Sunday, and
then we’ve got a tse Friday
night, is raining here rainy
stream and Friday night rains in
the strea and then of tea and I still hear
denies in the streaming as
always of 9:00 PM Monday through
Friday and actually in a few
weeks, and share that with the
communities so, look out for all
that great stuff , again view of things for
everybody coming on, and
participating and we’ll see you
on the next of a neck show 8:00
AM Saturday takes again , thanks yet eliciting ticket

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  1. @Jeff. I got SIM swapped and hacked Monday night, they took over control of all my accounts, posted nonsense, and stole about 100k from me. Law enforcement is pursuing. Just wanted to let you know.

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