Communications Giants Say Yes to BTC

hi everyone welcome to a new episode I don't know about you but I could use a bit of fresh air and renewed perspective for how things are going in the crypto world as it turns out the good news is easier to find than the bad because seriously new tools are coming out everyday tools that enable more people to interact with crypto currencies and help integrate them with day-to-day life first up we've got Forbes now offering a newsletter that is focused on crypto currency for investors some people might not exactly see Forbes as a reputable publication due to the fact that anyone can pay to have an article published there but for those who value this site and there are a few people who do it but they aren't too familiar with crypto this newsletter could be the thing that turns them on to the world of peer-to-peer permissionless independence also if you want to tip people in Bitcoin over twitter you can now thanks to the Lightning Network now if you've ever wanted to try and dabble with just using the Lightning Network you can with a Twitter account and the Google Chrome extension called Tippin I know it's for Google Chrome not exactly a fan of that but it is what it is once the extension is installed you'll notice that you have the ability to send tips on Twitter with that little lightning image found to the right of the retweet and like options all right last up today the newly released samsung galaxy s 10 will offer a feature that allows you to store your private keys for blockchain related systems this one is pretty big news as well Samsung is a big name and the fact that it even offers anything related to cryptocurrencies and storage options is a huge flashing sign that we are witnessing Bitcoin start to receive the recognition it deserves

22 thoughts on “Communications Giants Say Yes to BTC”

  1. Poor Heidi! You sound like you have really bad cold. Just returned from an awesome week of vaca in Florida filled with great food and fun as well as boxes of tissues and Robitussen. Feel your pain girl. Feel better!

  2. I setup my lightning node a week ago – fairly simple. And… it's nice to see how fast the whole network is growing!

  3. Turn them on! with this 2 min tip quicky! lol thanks… Samsung in early, more to come from big companies for sure.

  4. Donโ€™t know a whole lot and we donโ€™t know details on how the Samsung feature will work but Iโ€™ve always heard not to store your private keys on anything digital especially a phone which some say can be hacked very easily. Sounds scary almost

  5. great news flash in perfect timing… ๐Ÿ˜‰ i sometimes wish your vids were longer but this one was perfect for saturaday morn.. always grateful for your work.

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