Comedy Central Has Avi Yemini Deported On Arrival To The USA

what's happening guys so I was woken I was actually technically awake already but I received a phone call this morning from a very very good friend of mine some of you may know him is stand up men did a fantastic book on female psychology and dating within the framework of human relationships the e-book is available if anyone wants that send me an email sydney mint out and he's just released his book called how to be a man what your father never told you which I'm very excited about but he called me this morning he let me know the news of a Yemeni upon entering the United States has been denied access now why is he been denied access and who is RV M&E for those of you don't know he's a Jewish Australian I'm outspoken against radical Islamists not outspoken against Islam just against radical Islamists and he recently went on the Jim Jeffries sure my well when I say recently I'm in months back Jim Jeffries flew over to the US they let him in that time alright and behind the scenes Jim actually said a number of things about Muslims which one very nice for those of you who have been following local current affairs you know exactly what I'm talking about in fact he was downright disgusting with his comments regardless of what your opinions are and avi exposed him by putting that video up they butchered RV's interview lied about what Harvey said avi exposed the truth and came after Comedy Central now Comedy Central and Jim Jefferies have got a leftist bee in their bonnet so breaking upon arrival in Los Angeles I was detained and interrogated by the FBI and I'm currently awaiting to be deported from the USA the informant was Comedy Central full details when I get back home now this was on RV's Twitter and if you want to go and check out that particular tweet you need to go and check out the link that I've dropped to that tweet in the description below I've also linked the article that he wrote before he went to the US and that's what I want to read to you because this really uncovers the truth about what Comedy Central did not want him in America and why they have gone in someone's pocket put some big fat wads of cash in there and said make sure Harvey does not get into America avium anaconda you American tour to fight the fake news interesting other fake news is trying to stop him from exposing them as fake news I mean they just the cognitive dissonance is so strong here says last week I managed to expose Jim Jefferies and Comedy Central for producing a disgusting fake news story about me too often the mainstream media gets away with these crimes damn right they do they misrepresent stories and individuals they ruin careers and feed an ugly divisive narrative 100% but these fabrications don't just affect people targeted by the media they represent they affect everyday citizens people like you and me who are being fed lies and that's exactly what's happening ladies and gentlemen we are being fed lies by the mainstream media to serve their own personal political agenda and the agenda of the people who actually own the media which quite up and have people in their pockets activist groups very very rich influential left-wing influences alright and I'm more of a centrist I'm not like vrata left a fuckin hate the radical left and I'm not a fan of the radical right either much like Jordan Peters in that sense these journalists writers and personalities go unchallenged their zero actions have zero repercussions not anymore last week I challenged this dishonesty and won he says but unsurprisingly the shocking footage I released has been ignored by the mainstream media most of them at least ignored by most of the mainstream media the same media who allowed me to be misrepresented in the first place the same media who continues to lie to you the worst part of this story is that my experience is not uncommon it is shared by many people who dared stand against left-wing narratives who then find themselves reprehensibly lied about and their words distorted by honest dishonest editing in fact when I posted the footage on Facebook I was permanently banned but these social media giants allowed Jim Jefferies and his ilk to continue to operate and we know what they're doing is wrong I've had enough and I won't give up how he says I've been invited to appear in several American shows such as the Reuben report and louder with Crowder and others who want to help hold Jim Jeffries Comedy Central and The Lying Media to account this is not just about me it's about the hundreds of thousands of people who are lied to on a daily basis daily basis and all the individuals who cannot face the lying media themselves right as a result I've decided to do this tour I'm excited to announce that Sidney Watson has agreed to come but we need your help to cover the expenses I'm gonna go on every show that will have me on I'm gonna go to Comedy Central to demand answers and I'll even try to get Jim Jeffries to finally answer for his dishonesty the media have gotten away with this for too long it stops now we need your help to cover the international flights from Australia and internal flights in the States we'll also need basic accommodation none of this would be possible without your generous donations every dollar helps click the button below to help us fight fight the dishonest media and people donated and they got the tickets and now the tickets have gone to waste why because comedy central has got a bug up their ass about the fact that they got caught up that their golden child Jim Jefferies got busted got busted talkin shit and I'm not saying just like you know a little bit of a slightly edgy joke like he was full-on slandering Islam so you know you know what happens when you slander any religious group that's what's gonna happen people have got our rights to their freedom of opinion that ever right to impose it on you I don't think they should although the government's decided to grant it to some groups that maybe shouldn't have it but that's the discussion for another day and maybe still says it's amazing how women can join Isis and get pregnant and reenter their home in the West but people liking avi who exposed this crap of bad and that's the problem and look there's some guys III maybe don't agree fully with exactly how Harvey approaches so gung-ho because in my opinion if he'd gone by stealth I would have gone under the right out but then again he might not have got the funds raised so what do you do it's like you know you know it's a balancing act unfortunately this one toppled too far in one direction and we have this situation better yeah so guys the US has officially refused entry to a V Yemeni and what's next for the state of censorship hey anyway I'm gonna leave it up for now guys as you can hear a little bit croaky a little bit sick I want to dedicate this video to my brother mix our Thunder thank you for what you did this morning I received the email I appreciate you to those of you who want to donate PayPal got me so city make tile or slash Sydney make tile or if you're straining base you can just email me and ask my account details I appreciate all the assistance you give pulling it so that when the time is right I got something for you anyway guys I'm Audi if you haven't yet subscribed and you're enjoying this video hit the subscribe button below and smash the bell next to it like K mol V and several other ladies Angelina Jolie she's getting there smash the subscribe button and the bell like they'll smash the wall and I will catch you in the next video peace

47 thoughts on “Comedy Central Has Avi Yemini Deported On Arrival To The USA”

  1. Ask the Hindus in India what it's like to live with Islamic "neighbors". Ask the Thais. Ask the Christians in Nigeria what good "neighbors" the muslims are. And they are above criticism while they rape, stab, bomb and hack to death non muslims in the West? The leftists in Western countries are at war not only with Western civilization and the rule of law, they're at war with sanity itself.

  2. Avi Yemini has been deported from USA .

    Satan and his aid Zoinnist Donald Trump have forsaken Avi Yemini in his time of need.

    On the Day of Judgment, Satan will also disown Avi Yemini and all the Zoinnist terrorist Hate preachers who incite hate towards Muslims and Islam.


    These Zoinnist Israelis are bankrupting Amercia by sending $3.2 Billion Dollars in Military aid to Israel to murder Muslim men, women and babies every day in Palestine.



  3. Ive met Avi, I like him… but Sydney Watson is a fraud, a tradthot. I questioned her that her "mens march" was a bad a idea (i was right) and she blocked me and silence any men who disagreed with it.


    Sidney, check this dickless simp when you can.

    He says everything is responsible for americans having less sex, but doesn't even mention feminism.

    I commented he was ignoring feminism and he answered with a LOL!

  5. I don't know squat about Avi or Comedy Central, but I can testify as a life long American that MSM stopped being a news source decades ago. I quit watching TV or reading newspapers in the early 1980's. I don't know how many other Americans share my opinion about MSM.

  6. This is a prime example of how the media is shaping the world, and it would appear that the media does not practice accountability and integrity. Profits before both of these attributes as they manipulate public opinion. They could start wars with the slanderous fantasies they produce. They are not to be trusted or entertained.

  7. Faark! I did not see this or the Chuck Cherize one at all, sooo sick of not getting my notifications! Anyhoo, fuck'em…Hello mate, I don't get the chance to watch mutch but I like what I do get to see, I have a Merchandising product supporting Conservatives candidates in Sowth Oz for the coming presElection. Caps and Tees, very kool, I'll pay you an agreed chop if you put 'em on and give uz a plug. If you wish to parlay; shoot me a line at my handle @gmaildotcom and we'll avachat…Keep up the good werk ol'mate…Let's take Australia back!

  8. Fucking FBI overstepping it's boundaries again….. I hope President Trump looks into this and fires all those agents

  9. Avi got screwed over by cc because he told the truth. Hopefully all the people who were planning to interview him will do it over Skype anyway

  10. Avi yemini is a legend, top guy and everyone I know here in england knows the truth. He's very popular over here and after this he will be in the USA too. He will still go on the same shows as he was going to. He will just Skype or something.

  11. I quit watching/listening to Jim Jefferys when I saw what a leftist communist he was. Never have watched his show on Comedy Central.

  12. I’m embarrassed that my country did not let Avi in. He shouldn’t have tried to come in through the Peoples Republic of California. Jew hatred is real. I’m so thankful for his bravery to film Jeffries and expose this selective editing that goes on when it’s in the interest of the left to slander a person.

    Jewish people are among some of the highest IQ people in the world on average, can anyone tell me why it’s in the best interest of our western civilization to subsidize the breeding of low income, low IQ, low impulse control people who are not successful enough to buy food for their own families, while demonizing Jewish people?

  13. Well, Crowder just have to sit a monitor in that chair, and logon skype, and the interview is happening. Nothing gained by refusing him a visa, but loads of bad publicity.

  14. That's very sad that USA has now proven to be a scum sucking POS. Is Trump the president or not because he's a fraud for not helping Avi with his passport. F u Donald Trump, you've allowed fake news to win you worthless * and while you're at it pay your * tax you rich * of over 200 mil you criminal scum. You help that * Kim jun un but * a free speech activitist. Do something you lame *. If you want to be a corrupt criminal that's evil enough but to stand by and not help a truth seeker is downright disgusting.

  15. You are a micro brain
    to believe comedy central has power over immigration in the USA as to to who enters and who doesn't shows what a simpleton you are

  16. Couldn't have happened to a nicer person
    I guess Avi is paying the price for calling himself a Nazi Jew at one of Tom boy's rallies
    Also get your story right.
    Avi is a self confessed Arab Jew with duel citizenship who did his defence training in Israel.
    How many Aussies do you know who did their defence training in Israel?
    It's obvious you have done NO research on Avi?
    avi is a fake right wing shekel chaser

  17. So terrorist fighters are allowed as 'refugee', to stay. And somebody with another view, isn't even allowed to visit?

  18. That's very sad that USA has now proven to be a scum sucking POS. Is Trump the fucking president or not because he's a fucking asshole for not helping Avi with his passport. Fuck you Donald Trump's you've allowed fake news to win you worthless shitbag and whole you're still it pay your fucking tax you rich cunt if over 200 mil you criminal scum. You help that cocksucker Kim jun un but fuck over a free speech activitist. Do something you lame prick! If you want to be a corrupt criminal that's evil enough but to stand by and not help a truth seeker is downright disgusting.

  19. He flew in to the wrong country:
    He should have just claimed to hate western culture and wished death upon us all in the name of Durka Durka; Trudeau would have welcomed him in to Canada with arm fulls of cash, some native kids to molest, and a blowjob or 2 delivered personally..

  20. We do not have any problems to let2.5 million immigrants into the country while we have zero clue who they are and who just by law of probability are bad people and outright bad things. That does not bother our FBI.
    This banning people who do nothing but speak against something, from entering the countries.
    What is next. Psychological gulag for all who dare to speak. Or disappear in prisons.
    Dark forces are taking over and shamefully many in here are ok with it.

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