Colonial Coins – Tokens and Patterns – Coin Price Guide

Hi this is Gary from Lane of Coins com,
the rare coin online auction site that has no buyers fees and no sellers fees.
You can list and buy as many coins as you want with no buyers fees no seller
fees. We’re going to go and look on Land of Coins com and I’m going to show you how to look up the prices of Colonial Coins, specifically Tokens and Pattern Coins.
Now these coins are very cool to collect. I’m going to show you where to go to
look up the price values of these coins using Lane of Coins com. But not only
the price values of today, you’re going to be able to see how the prices have
gone up since 1958. So throughout the decades you’re going to see the pricing
of what coins were in 1950s, 1960s, the 70s all through the decades with the values were
in how they’ve gone up in price. So let’s go to the computer now, and we’ll go to
Land of Coins com. I’ll show you where the price guides are so you can look up
Colonial Coins, specifically the Tokens and Pattern Colonial Coins. Okay we’re on
the homepage of Land of Coins com, the rare coin auction website, to look at
the Price History Guides. You just go to the navigation bar and right here you’ll
see Price History Guides. So go ahead and click that. Then it brings you to these
cards that I like to call them, and all the denominations are here and you will
see the Tokens and Patterns Colonial Coins. Tokens and Patterns, just click
that and it will pull up all of the Continental Dollars from the Colonial
Coins Nova those are cool, the Immunes and all of the Colonial Coins. From the
Tokens and Patterns set, and you can see the values so from 1958, 1965, 86,
2000, you’ll see how they’ve gone up in value
and the appreciation of the coins – on the grade that you are looking at. So go
through those tables you can do your research and use past history to figure
out if you’re cherry-picking, which coins you want, or if you own the whole set,
what to expect as far as the values over the next 15, 30 years.
Again this is Land of Coins com price History Guides Tokens and Patterns
Colonial Coins this is Gary from Land Coins com. Hope this was helpful and you
liked this research that you can do on our website and thank you for watching.

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