Colombia Preview: Pablo Escobar's Mansion, Manticora Capital, Crypto Retirement Music Video and ATVs

life changing money to a point where you can buy your mom and dad a brand new house ready can pair for college loans they told you guys we're going worldwide we finished Asia did North America we just left Miami now we're here in the beautiful city of eternal spring meta-gene Kalani so I say guys know part of quick tour to time in is enjoying the good lifestyle by the way guys did not finish your advice right so he came here and my friends do go and Mike ended up booking the full more Pablo Escobar's penthouse I will never be a way slave I gotta stay up there end up being part of my script overtime and music video shoot and as you guys know by now andrew is part of the crypto team this guy is killing gate we're better do some big things with Drew we have three videos coming up we're going to show you guys all mini diamond Columbia hop off we're gonna go up this incredible monolith off a rock standing on the edge of the moon [Applause] well most love that guy over here so first match was a little rough but this is the revenge match

28 thoughts on “Colombia Preview: Pablo Escobar's Mansion, Manticora Capital, Crypto Retirement Music Video and ATVs”

  1. Nice concept. I love it when people have fun with crypto. just like the Deeponion music videos and songs. Crypto shouldn't be serious all the time. You guys know how to live. Soon we'd all be happy like you guys when the bull run comes.

  2. nice encouraging video. i hope my fave coin deeponion will be used by lots of people and the value go up. that time, i can see myself like ian balina, retiring and playing football and basketball with my fellow onioners. deeponion got the technology to rival the best privacy coins out there. so watch out!

  3. What a great news, spread the community mate! Don't miss mentioning undervalued cryptos like Bitcore, VeChain, AChain, DeepOnion, Nano, Hush, ePRX, etc.

  4. Looking great! Hope to see more from you. Since you were there, would you mind sharing about the crypto scene in Columbia? What are the trendy altcoins which they find interesting in? Is that privacy-focused and small cap coin like DeepOnion? Is that no-mining altcoin such as Ripple? Are people in Columbia conservative or advanced about crypto? Thank you 😉

  5. Colombia seems to be a very beautiful country! I will sure visit it one day! I ve read on the crypto news that Colombia and other Latin American countries pay great interest in blockchain and privacy coins. Heard of adoption of Monero, Dash and some smaller cap privacy coins like Spectre and DeepOnion. Is that true? Would like you to cover that question in your next vids.

  6. WOW Ian Balina! you are going far already, great experience and good presence on Youtube!! In the mean-time let's collect the more DeepOnion spossible another good privacy coin like Dash or Monero!! but even better!

  7. This is all vanity vanity vanity. This is a fake image of the reality of life. Not everybody can live this type of lifestyle. And also, where are the videos of helping the poor children in Africa? All your videos about selfishness. Sad.

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