so here you can see in ok in my dashboard you can see in the tokens if you can claim it right? so let’s refresh I have 88,711 tokens so if I refresh… we can see there its now 88,753 so you can see here that we really claimed from the 7 websites using the auto-claim Hello Are you one of the people who want to earn extra income online? If yes, go click the subscribe button and also click the bell So that you will be notified on my new videos on where we can earn from Hello guys and welcome to my channel and today there We will be talking about or I will share to you How to have an auto-claim on CoinPot ok Let me expain cause example this is our CoinPot and because in my description we have 7 websites on where we can get balance here in Bitcoin Core Bitcoin Cash Dogecoin Litecoin and Dashcoin so here is the 7 websites and it is found in my description and there this is… What is this? Bonus Bitcoin Bit Fun Moon Cash Moon Dash Moon Bitcoin Dogecoin and Moon Litecoin so there this I will share to you the auto-claim for Coin-Pot So that you will not everytime, ok let’s say it is now ready to redeem you just click this ‘claim now’ and there example here in Bonus Bitcoin you click this ‘i’m not a robot’ then after that you get your balance or you free Bitcoin here so here in the auto-claim that I was talking about you don’t need to open this 7 tabs to get free Bitcoin Let’s start on how we do it ok so I will put below where you can download this this auto-claim that I was talking about for Coin-Pot and there it is in in it is in Mediafire and there it is only 60 MB and you can download it so ok I will show you how it works here it is it is called “MaisBot” I don’t know if this is pronounce “MaisBot” or “MaisBot” but ok Let’s try it so here there is .exe and MaisBot 2018.exe or MaisBot.exe the one you click here is this MaisBot.exe so here we’ll just click yes and here it is it will appear right away I don’t know if the language is Spanish but Let’s just wait so there this is the interface of MaisBot so here there is Dogecoin4free BitVerts FaucetHub Faucet CoinPot then sites um… I don’t know what are these There is CryptoTab and whatsoever and then here in videos he/she also has video tutorials so we’ll go to CoinPot so First things first, you click this menu and it has… “Sobre” is like for updates updates for the app here in the 2nd option is configure so here um… here in this side this is where you put your FaucetHub accounts if you have but on this video we will only focus in CoinPot here you will add your email you used in CoinPot so after you add it of course, you save it you just click this “save” ok there it was success so there ok we’ll go now to FaucetCoinPot so there is Bitcoin there is MoonBTC BitFun Bonus Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Dash um MoonDoge and Litecoin so what you will do here is just tick this on on on ok all of these you turn on ok and there will be captchas that will come out and there rather its the one you fill up so that you don’t have to to look always on the websites of these 7 faucets so there here is MoonDash MoonDoge Moon BTC Moon BCH and Moon Litecoin so there just fill up these captchas so every time you claim this always appears so others you can’t understand if you can’t understand just still fill it up sometimes I also can’t understand them if what like that I filled it up wrong just do it again can’t understand just wait until you find something you understand Because it will just appear again If you input a wrong captcha Can’t understand what are these? sorry guys its like wrong, I put the wrong one again um…. ok let’s try so many wrong why? Here you can see… your inputted captchas are now correct so here you can see that wait a minute so there we inputted the correct captcha in Moon BTC isn’t it every 5 minutes you can claim so there it’s counting it has started it’s countdown Here in MoonBitcoin 5 minutes here in BitFun 3 minutes of course in MoonBitcoin in Bonus Bitcoin is 15 minutes Like here in Moon is also 5 minutes Moon Dash 5 minutes also Moon Doge 5 minutes and there Litecoin is 5 minutes so let’s see if we really claimed it so here you can see in ok in the dashboard cause you can see in the tokens if you really claimed it so let’s refresh it I have 88,711 tokens so if I refreshed it you can see there it is now 88,753 tokens so you can see here that it was really was claimed from the 7 websites using the auto-claim so If you want to check here If you want to check here MoonCash is 8 only if I refreshed it there ok everytime that you umm.. claim the website also updates so what we will do here so that you are not so ahh… um… data consuming on your Chrome you can close it let’s close all of this 7 websites that we can always claim so there auto-claim is everytime that it is ok to claim a website just encode in MaisBot the captcha and ok so here in BitFun it does not require a captcha anymore also Bonus Bitcoin you can just leave it there so that it will just claim and claim ok so maybe what you need here is only patience Because sometimes the captcha is really not understandable ahh… *laughs* whatever is katu? you can just see here in the timer if you claimed it there so that’s how to use this MaisBot auto-claim here in CoinPot so let’s see if there is change from our 753 because we have claimed on our MaisBot and yes there really is something claimed because it is auto-claim its ok to click that close that and there guys thank you for watching it is super easy to use this MaisBot just be patient because of the captcha because thats it sometimes it really can’t be read but there try and try like this Bitfun it’s ok its now 0 minutes and there it has been claimed automatically and there in other faucets um… there just explore here theres Dogecoins4free BitVerts I don’t know what this is there here is You can see here wait a minute let’s first fill this up in here are free Bitcoin there this is the the one that we play that has that has there it has auto-roll so there so here in MaisBot it has auto-roll which is 1 hour per roll right? so just turn it on then cause I enabled 2fA code that’s why I can’t login so there that is just how to use this auto-claim MaisBot for CoinPot so there Thank you guys for watching and I hope you understood and there comment down below if you still have websites that you want to be reviewed and there I’ll focus right now on Yehey and maybe for the meantime I’ll just hop and hop on some websites that can help you so there Thank you guys for watching and have a great day!

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  1. Register COINPOT here:

    tapos ito naman yung mga free faucets:
    CLAIM LANG NG CLAIM para madagdagan yung Coin Token mo, +3 every claim. Maganda dito sa mga faucet na ito, nagma-mine din sya ng satoshi kahit OFFline ka pa….


    2. MOONDASH:


    4. MOONDOGE:

    5. MOONLITE:


    7. BITFUN:

  2. may suggestion lng aq regarding s mga wild cqptcha na usually may araw na lumalabas n hndi tlga maintindihan.. do not use google and explorer kpg kada mag mmine kayo ng bitcoin. subok an subok q na sya. so far 2 weeks q n syang gngwa wla pang wold captcha na lumalabas and di n q pinapahirpan s pagcclaim. sobrang daming search s youtube ang ginawa q pra lng masolusyunan to. struggle tlga sakin ung pagsagot ng wild captcha
    just use firefox. un lng simpeng simple. browser lng ang problema. wag nyo n gamitin ang google chrome s pagmmina dahil tlgang kontraldo ng google yan dahil cla may pakana ng captcha na yan.

  3. Ms Aiza nakapagrequest nko payout sa coinpot sabi successful na yung withdrawal pero wala akong natanggap. nag email na din ako saknila pero wala response umabot na almost 2weeks wala pa din bakit kaya?

  4. hi AIZA good eve. QUESTION: anu bang importante na palakihin or Primary pra malaki ang kita. is it the Coinpot or the Bitcoin core?

  5. Ms. Aiza, Nagregister ako sa cointpot and bitfun.pero di pumupunta yung satoshi sa coinpot. kailangan bang same email and password? kailangan nakaopen sa iisang server lahat ng tab? πŸ™

    pa-link po if meron kayong tutorial. Thanks

  6. Hi Ms. Aiza. I just started an account to coinpot. meron po ba kayong update if nagagamit pa ang maisbot? nagaalangan akong gamitin kasi baka kapag ginamit ko to, hindi maka-cash out. Thanks in advance! πŸ™‚

  7. Yung coinpot po ba may refferal bunos din or sa 7 faucet lang po ?? Nakakuha po ko ng 50 pesos lang week thanks teh aiza 😊😊

  8. Meron din pong extension sa google para wala nang lalabas na captcha or like that and it is called Buster Captcha solver for human verfication and madali lang po siya gamitin

  9. im using maisbot but my account got suspended πŸ™ does that mean I lose all my coins in there? I cant get back my account? πŸ™

  10. gud pm aiza regarding sa maisbot app wala akong ma downloadan baka pwede makuha ang link for free download. thanks & God bless. πŸ™‚

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