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  1. joined coinomi yesterday ,sent $20.00 to bitcoin then used shapeshift to aquire rdd. Its been 12 hours and still waiting on exchange… Whats up with that??? I have read so many negative comments about this wallet, people loosing money, long transactions, support section saying maybe you didn't pay enough fees, also stating it could take up to 48 hours. what a scam!!!!!!
    I am glad I only sent $20 for a trial run…. I guess I will wait another 12 hours and see if my funds ever arrive, if not lesson learned.

  2. Not taking advice that include the slighest hint of financial advice from a guy wearing those sunglasses and that hair making a video at a cheap mall

  3. great video…am a newb. and trying to wrap my head around altcoin storage. You have given me a great starting point. Thank s again…keep up the good work

  4. Thank you so much fro making an easy to understand video for the the newb.
    I am looking to buy into an ICO and I think I now understand what I have to do now.

  5. Maaan what's shaking! Loved this video. I was just about to get into Coinomi and this was exactly what I was looking for. Have a great day

  6. Thanks Ben for all your awesome videos, one problem though, why can't I receive Eth onto Coinomi from Coinbase? I entered the receive address from Coinomi onto Coinbase, but it says 'enter a legit eth address'. I triple checked the address, and it is correct. Please clarify what I'm doing wrong. Thankyou

  7. Great video man, well explained. I am sure I am not the only one with so many questions. Now if there was only an offline wallet you could store every coin on..

  8. Excellent tutorial! This filled in allot of blanks for me! Thanks very much for your efforts.. Very clear and instructive.

  9. so say my phone is stolen or dropped in the ocean or something and its broken. can I still retrieve all my funds with that initial 12 phrase code, is that what that's for? or are my coins gone forever if my device is lost and not backed up? although i don't know how you'd even back that up either

  10. Hello could you help me? I sweeped my BTC private key and sent the coins to my coinomi wallet, later I tried to restore a Bitcoin Gold wallet, but that restore wiped my BTC Address. Didn't create a restore of my BTC Address since I was going to move the funds. Now I can access the previous BTC address? What operation would be required on my phone? Best Regards

  11. Ben… some years ago i had the opportunity to open a soft wallet for ripple and i think that i was given some ripple at that time. I thought that the wallet resided on the ripple site, but on going there recently i see no way of accessing an account or wallet. i think i have both the public and private keys but i don't know where the wallet exists, or even if it does. my question is, can i access any ripple i might own through these account keys and how do i do it?

  12. Not sure I fully understand the default fees section u talked about. Isn't this set by the app itself?

  13. Great instructional video! My question is that I hit the refresh button and my coin balance disappeared and reappeared as 0.00. I've tried everything but can not find my previous coin balance. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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