Coinmine One Cryptocurrency Miner – A Really Bad Investment

hey guys I hope you all had a fantastic weekend what I would like to do in this video I'll show you a capital consummating product called coin main one now a kind of looks like an external hard drive but inside there as an EMD rowdy in rx5 70 now as a note yeah but taking pre-orders and they will be shipped in the same bus was like 48 weeks delivery time you see and I think in theory this as a good idea and theory but it's way too expensive and let's be honest about a year late it's about year to Lee aim so this as retailing at I forget that up here hey this is retailing at 799 dollars right but that is before shopping now I tried to go through to see what the shipping cost would be you can see that they are quantity to and but you also have to go through and fill in all your details and all that which I've not done yet and because I don't want to give him my details but yeah 789 dollars plus shipping is maybe $50 in the u k– and the USC for shipping maybe it's one hundred one hundred and fifty dollars and UK I don't know but really you're approaching 850 900 maybe even $1000 and you know what don't know the shipping cost at this point by him it's very very expensive now I need to talk about place or off the bar because this contains an EMD 570 know after you check online for an an EMD 570 then you know lucky on the yuki 150 pounds brand-new and then a USC $179 maintain brand-new and the reason I'm stressing brand-new is there's a huge amount to 570 so they are second hand being sold you probably really pick one up under 100 pounds or under $100 at this point you really would and so even if you take brand-new course into consideration and that's the vase is being sold about four times the place of an Rx 570 which is why it's inside now this isn't just an Rx 570 the Sun here it's got a hard drive it's got ROM as an all-in-one system and not regard and what they're hoping to do is offer proof of stake and lightning Network features as well but doesn't have that yet but yeah so I'll show you the website give you a better understanding what this is all about so you can see that up here and of course I've not tasted it yet they're calling it Maine always and looks pretty good you can see here they've got aetherium and a rosette cache aetherium classic more coming soon as far as the user interface goes I think that looks play good I can you know it certainly user friendly it certainly looks like it's in towards beginners and there's the actual device and yeah it's just a 579 here with a hard drive and looks good and and again I do like the concept of this that do like the idea of bringing beginners non-technical people and to cryptocurrency and giving them a click on click off solution but they use plug and then II take things through the phone i do like the idea of that but yes I'm being it's time for maybe more critical now because that's thing you know it's super expensive it really has super expensive and so you can see here powered by main OS a new operating system designed to make crypto easy both from the going up to adopt the future of capital now it's got proof of walk the L it's got proof is stick and then it's got the Lightning Network know it's important to note that proof about is there just now if you look at that FAQ page you will see that where does it weirdos I okay the first feature of the coin main one will be a minor but previous leak and lightning features features are coming soon so proof of our Kezia previous leak as in lightning lightning network as in and the Lightning Network feature as something is pretty cool because I realize that the Carson orders been sold for a few hundred dollars you can of course bout that and you know the Lightning Network look annoyed or something like that you can build it and a Raspberry Pi and but as important to know that proof is stake and the Lightning Network aren't they are no I'm not gonna say that the developers of coin main one or liars I'm not going to say that they're not going to honor it but you don't know if you look at you know takes quite bad for this we are assembling you know Kickstarter and all these you know new companies on the scene will leave OC well this is what the product is but we're going to add dust the senesce and then the nav radit or the or the project is abandoned to the hardware is abandoned and we see the sin we see the sin cryptocurrency all the time how many times of us are and looked how we ever say and looked at a white people and you know the developers have said we're going to do this we're going to do a B and C and they never do the projects abandoned and you've bought a coin or you've made the coin on the promise of certain things being implemented and then it doesn't happen and again I'm not saying that it's not going to actually be implemented and this but I would say that if you are going to buy this and I wouldn't college it by you that's praise but if you do want to buy the coin main one do so on the basis that it's only proof of work and proof of stake lightning Network might never come I would you know just to be cautious guys just to be cautious because quite frankly they should have developed previous taken lightning Network and had that up and running how that working before the before the really said to me that seems like the rushing I that's what it seems that like to me the rushing I they really should have proof we still can lightning Network yeah they've got a screenshot there but they really should have it running before the selling it as a freaking do it but there we go that says crypto hey software updates don't sweat the future worth over-the-air updates that looks like a really cool feature be one of the first to mangum grin as an experiment of privacy coin multi scale with usage so I'm not sure if it's their project although just associated butter the per ASIC resistant Nia I think anyone involved in cryptocurrency knows that any kind of GPM a noble coin you know ASIC resistance mmm can anyone actually see that now I guess you get projects that Manero that whenever you know the Asics come out for Kryptonite they say right we are we're forking but there's never any guarantee with us kind of thing guys is never any guarantee with any any algorithm being a sick resistant but I realize as a selling point and even coins and projects are real like users ASIC resistant marketing material so yeah I'm nobody I'm not gonna cause I'm too much for that and become a lightning Network og and now this is thus as one of the crews features think of this kinda make sense to have a meaning regular GPU mating reg with a lightning Network you know what that functionality Bo and it does make sense to have it all battle into the one device I do like the idea of that I do think that's that sounds good again as an ear yeah but and yeah it's a cool feature so hopefully you know I'm trying not to be too critical but hopefully if they do it implemented implemented soon because I do think they really should have that running before they sell out and trifa stick again that isn't near I already have a meaning reg but want to use main ways into your email and tech specs I've got it in the house rates here okay so here are the tech specs right CPU Celeron processor joke alright so the CPU as awful but you know what some alien reg it doesn't have to be it doesn't have to be good AMD rowdy in rx 570 which has got 4 gigabytes a 1/4 to 2 X scrolling system memory clock speed 7000 megahertz score 8 gigabytes of RAM and the system on a one terabyte hard drive now these things Agag a ROM and one terabyte is mainly needed for the Lightning neck but features so you know maybe as definitely being bout for the Lightning Network as far as specs go so hopefully we do see ya and and the last one here it's got power average power usage 120 watts no it's worth noting that in this is alex 570 specs page and you can see here it's 150 was and 450 watts for the PSU but as seen here 150 watts for the RX 5 is 570 alone so that X 570 as 150 watts throw in the CPU the fans the hard drive maybe you're talking about honey e warts or so you know or maybe even more million 200 if you're pushing this hard after you're running at heart is seen here average power usage 120 watts though I can't see any information here about you know whether the opt you know they've optimized the system maybe I don't know if there's any functionality they up to allow you to reduce the fan speed to reduce the core temperature you know so that your electricity costs are lower I don't know the average power usage but be remind you know does could be our 180 or 200 watt device maybe even more I don't know and lastly a score job on wireless and there's an Ethernet port as well and I don't know why they don't actually show you the ports in the back I don't I can't see anything here that actually showed you the ports in the back I would have liked up some pictures of that a lot of it strains that don't have that um okay so as you guys can tell I don't think anyone should buy this and one of the main reasons for that a as the the cost and the big even point which would be probably never at the current and the current Kalima that's what I'm seeing you know a year ago that's could've been a really cool device and it could have been very popular but right now that's a very very hard sale a very hard sale if you look to a if you look at what to Maine and I've got an Alex 570 up here I've got 18 cents which is why P and the U key here grantee that's really bad and you can see in the UK yeah I'm running at a loss I'll be paying 800 900 $1000 and I would be losing money with us but even if you're in the u.s. C and you know you're peeing like 10 cents or something like that you're making what's our name since put D and that's maximum and you can't do any size so realistically eat since there and I don't think you would even gather because well I've talked about a second know if you're lucky enough to not pay anything for the electricity you'll be up about the 37 37 cents per D mark no you know I again to kind of put this into perspective see that's cost $900 worth delivery and and see you you make 10 cents per D because you know you're lucky enough to own the P 10 cents per kilowatt hour you're talking 9000 days right 9,000 days right so 9033 on sector 5 we are talking 24 years at the current rate to be Keating no chances are you're not going to wait 24 years to bake even with us a no be a manger but the $900 high cost you've got the pretty much no an exhausting profit non exhausting profits then you've got the fact they take five percent of the capital consomme and they take five percent you see this allows us to continually update and upgrade the device to power new networks and stay up to D we do the software upgrades so users don't have to worry no I get that I get that like these kind of user friendly began other races like I get really take an extra few percentage that do get that I do understand that you know those work he goes on in the background to you know make all this work but the charging eight hundred nine hundred dollars or whatever out front so I ain't child's another fight you know five percent him I don't that doesn't worry another thing that I really don't like about this I realizes he's in the beginners I realize beginners just one you know click or and click off start/stop tables a solution but um you know one it one of the things remain you've got your own GDP remaining right you can jump between different scripts and you know I could be meaning you know a coin and Isaiah Tosh tape coin like safe corner bitcoins yield whatever and then I see the DST M or you know some other manor has got an upgrade and you know that's new upgrade that they've done gives fifteen percent more hash rate than the one I'm using so I can start using not script and I've got fifteen percent you can't do that with something like the snow I I suspect that the developers of coin McCoy main one ha are simply using the maining scripts that are available for it hash and kryptonite and all these different algorithms and it looks like if you look in the the home page they only seem to be talking about a few different coins of core Zed hash a slowly they've got etherium my natal Zed cache and then a feedom classic no it's kind of bizarre that they've got said cache there because that is based on an ASIC coin no so you'd be making zero money with zero so I don't know why they've called idea Mineiro fine Atheneum fine but a I realize EMD cars all a bit better and you know said that an equi harsh no and by s an e-cig mining algorithm no so I don't know why they've got that at the bottom of the page of core heart rates here as well we've got gran but yeah The Gazette cast us and he said coin so basically just get to it hash coins on middle so they will be used they will really just be using the you know some sort of aetherium or my natal script and existing one they aren't developing these scripts from scratch they will take whatever is available on the market from back coin talk and they will build upon it then nobody develop something like that from scratch certainly not so they'll pay the 1% developer fee and then they'll take valve an extra themselves but this is a thing guys you you have to trust that they're going to give you the rate rate you have to trust them and I'm not sure how it works if they just pee directly to your own address I'm not sure that I'm just going by what's on the website just know there's no a lot of information they're not even showing you the back of the device so I'm not sure if you need to main to a specific address and then he will give you a withdraw address or something like that I don't know but it really has a hard sale as well as a hard sale this thing is way too expensive there should have been like $350 that would be in a very good place $400 I push and buy even if $400 you know $400 a product I probably criticizing the company less and maybe maybe be a little bit more understanding about the fact that the market just as isn't good just know and now of course after market changes after we entered a bill run of Bitcoin shows up to $20,000 and GPUs become scarce again and then oh you know all the GP remaining profits go up then of course it's a very different situation but I don't see that changing over the next month or so if I'm honest and and I think thatís though a huge amount of used GPUs out there in the market so it's one of those things I do like the concept I do like the idea of bringing beginners and to cryptocurrency bringing people and who want to main but don't have the technical know-how how to do it and and you know perhaps helping it go mainstream but it's way to explain so if 5% it's too much govern the initial price they don't allow you to main that many coins the launching with the promise of proof mistake and the Lightning Network but isn't there year and you can't see even see the back of the device to see what the ports are like I don't know why they don't show you that and you know at this point there really hasn't a lot of information there so anyone who buys us at this point is pretty low at confidence and this company and a lot of confidence and the market to pick up because right now you're not going to make be making a lot of money and you know the places that here the profits I'm showing you here without electricity costs but of course you're gonna be paying electricity you're gonna be paying you know maybe 150 watts it was a per kilowatt hour for this device so yes a very hard sale guys it's a very hard sell and so we can all accept responsibility for any issues with importing customs or tariffs well thanks for that and warranty support is provided on the product FUP for shopping back to the US okay so they deliver something that doesn't work and then you need to say in the back and of course you just as much and yeah guys so as you can see I don't think this is a product that anyone should buy sweet too expensive so I'll leave a link to coin main coin main comm check out for yourself I suspect everyone has got the same opinion as me on this product as a good idea I like the idea of it say too expensive and say year too late bad timing guys so thanks for watching guys I love to hear what you think about it so please do leave a comment below and I will speak to you all and the next one take care

3 thoughts on “Coinmine One Cryptocurrency Miner – A Really Bad Investment”

  1. Awesome review. Would like to see other consumer level reviews ( for friends getting into crypto ).

  2. This would ONLY make sense if you could easily scale it up by adding external GPU'S. This is just smoke and mirrors. This is about like buying a toy computer and trying to pass it off as a real computer.

  3. The UI looks quite nice and it looks easy for a rank beginner to use, but you wouldn't want to begin crypto mining with this at this (or frankly any) price. Even if a bull the size of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man appeared it wouldn't make this a sensible purchase.

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