I went to uz and went to this section I came
to you with brand new gifts. It was a bit of a nursery rhyme, but I’ll
give you the details soon. as also related to this section in this gift
also Turkey’s largest Blockcha the event is an expression that, and on 18-19 October Istanbul
Levent will be held at Wyndham Grand hotel Eurasia Blockcha Summit Istanbul Eurasia Summit,
the name is pretty tall. That’s what I want to talk about. How can it help us and what can we do? I will share with you the information I received
before this video. I also made short interviews. All coming. Greetings to all, I’m Eren Caner. I’il tell you the presents soon. I’m just starting a giveaway for this video. It’s only valid until Saturday. Participation as usual. So subscribe to my channel, tap the bell. Like this video and write a comment just below
this video and get the chance to win 3 full tickets from me to the Eurasian Blockchain
Summit. Well, I think it’s 100 dolar. You also know that. The more you participate in this draw, the
more chance you can win. There will also be a code and link in the
description section just below this video. You will find them. Anyone who purchases using that code will
also receive an extra 20% discount. Don’t leave anywhere, I’ll show you all the
details and how to earn this discount in a little while, but I want to talk about this
event on October 18-19, I want to talk about this. Friends, Huobi Group and Kemer Partners are
organizing the event. You know the Huobi Group, the biggest products,
perhaps crypto money exchanges. Speaking of Huobi, I use Huobi in my daily
purchases. You know they started their operations in
Turkey will soon be taken crypto Huoban with money from the Turkish Lira. If you haven’t used it and want to try it,
here’s my link below. If you want to support me, you can subscribe
by clicking on that link. Anyway, Kemer Partners, the event organizer,
came together and gave advice as far as I learned, a company that has done business
in China for many years. The host committee of the event includes Boğaziçi
Ventures and Start Up as announced for the time being. These are the Turkish hosts of the event and
perhaps the most important part of the event is the speakers, as well as all the speakers
in this event. These categories may actually be important
to see what you expect from the event and to determine your own audience. Now, I’m going to count these, I’m going to
count these five categories to you. 1- Blockchain experts such as Emin Gün Sirer
and Meltem Demirors, who have invested $ 6 million in their own project Avalanche in
recent months, which we broadcast live on Crypto Dictionary last year, will come. For example, the president of Huobi University
will come and both will come from government officials, the Presidential Finance Office,
the Presidential Investment Office, Tübitak and the Central Bank. In other words, as soon as the event is discussed,
we can simply ask what the crypto money project will be issued by our Central Bank. Is not it? This summer it was reported in our national
press. We can talk about it, we can ask. In the meantime, I will probably be at the
event. If you come, please feel free to come to me. We meet, if we find time, you know, we also
chat time friends. If we continue now, some of the global big
players will come to this event as the 3rd. Apart from Huobi and Ethereum, the media sides
of the business such as coinmarketcap, cointelegraph and coindesk will come. Which already exists among these media sponsors. Coinmarketcap’e as we follow crypto coins
at least once every day, we look at already. Good bad is nothing else but a very actively
used site. Cointelegraph is also a global crypto currency
portal and now began to publish in Turkish. Names will come from around here. For example, QJ Wang, the general manager
of the Ethereum community fund, which I think was the last year of Ethereum-based projects
coming together. In the 4th category, in the 4th category,
capitals will come in the 4th category of this event. For example, Chris McCann, who has invested
early in Binance, Stellar and Blockstream, worked with Tedx Silicon Valley for a short
time and is now the official consultant of HTC, a global brand. 5. There will also be senior executives from
some mining companies such as Genesis mining, and you can ask questions about the future
of mining if you want to, or maybe you are already at the event. Now, I’m going to explain the purely emotional
part, but first I want to benefit from the beans. From this event we are the participants oWhat
should we expect? Because we are going to an event to give money
to the end of the expectation that we should be able to leave happy? First of all, friends, there are the categories
of speakers I just mentioned. I said, you can pick one or more of them and
concentrate on them, and we need to be a little demanding in these kinds of events personally. Only if we watch around is the audience know
a different environment, it also satisfies they maybe, but ultimately you have a project
in your head I do not know, you have the idea or Turkey, you have a job you are trying to
do already and has Blockcha or crypto money in the business. This is the kind of environment I do not know
how to catch a coffee break or something, you can get very good feedback, you know you
can create a meeting and continue your conversation later. Maybe that person likes your idea and wants
to invest. Let me give you an example or give you a very
simple example. I went to the Young Look program with Abbas
Güçlü. I’m sitting in an ordinary chair like this. The program was over, one of the guests was
the former president of RTÜK. I went to him. The man is very pleasant. We chatted, chatted with him. Then I didn’t stop communicating with him. The man even gave me his cell phone. Years have passed. After 2-3 years, I invited that man, the person
who participated in the program of Abbas Güçlü, who participated in live broadcast on Kanal
D, to my own university event. So that’s how it works. I mean, that person really likes his idea,
he might want to invest. It is certain, but as a result, not only as
an audience, but between the coffee and lunch between the chat and you can do quite nice
networking. I’m going to be open for this kind of activities. Normally it is a bit of a problem to come
together, to create an interaction, an opportunity by bringing together people who are not likely
to be in the same environment, but if you are looking at this event in a more professional
way, it is possible to come together with the investors and project There will also
be a VIP meeting to discuss opportunities. You can also apply for this. In the meantime, let me tell you this. There were a lot of sponsors but they haven’t
added to the website yet. They also shared this information. .We bought tickets to the event, but if you
say how to go, easy to reach by metro. The previous Huobi event will be held at the
Wyndham Grand hotel in Levent, Istanbul. Those who want to come to get to the hotel
within walking distance of Levent can reach the hotel immediately and we talked so if
we come to the ticket for 2 days from the morning to the evening ticket price of this
event will normally last $ 100. And $ 50 if you’re a student. This may sound a bit expensive for us in Turkey,
but if we say the organizers said that they will also be two days of buffet food, said
kit will be lots of gifts and surprises. Of course there is something like that. I met with Huobi and the event organizer yesterday
and I was able to get a code that would give you an extra 20% discount for your Crypto
Dictionary viewers. Both the event link and the code that can
provide this discount are available in the description of
this video. When you click on the link and enter this
promo code, copy and paste this code, the price is reduced
from $ 100 to $ 80 and for students from $ 50 to $ 40. If you come in for 5 or more people, the price
drops from $ 100 to $ 64 per person, and of course plus eventbrite has a service charge
of several dollars. As I said, I will give tickets to 3 people
through this video in Crypto Dictionary. Just subscribe to my channel and tap the bell,
like this video and leave a comment right below. By the way, I told you yesterday that I met
the organizer of this event and officials from Huobi Global. I’ve already shared on Twitter maybe you’ve
seen. While we were together, we wanted to make
a short interview with a few questions. It was a bit spontaneous but I think it was intimate
as well. Now I want to share it with you. Let’s pass. Let me remind you before we pass. I will continue to read your comments and
answer questions at the end of the next videos. Again at the end of each video, the series
of interesting information that we share will continue.


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