Coinigy Bitcoin Trading Platform – Getting Started

hello and welcome to Koh energies getting started video in this video we're going to give you a quick overview of the platform and walk you through your account setup before we get started I wanted to make a quick distinction that Koh energy itself is not an exchange it's a professional crypto currency trading platform that gives you full control of your exchange accounts through one interface you've most likely found us because you have a need whether it be for better charting better analysis or better control the fact of the matter is Trading cryptocurrency is a pain especially with so many exchanges out there coin aji aims to both simplify and improve your day to day trading routine the coinage you platform connects with more than 25 bit coin and crypto exchanges directly and gives you unfettered access to the true potential of your accounts through one unified interface sick of keeping track of your portfolio on spreadsheets so were we that's why we build automatic portfolio monitoring directly into coinage we use your exchange accounts to trade directly on our high definition charts Koh energy is cloud-based so you can take your portfolio with you on your Android and iOS devices security is the most important part of the platform first of all all your funds remain safely stored at the exchange or in your wallets cuenta G is built with a multi-tiered server architecture that prevents against DDoS and injection attacks and we do regular security audits we're also building out a real-time and historical API to provide data for your own platform or backtest your strategy so let's go ahead and dive in the first time you log in you'll be presented with the markets page this is where you can view your charts and real time order both data well go into a little bit more detail about this page later but for now we want to add our first exchange epi account so let's go ahead and click on the accounts tab the real power of coinage II lies in the ability to attach or exchange accounts and control them directly through the platform let's pop on over to bitch Rex calm to generate our API keys on bit Rex click settings and then epi keys to view the API settings page next we'll click on add new key enable read info trade limit and trade market enter our Authenticator code and click Save notice as a security measure we did not enable withdrawals next we'll copy and paste our API keys into coinage II and give this API a counter nickname we'll keep it simple and just call it bit tricks for now now that we've added our new account we'll need to enable trading on coin a G by clicking the trade checkbox we can hop on over to the balances page to verify that our account was added properly and as you can see we have point O three BTC in this account you can refresh your balances at any time by clicking here for demonstration purposes let's go ahead and place our first trade using this account let's click on bit Rex in the exchange list and search for the LTC market we'll load this market and then click on the trade tab I'll click on the BTC balance to fill in the order form and drag the slider on the chart to my desired price and then click buy now coinage II has now placed this order directly on the exchange and it will be tracked throughout its lifetime you'll receive an email once it executes or you can stay logged into the platform to receive an in-browser alert we'll just go ahead and cancel this order for now that's it for this quick getting started video thanks for watching as usual if you have any questions or comments make sure to pop in to on-site chat or you can email coin AG support at any time have a great day and happy trading

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