Coinbase XRP International Payment – Ripple INATBA – XRP ETP – SEC Crypto Job – Coincheck OTC Desk

hey guys Tony here hope you're doing well it is Monday April 1st hope you're holding strong in this new asset class that is crypto currencies I have some very big news to share with you guys this is of course not financial or investment advice if you're not subscribed hit that subscribe button also smash a like button guys we got some interesting news around coinbase and XRP now someone noticed the following page on coinbase calm coinbase calm / international where it says send money internationally for free but when you look at the details it says send it with XRP or USD see wow this is amazing coin base is leveraging XRP to speed up their own internal payments allowing people to send money faster and at first people thought it was an April Fool's joke but in fact their page has been live for Neera my excuse me going back to early March and coin desk was able to get a confirmation from a coin base spokesperson so a company spokesman confirms that the service has been available since XRP was added to coin base on February 28th its primary design was a design is primarily designed as an educational resource for customers to learn about the benefits of using crypto for cross-border payments Wow so coin base is educating the public allowing them to send money from one coin base account to the other very fast right because we know XRP is a superior technology it moves in like seconds cheaper to use so it's faster and cheaper than Bitcoin a theorem and like coin and many other cryptos in the market so let me go to the details here fast send money across borders virtually instantly using XRP a US DC free no fees to send or receive XRP on u.s. DC to another coin base account global available to coin based users in any supported country including India Mexico and Philippines this is very interesting that it has some fine writing here let me read it to you this is not a money remittance rather it is a cryptocurrency transaction with conversion into the local currency after Network fees charged on transfers to non coinbase accounts purchases and sales of XRP are subject to a coinbase fee in countries where coinbase does not support the local currency recipients need to transfer their ex RP / u.s. DC to an exchange that supports exchanges from x RP / u.s. DC to a local currency very interesting guys and look what they do here they break down the normal bank transfer process versus x RP versus u.s. DC now look at this X RP 3 or 5 seconds u.s. DC 12 to 17 seconds this is what I've been talking about guys and before the Bitcoin maximalist and any other coin maximalists get upset at me and I'm not an excerpt B Maximus I divert safai I have x RP Bitcoin II theorem I believe there will be many winners coming at the market but I believe XAR P has the biggest utility because it's a superior technology it is also getting significant adoption and its utility is gonna be used who is one of the biggest or the largest out there the movement of money across borders by financial institutions these this is not my feelings these are facts and I hope you guys see it and I hope you diversify as well as some of you Bitcoin maximalist stop the religious infighting nonsense mike token is better than this let's look at the facts but understand that there will be multiple winners and that's why I to bring the maturity here and the factual standpoint of this and the facts right guys you know it's like saying in an in the 90s with the dot-com bubble Amazon's gonna fail because Google is the only one that's gonna do well you know what I mean it's just that it doesn't make sense there's a lot of utility tokens a lot of gonna have different use case and XRP has one of the biggest use cases out there but I'm still bullish on Bitcoin I have it in my portfolio I am accumulating Bitcoin and I'm also accumulating a theorem I'm very big on any theorem and many others as well along with XRP obviously so this is interesting guys look how far we've come a one-point coin basin and all their people were spreading fun on CNBC fast money I think goes a sieve here gee then they were forced to list XRP because the market moved way pass and way ahead of them and xrp obviously you guys have moved up to number two and now it's holding the number three spot on the market capitalist and now they're educating people about XRP and they're using it this is beautiful to see they were forced to bend the knee because facts are facts and I hope you guys see what is happening here once again take the emotions out of it what are the facts happening here and they obviously see the benefit of Korus what are you gonna you're gonna use an you know an old technology or gonna use a superior better faster more efficient technology this is common sense right you can apply in two different things in your life so very very interesting stuff here guys definitely check it out I mean they're pretty much promoting XRP here and it's usage especially when we talk about XRP being used for cross-border payments um it's my mind is blowing you know I haven't seen this and like I said we got confirmation from a coin based spokesperson this is legit now moving ahead guys we got some news here which is very big ripple they are now a founding member of the INAT be a so what is this the International Association for trusted blockchain associations excuse me so the the headline here on their site is bringing blockchain technology to the next stage so they are looking to to offer developers and users of DLT a global forum to interact with who regulators and policy makers and bringing blockchain technology to the next stage it is so important for these not just ripple but many others to be a part of these Foundation's or these groups right to help spread the knowledge help get politicians regulators and many of these folks on board and get them educated understand what is happening here and a lot of these groups can of course lobby politicians so this is a smart move by Ripple they continue to blow it out the water with making very smart decisions when it comes to marketing getting adoption partnerships and getting regulations and so forth guys so this is really great so there's a video here from Brad Garlin you guys can check it out a ripples Twitter profile but these are important steps for the growth of this market now we also got news shout out to XRP Research Center if you guys recall we talked about six this Swiss Stock Exchange in partnership with a moon AG had launched exchange-traded products for Bitcoin he theorem well XRP is going live the ETP is going live tomorrow the second guys big big news here and we've always talked about it right where a lot of these products are gonna start with Bitcoin then they're gonna roll into the other crypto so for example backed backed is gonna launch there physically back to Bitcoin futures guess what's gonna come next possibly theorem then X R P then so forth so that's why I personally diversify all of these companies are listing multiple cryptocurrencies and you have little groups and facets in the crypto market like my coins better than yours diversify there's gonna be multiple winners so big news here and here's what I mean this is amazing to see on a stock exchanges website you're seeing Bitcoin XRP and so forth this this is this is amazing guys so they have it right here first day trading April 2nd 2019 so amazing stuff moving ahead we got an article here confirming two other cryptocurrency bills that were introduced by Warren Davidson and Darren Soto you know the guys behind the token taxonomy AK which is going to be reintroduced this week so not only is a token taxonomy not gonna be it reintroduced but you have these other bills and play and this is great we have government reviewing crypto laws to help bring clarity and regulation to the market and man I believe the token taxonomy Act gets passed it's gonna open the floodgates guys it's gonna be big so US lawmakers are exploring new blockchain regulations US Congress introduced two new cryptocurrency bills aimed to address price manipulation and boost the country's competitive edge in the new industry so one of the the first one is called HR 92 virtual currency consumer protection act so you got to protect folks it's a Matt tackling the issue of price manipulation we there's manipulation in the market guys these bills these regulations are gonna help clean it up so we don't have to worry about whales dumping and all kinds of crap happening right the other bill is called HR 9 to 3 us virtual currency market and regulatory competitiveness act of 2019 so those are the two obviously the biggest is the token taxonomy Act but it's good that there's multiple ones in play it will cover all the respective bases this is beautiful to see guys big money is doing their thing government's doing anything we just got to be patient I'm personally accumulating we are in the dips right now in the low I have been ever since the price has been going down filling up my bags because you know I told you guys you know in the past and if you're gonna subscribe to his channel I got in late in 2016 and I wish I had bought more because in the bull run of 2017 I could have made much more money I did make some money but not you know if I had really gone into it or put some more money into it I could have made I could have done really really well I'm not missing this the opportunity this time around and it's really I mean I I count myself lucky yet you know those of you who are in this market now account yourself lucky we're in the early stages and all the infrastructure is being built out here by governments and big money speaking of governments guys and this is this isn't a sign of what's to come the SEC wants to hire a crypto securities advisor now why would they be if crypto was a fad and was going away why would he be wasting their time on this because it's here to stay it's the new asset class guys today the SEC is seeking to hire yet another crypto specialist according to a job posting on USAJOBS an official government jobs portal the SE C's division of trading and markets plans to hire a the new legal expert in order to help develop a comprehensive plan to address crypto and digital asset securities guys if I didn't hear any other news for like you know the rest of the year and I took a vacation winner I this these typing news items here just my confidence is solidified that we already see that you know the foundations being laid they are looking to hire and get people who are knowledgeable about crypto big money like fidelity's six the stock exchange ice Starbucks all these people fidelity getting in setting up services and remember they are not here to lose money right the end of the day they have their shareholders they have their clients they need to provide their goal is to make a profit and make a big profit right that's the goal of any business so they're not here to throw millions and dump it and let it watch it burn and fade away no they are here to make money and if we're patient and we we huddle you know accumulate and huddle then we have the opportunity to ride that wave and make significant profits guys now we continue to see a lot of OTC institutional services being launched coin check launches OTC crypto trading for institutions the big money guys it's being a lot of the services being launched as for the big money Japanese crypto exchanged coin check has launched an over-the-counter cryptocurrency trading service aimed at institutional clients the firm said Monday while the service seemed primarily to serve Bitcoin trades coin check said it will consider trades and other cryptocurrencies like we said they're gonna start with Bitcoin and work their way down the list coin check said its OTC trading desks will allow customers to buy and sell a minimum of 50 bitcoins two hundred and five thousand four hundred twenty three dollars at a press time quickly at one go in at an attractive at attractive prices the service is available on weekdays between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Jeff Japan time Wow in an OTC trading service to parties trade directly with each other unlike on an exchange where it orders our match between buyers and sellers now for those of you some see sometimes questions about open excuse me over the counter trading that when transactions happen over the counter it is not logged on the exchange so it doesn't affect the price you may say why are they buying it that way because they can get it in bulk at a cheaper rate and they also can have some privacy it's not you know they don't know whose wallet or who's doing what or whatever exchange right and it's essentially the OTC des is connecting two parties one who's interested in buying a ton of crypto and the other who owns a ton of crypto right and it's it's like I'm coming I meet you in a Starbucks and you say hey I have a thousand Bitcoin and I said you know what I want to buy two hundred Bitcoin from you and then I just wired a money to you and you do send me the Bitcoin directly this is not logged on an exchange that is essentially what's taking place now you the OTC desk facilitates that and protects both parties right so it's not like we're on the street trying to conduct some sort of deal and as of course they make their money through a fee and Commission or whatever it is but that is what's happening so they're accumulating that way and that's what a lot of the big money is doing but you say well how are they gonna make their money you know how is this all because you have to understand timeline we are very early what does a smart money do accumulate as much as possible at the low so they can dump on it or such and say dump they can sell high right some may try to dump obviously but they're doing it that way because they don't want the average Joe to know if all the OTC transactions were on the exchange the prices will be guys you would be seeing a lot more volume but smart money accumulate let it bottom out let the market bottomed out and then when the prices start going up boom sell make your profit they may sell it on an exchange also the big players like Fedele they're gonna sell it to retail customers at a markup and make their Commission's and all that just like stockbrokers and all that kind of stuff guys this is this is they're they're positioning themselves the same way to stock market is it that's where we're headed I hope you guys see it there's people who want to take down banks and take down this and whatever and I understand banks need to be regulated and there's a problem needs to be fixed but I'm not an anarchist that wants to wipe out the whole system no we need we need to obviously address a few things and I think crypto will help clear that up we see JP Morgan and scared they launched their own cryptocurrency so it is going to help keep them honest and and hopefully government can regulate them better but they're gonna position this new asset class the same way the stock market is guys now we got some news here from Pakistan introducing regulations lists licensing scheme for crypto firms so countries around the globe are now in having the dialogue about crypto regulations so Pakistan is putting in place regulations for the crypto industry the Express Tribune citing finance ministry sources reported Monday that the nation's federal government has decided to bring in electronic money institutions EMI regulations following recommendations from the Financial Action Task Force while the new framework has not yet been made public draft regulations from the country's central bank published in October 2018 would require EMIs to meet certain requirements to be licensed by the country's government and so forth and so forth so we'll have to see you know what the details are but the sources were quoted as saying the report in the report these regulations will help combat money laundering and terrorism financing while it will also help regulation of the digital currency throughout the country so let's hope it's you know we don't have the details the fine writing here but let's hope it's something good and it's not like anything that kills crypto in that country at least or innovation but I said it before I think in a couple videos ago where even if some of these countries put some hard-nosed regulations initially eventually they're going to be forced because there's other countries like Japan South Korea and many others which are very Pro crypto and as they start as this market takes off there's gonna be a lot of tax revenue to get off of investors and businesses and a lot of these countries are gonna have to open up these regulations if they're to you know they're stifling the market they're within that respective countries so it will be forced to but at least the direction we're headed guys they can't ignore it anymore look countries like Pakistan and Iran and China and they're forced to know this there's some new asset classes disruptive technologies forcing their hand and we are headed to upwards guys that's where we're headed but we got to be patient remember markets move in cycles Baron bull we're waiting for some regulatory clarity if you have a bull run you're gonna like we saw last time parabolic you're gonna have a major correction and you know we just have to be patient guys but I hope you see the bigger picture not just price at the moment don't have tunnel vision with price at just a moment you got to look at the bigger picture where we at and where we're headed so big things happening here guys what do you think about this news leave your thoughts and comments below thumbs up if you like this video please subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter links in the description also if you'd like to support the channel check out my donation links as well as my patreon group link thank you for your support and I'll talk to you all later

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  2. Hey Tony if you had gotten in earlier and made a fortune you might not have been on air to educate us. The universe is unfolding just as it should. You were meant to take along some passengers with you and here we are.

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  4. The Coinbase news is awesome Tony. Let’s hope they market this product well to those outside of the crypto-sphere.

  5. Hey Tony, it’s all good and nice and lovely. But I think we could do this since the beginning of XRP and send money from Wallet to Wallet between Ourselves. We don’t need Coinbase for this. This is nothing new. It looks like to me Coinbase promoting themselves.

  6. The #1 reason we need the bull run to hold off, the Infrastructure needs to be built out, US and Global governance needs a few more months, and there needs to be a few more OTC exchanges, all why bitcoin continues to be bullet proof and Ripple continue with there global discussions, then it’s game time

    The exclamation point will be when the highest yielding asset class in 2019 will be digital assets

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