Coinbase- What’s the Next Coin to be Listed?

hello hello, hello hi guys, welcome back to you, my channel so Yesterday there was a massive announcement made by coinbase and this is the announcement right here Excited to announce our intention to support the ethereum ERC20 technical standard for coinbase in the coming months We are not announcing in support for any specific assets Today and it goes on to say this paves the way for supports in erc20 assets across coin base products in the future though, we aren’t announcing support for any specific. Assets or features at this time we’re announcing This, both internally and to the public as consistent with our process for adding new assets Erc 20 is a technical standard used for ethereum smart Contracts erc 20 assets have become a popular, way for teams to quickly build Interoperable contracts or assets most recently our ethereum wallet and dapp browser toshi added native support For erc 20 just in case you’re wondering, what toshi is toshi is a Search engine type of browser that coinbase have built for ethereum dapps . its a messaging up as, well Payments everything on one app i’ve downloaded the app and it’s quite good and Yeah, everything in one app so i think this, is big big news because we all remember what happened? When coinbase added bitcoin cash onto their platform so if you’re in cryptocurrency to make money you should definitely Follow coinbase even if you, don’t transact on coinbase to see whatever coin they add and when they, add that coin, obviously We all know, what’s going to happen to that coin, so for a list of the erc 20 coins you can, check ether scan this is ether scan and there’s a massive list of all the erc 20 tokens and based on their ranking i guess Yeah, so eos tron v chain binance icon just loads of them so i can, imagine what’s gonna happen to any of these coins By the time coinbase list them and it looks like coin, base is going to be listing to more than one coins Because it uses like plural forms assets assets in the coming months it doesn’t say in the coming month i don’t know It just looks, like, they’re, gonna be you know Listing more than one erc20 coin, maybe one by one i don’t know Maybe, they’re just not gonna dish it out i don’t know. I think is worth obviously following and the ceo as, well Retweeted to tweet from coinbase i think is good that they’ve announced to us to expect A listing because i remember what happened bitcoin Cash last, year just towards christmas i think it was around december 20th or 21st last Year, they just list that bitcoin Cash and no warning at all and everyone just jumped into coinbase Even especially people that knew nothing, about cryptocurrency Just, went on there and probably thought bitcoin, was the same as bitcoin. Cash And they saw that the price was lower than bitcoin, and everyone just jumped into bitcoin Cash so i can, imagine the same thing is probably gonna happen and coinbase list There erc 20 tokens the cryptocurrency market has been funny in the past few weeks and i don’t know What’s happening – crypto, we all know that facebook, has banned the advertisement of cryptocurrencies twitter is coming on to ban it as well google has banned it and Youtube will soon ban it too so if my channel is not here and you guys dont hear from me and you check My, channeland its not there then, maybe google or youtube, was the same company have probably taken it down Because i did hear rumors, about, some youtubers having their channels removed so i dont know what’s gonna happen to this channel obviously Because it’s a purely a cryptocurrency channel, I’m not promoting anything but i don’t know What’s gonna happen? Because youtube is cracking down on all this promotions and all those things right now so if you Guys, you got to look, up for me and if you, guys, don’t find my channel anymore you can Always find me on twitter, so yes that’s all i have for you, guys, today, and hopefully i’ll speak to you, guys, soon Oh if you, like, this video please give it a thumbs up please subscribe if you’re, not subscribed for more news to come in crypto and I will see you on my next video bye guys

7 thoughts on “Coinbase- What’s the Next Coin to be Listed?”

  1. What a nanny state these social media platforms have become. It's time to ditch them and create alternative platforms where we are free to be adults and make our own decisions on what we watch and what we buy – I'm all for personal responsibility and I don't need some entity I don't know making decisions for me.

  2. The Facebook and Google bans are predominantly for initial coin offerings (ICO), cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets, and cryptocurrency trading advice. According to Google this is because most adds actually break their advertising policies and due to the fact that they had 3.2 billion ads in 2017 that violated its policies (and as such had to remove), which is nearly double the 1.7 billion it removed the year before.

    Banning advertising also doesn't mean they ban them from search results.

    To be honest, it doesn't bother me much, I have never looked at an add and even if I did I would never decide to invest in an ICO based on an add (anyone that does should immediately lose their money 😛 )

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