Coinbase – UK Withdraw with HSBC (SEPA Withdraw)

all right morning folks I thought I'd do this simple video this is effectively how to get your money out of coinbase all right I hustled and hassled and hassled for weeks and weeks of weeks and I finally got my money out of coinbase and I'm gonna show you what all the steps are did maybe this doesn't help you maybe this helps you but finally I got my money out so I decided you know I may as well show basically what I did I'm just trying to find my tweets here it's kind of difficult to actually see on Twitter where you've tweeted but tip one is gonna be tweet at coinbase relentlessly okay every time they make a new tweet tweet at them and say here's my case number make a ticket explain your issue so here's my case number respond I tweeted relentlessly for about a week okay now when I mean relentlessly I mean 1215 tweets a day bang bang bang people were if if coinbase had responded to anybody I'd reply to that reply and say listen me what about me you know I'm still here I'm still got issues tag your bank tag your bank the company that you're with your bank company – HSBC tag key bank and say listen me this this company is shafting me what you're gonna do about it might not work but for me I have actually got a DM off coinbase now that coinbase DM didn't actually do anything they escalate my issue that didn't really do anything so that was kind of a no-go so I can give you some advice to try tweet of them a hell of a lot I'm sure all of you have tried this but we all know as well that when you eventually get a reply it doesn't really mean jack frankly if you show if we look at my tweets you know you got Jamie Vardy going through there but every single time you know you got the odd football tweet but every time it was possible I'm tweeting out coinbase at coinbase I'm saying HSBC bah blah I'm done sweetener them the main step I would advise is to actually get verified on the website itself I would say is priority number one how I did that was I failed six verifications and on the seventh one I decided to wake up a very odd hour so for your times on a very odd hour maybe it's 3:00 in the morning maybe it's for a time where you think it's less quiet maybe not on of maybe a Friday night people are out you you log in and you try get verified you know you're gonna hold up your information with a decent camera turn off turn on autofocus you know let you focus in like a good picture and just basically pray get verified now when I got verified to actually buy and sell stuff it had my legal name wrong the the the issue a dread was I had the wrong legal name so whenever I tried to make a withdrawal or try to set up a withdrawal scheme it didn't work because my legal name didn't match my account name now theoretically yeah one or two letters its misspelled whilst looking at through a webcam really shouldn't make a difference I got post and letters with my name spelled wrong you know I'm sure when the people do all the time but it still arrives however coinbase is really stickler for our guess ironically a stickler for detail and it has to be right so again I had to wait another few days of trying the verification thing and then eventually I got Rivera fide again however this time it was actually my correct name now once you've got your money you're gonna have your money in sort of a wallet like this this is not mine this is just a picture of off Google you could end up say you've bought your Bitcoin right you bought your Bitcoin and you've withdrawn it to your your wallet don't withdraw it to your great british pound wallet because you can't do that don't bother without withdraw it to me your wallet once you've drawn it to a your a wallet you're gonna go on to your bank my bank was yeah hsbc when i did this and there's a there's a not in here as you can see it's called a new payee so when you go and you sign into your online banking you're gonna see move money pay pay or transfer and you're gonna make a new payee there'll be an option on the right side it'll say add new payee when you go to add a new pay to your sort of I haven't got the letter here actually on me well once you make a new payee for me I added them and I put in this reference number right this is here a sample reference and you type in all this information the way I knew it was working was when I typed this information into new payee I typed in Tartu MNT to Tallinn Estonia the rest of it Auto filled in so I was like okay we're kind of getting somewhere here this actually isn't a complete scam it's we're getting there once I made this new payee I then imported this the reference number which they were asking me now previously if I can find the image here when you're when you're on your sort of here this type of screen here right when you when you're on this and you see your your a wallet and it says you you say withdrawal to Bank right you say withdrawal to Bank and it says you need to do I think it's a seven euro added ten euros to be sure a seven year old deposit to basically check that your bank can receive your rose and that way we're not sending all your money in euros to a bank that can't do anything with it it sort of been fair on there and right so once you've done that and you hit withdraw there's a box that comes up here at the top and it says amount right and then you type in the amount you want to withdraw for the C / amount and I was typing in eight dollars for a few days and then pressing I've sent the funds cuz what I thought was going on and this sounds like a really obvious mistake but I'm just letting you know what I did I thought I was withdrawing from my money in my wallet and sending that money to that bank but that's not what you're doing you want to make a C per payment which is this you want to make a new payee with a referral number right with this reference number and once it's gone in I got a letter from my bank and it said blah blah blah we have added an EP to your bank it was eight euros two and then it came out of this address so I knew that my bank had dealt with the CEPA payment which we were getting somewhere up to the up to then I'd had conversations with DMS I've had five answers to a support ticket which I know is rare because it took me three damn weeks of constantly spamming making videos saying listen you know you've got my money do something about it it took me that long to get answers and they weren't helping even the coinbase people that were applying so don't really rely on a support ticket at all don't worry about it they don't do anything for you what they ended up doing was giving me a link to a secure portal and that's the probably may be your only option if this isn't working if this doesn't work so what you do well I could just explain you put the reference number and you make a new payee you deposit your seven eight nine euros or whatever you put in you wait for the letter to come back from the bank and then you it's just a waiting game and eventually you will be verified on coinbase you will then withdraw all your money to your bank man was HSBC withdraw you all your money thse BC Bank mine took I think nine days to arrive and then it arrived in my bank so it wasn't a complete scam it's just horrendous service now if that isn't working if you've sent this deposit with a reference number under a new payee section and that isn't working then you're gonna have to yes go into the you're gonna have to go into sort of the harassment of Twitter support tickets and eventually eventually if you do it enough the woman or whoever is speaking to you I got Cindy from Twitter so if you tweet in say ask Cindy she fix my problem Cindy gave me a link to a secure portal where I oh I took some as of recent bank statements to verify that it was me there owned this SEPA bank and they manually verified my bank now that's the process that was going on however during the time of that manual poll sort of you know coming together and trying to verify me I actually got verified through my bank automatically so I said forget that we don't need to do that but that is an option they can mint manually verify you through a secure poll so you should ask for that you should say I know it's been done before I want to link to a secure portal where I can upload my bank things tell me what took they tell you what to upload what documents you need manually verify me and after a few days it will work so that was really what happened to me was it all got some traction after I spammed them on Twitter a lot and I finally sort of I basically rang my bank because I've never done this before I've never made a new payee or done a C per payment so I just rang them and I said this company's asking me to do the Massey / payment to confirm exactly you know bah-bah-bah what we're doing and they ran me through the steps of what I needed to do so that was fine there's also online chat if you don't want to ring up and they'll explain exactly how to make a new payee and you can add a reference in right if that isn't working I'm not sure what else to try but those are the steps that work for me I tried RevoluSun app that lets you send money and convert it I didn't you and in none of that ended up working for me this is the steps that I used to work it effectively was saw out your online banking ring up your bank add an e payee put the reference number in and wait and that's all it is if that doesn't work you want to go in to the DM z– into the Twitter Facebook make a video make a youtube video tag your bank and then say listen manually verify me or you know she'll go down that's what I did then it worked by the way

26 thoughts on “Coinbase – UK Withdraw with HSBC (SEPA Withdraw)”

  1. Three times over a period of two months I’ve Been trying to withdraw funds from Coinbase. It’s driving me insane.
    Impossible to talk to anyone at Coinbase even.
    As soon as I get my money out I’m done with Coinbase. What’s happened to customer service?

  2. I am glad you got your money back, I think these traders in misery need to be shut down. I am going to do my best to let people see the truth thank you for your video

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  4. Coinbase are crooks. I've been trying to withdraw money for over a month. Even Sent then proof of my SEPA transfer. If I ever get my money out I'm done with these bandits

  5. Great vid! Thank you. I probably think I have the same issue with you after watching your video. I have the surname wrong (doesnt match my bank account) , do I now contact my bank (Lloyds bank) or do I contact Coinbase which is unreachable now ! Much appreciated x

  6. Im stuck been charged several times trying to exchange to take out as a different currency. It wont let me go through the steps of the sepa payment but im already verified on the site? Funny how it lets you buy all day long but when it comes to withdrawing you cant or noones there to speak to and its all automated with no answers what a joke!

  7. Great video
    Just bought extra $5000 bitcoin
    Thanks to my friend Gary..
    He taught me how to invest
    Now am making huge amount weekly
    There are many other coin you can invest in… Just depends on the platform you are using

  8. Good video man..have this problem rite now.. talking via email to coinbase..I like your soulation of getting coinbase to manually and you bank instead of sending a SEPA..????

  9. Is there a better option to transfer crypto profits into British pound ?
    Coinbase is just absolute shite,
    Shit service, expensive , and can't cash out into British pounds !

  10. Thanks for sharing your video it just sounds such a pain in the arse for UK citizen's
    Coinbase seems such a scam they can take your British pounds, but can only pay you in euros ! What a load of shit !

  11. I sent a 1gbp 1.08 euro payment to as requested but said coinbase and bank account name different which they aren't I tired Gain and still waiting.
    Not happy as I cannot contact them

  12. This problem simply SHOULD NOT HAPPEN!!!
    They are happy to accept money going TO THEM with no questions at all!!
    But try and get your money back out and they just DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!!!
    Fucking DISGUSTING!!!!
    I expected far better from one of the biggest crypto exchanges on earth!!

  13. Damn this needs to change and i swear this will be the death of coinbase that monopoly ! its going to be a great day when they are dead and gone

  14. Hi guys check out this brand new ICO. It has a total of just 20million coin and just 4million for ICO.

  15. Thanks for this mate, was really stressing thinking my money was locked in coinbase . Ive set the new payee up fingers crossed or they getting spammed out !!

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