12 thoughts on “Coinbase Two Factor Authentication (2FA) using Google Authenticator keeps your Bitcoin, Ether, safe”

  1. Dude… on Binance…. I have issues setting it up. It either gives me the erros ''Binding failed'' or '' Invalid email and password''.
    Now the first time this happened, my password didn't work so I had to reset it. But after resetting it a few times, login works normally. However, I keep getting asked to set up the authenticator so I cant withdraw funds. I have tried using Google authenticator and the authy authenticator. The apps work normally when they generate code. But for Binance, I can't seem to set it up without getting these errors. The time is synchronized, so they are on point and ive literally been trying for hours and hours trying to set it up. When contacting customer support, I get automated responses… uhmmm, is the website in a state of crisis now or… is this shit normal? How can I setup the damn authenticator and make it work. Logging in and trading/depositing works normally (no authentication code setup yet) but the other features NOT.

  2. Hi Edward, thank you, I am new to coinbase. Is the 'scanning' at the end of your presentation imperative?

  3. I use it and I find it good but I'm concern about what if I lose my phone? I buy a new one and Install Google Authenticator. Then how I configure back my coinbase authenticator if I can't get in coinbase? I don't have any password since I used the barcode option to generate it. Is it going to be reinstalled via gmail automatically the coinbase account in the app in android or will I get in some limbo where I have to send id card and wait weeks to get back on?

  4. sir i have a coinbase account and my account is temporarily disable plz guide me how can i enable my account i already email to support center they not help me out

  5. Edward, I am trying to complete 2FA and I am having a problem. When I get to the screen that asks for verification code I am lost. I have DUO on my iphone. (I am 69 and I am totally lost with this)

  6. How would I delete an account from Google Authenticator and start over? For example, I need to delete my Bittrex account and start over.

  7. hello sir
    i lost my andriod mobile phone last week and got a new samsung s8 plus with the same mobile number i used it to log into 2 websites one is www.genesis-mining.com and the other one is www.bitcconect.co and when i login it ask for the google 2fa 6 digit code
    but when i check my new phone there is no codes even with the same mobile number 07432720525
    i dont have a back up key and how do i fix this problem pls as im am desperate to resolve this?
    i now have the old phone back in my possesion and can i put the new sim into it and restore it as its been wiped by cerebus anti theft app

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