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hey Jonathan record here if you like me I'm very new to cryptocurrency and a Bitcoin and all of these big words that are new for me I was very hasty and I said I'm in Canada and I signed up for coinbase cuz it sounds so easy and it is easy and it's great and I bought Bitcoin yay and then I bought luckily like at the time I got into it was when I was just curious was around here where it was starting to really blow up I was hearing about it on the news every day and I put money and I thought okay this is gonna be awesome and in my mind I thought okay how do I get my money out once I'm ready to cash out because I wasn't planning to put it in and sit on it for months I just thought I want to get in and learn how this works so I thought I'll do a practice so I put some money in I bought I bought a good chunk but then I clicked on self just to see what the process is going so here we go oh and it says sells not supported and coinbase does not currently support cells in your country subscribe to our blog so I instantly was like haha where's how do I get my money somebody else has my money anyway so I thought you know if if you're gonna put your money in something I recommend you should learn right away how to take it back if you need to what if a major world event happens and you need your money out of there immediately so have no fear but if you've only signed up for coinbase and I've just been put putting money in and not knowing how to get it back you have two options that come to mind for me I'm I'm sure there's even more options but I'm just telling you what I've learned you'll need to go and start up an account with another coin exchange that supports Canadians or sign up for a wallet a Bitcoin or cryptocurrency wallet you can do some research it's easy to just google it cryptocurrency wallet Canada just just do a little bit of reading you'll find something very easy and what you're gonna do I'm gonna use for example quadriga CX is the exchange that I now do all my trading and buying on and i buy and sell like every day cuz I've just been playing with it some days I've done twenty or thirty buys and sells and but they also have a built-in wallet that's what I use you can see I have a little bit of money in here that that's not doing anything it's in my Canadian wallet right now so in order to get my money out a coin base to make sure I could access it I had to go to accounts and I had to click on my wallet that had Bitcoin in it which was this BTC wallet you might have you might have stashed some away in this vault or you might have bought some a thorium or some light coin here wherever you have something you can see here I have two dollars and 15 cents worth of Bitcoin left in my account so I would hit send and in here I would need an address and so the address is like the unique address to your wallet which you will have started on another site I also know people are using coin Square a lot so you could try that quadriga CX is just what I've been using so whatever exchange or wallet you have chosen you need to find what your address to it is so what I did on could you guys I I found my way to my wallet here and I thought okay it must be the same as putting money in to one of these if it's coming from coinbase then it's going into one of these wallets so let's say it's my Bitcoin wallet here which I have 0 Bitcoin at the moment and I want to put stuff in it so I hit fund account and as you can see here I have well as you can't see cuz I've probably blocked it out because I don't know if I should share that information or not so what you will see here though is a big garble of letter and numbers and that is my address to my Bitcoin wallet and what I would do then is I went back to a coin base actually I may have even done this on my phone but I find it a bit easier in the computer I went to coin base here and I typed in my address or copied and pasted it over from country go it looks something like this just so you know what you're looking for oh maybe no brackets in there but it'll be something like that maybe something like this and at the end of it if you have written in an actual address that works correctly you will see a little green check mark here confirming that yes that is a real wallet address and you have yeah you haven't typed it in incorrectly and then you can choose your entire stash if you want and you can then it's almost like selling it to yourself is what it feels like but you would send it to yourself at your new wallet your new exchange so just make sure that you'd learn how to do that I I don't know why someone wouldn't want to know how to get their money back just in case because a lot of people are skeptical about Bitcoin including myself for various aspects but you know you may as well go and learn how to get your money if you need it what if it hits ten thousand dollars right this minute and good and crashes an hour later you might miss your chance because you're clicking around realizing you don't know how to get your cashola out of your coin base account so if you're in that position do this another thing to keep in mind about these transfers is they I don't fully understand even say I understand it at all how it works actually but they do take there won't be an instant transfer it seems to me from what I've gathered if practicing it a few times that when you transfer money from any kind of wallet to another wallet there is a certain amount of confirmations that have to occur you can even look on your account and it will tell you how many confirmations are remaining on your transfer it might be like six confirmations so when I hit transfer even if I was transferring it to another person instead of my own other wallet I would hit Send and it will then probably send me an email saying at least that I've requested to transfer following that it will probably take a few moments maybe even in quite a few minutes before it even confirms that I have sent it and on the on the website that I'm sending it from or the wallet that I'm sending it from it will say completed or sent it will come it will look like it's completely finished but then you go to your other place where the money is arriving and it has not arrived yet and again yeah I might have a little panic so it actually requires confirmations on the other end the receiving end so let's say six confirmations when you send it six things have to happen in the interwebs outerspace there and then on the other end it's they have to be received with six confirmations so just be aware that it's gonna take a few minutes your money hasn't disappeared forever as long as you've chosen the correct wallet address and it has the check mark then you should be fine and it will eventually show up on the other end I did one yesterday that took actually five six maybe even seven or eight minutes to complete the entire transaction and then I found my Bitcoin that I had sent it it finally arrived safely so just so you know that can be also a little bit alarming at first when you're when you're sending it over if you're worried about it just send five bucks but I'm fairly hasty when I first did this I sent my entire stash through space and it did arrive successfully so no harm done on another note alright just in my experience with coinbase and I'm sure there must be a similar experience with other exchanges there was a fee for for sending my Bitcoin from coinbase to quadriga and in my experience with a few friends the fee has been different every time I don't exactly understand it you can see right when you do the transfer you can see that it has a description of what the fee means but it's a lot of it's a little over my head what how they decide what the fees gonna be so it will tell you what the fee is before you confirm it but if you need your money out of there then you're gonna have to just do that you have no other choice unless you wait it out until coinbase is available for selling in Canada which who knows how long that could be so your coin might be a value of zero by then who knows so just keep that in mind there's a fee if this video helped you out and you're new to cryptocurrency like me or if you can have a great lot of experience I would have appreciate your input if you have questions as a beginner I would appreciate your questions if you have advice for me as an expert I would appreciate your advice if you're gonna be rude on my channel I think that's fun too so write anything that you want all right and please give me a little subscription and click the like button or click the dislike button just do something we'll see you later

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  1. Sir, I need to ask from you that I also reside in Canada..
    Is that fine if I use COINPAYMENT instead of coinbase ?
    Please reply me as soon as possible,thanks

  2. Coinbase are scammers..The fee was like 20$ for a 80 $ transfert to quadrigacx..
    Guys dont waste your time with bitcoins, beleieve me nobodys making money with this..

  3. Hey thanks for your vid on this subject – I was about to sell off my Litecoin back to my bank from Coinbase & found I could not. So now I think I will go to Quadriga, or maybe transfer everything out of Coinbase to my Kucoin account or something like that. It looks to me that there is no reason at all to bother with Coinbase in Canada except to just buy in & send it elsewhere, never to return anything back into Coinbase for any reason… Am I wrong ??

  4. If you are Canadian just use quadrigacx or you end up paying more in fees and you can easily fund your account at any Canada post

  5. Check their business rating before you give them your money!! I got scammed, my account is banned and they aren't paying me.

  6. I missed the part when it becomes Canadian money again. You only showed how to transfer crypto to one website to another. Then what?

  7. I have set up to buy ripple on a roll Tivoli new Canadian crypto exchange cold calling field would you recommend sending it to this Canadian exchange your bed calling Mira Darien your light coin etc. or is it better to move it over for easier access to something like that and they have all the ledger ass? I’d really like to know your comments you also have another site that I saw on your video would you recommend sending in there so that you have easy access? Thank you in advance for letting me know and getting back to me. John Duxbury

  8. this was an excellent beginner video for canadians – you covered all the necessary information for withdrawing from coinbase.

  9. In Canada, the best website is this allows you to buy directly from your checking account, and also with a credit card or with an email money transfer.
    In USA is the best option.

  10. Coinbase is too expensive, they're the iPhone of exchanges, super convenient but costs an arm and a leg to txfer. Binance app is great for altcoins, blockfolio is a great app that helps you keep track of your overall balance of you hold multiple coins.

  11. **FYI to anyone freaking out that their transfer from their wallet to Quadriga is taking forever, mine took 42 minutes!!**

  12. Do I need to verify my ID and Address if I would like to BTC CAD money? Or once I do the transfer from BTC wallet to Quadriga it will work right away?

  13. Quadrigacx is useless … been waiting for account verification and answers to emails for weeks. I closed the account before it was verified.

  14. I was doing some research on haw safe QuadrigaCX is and I found these reviews , do you mind letting me know how trustworthy is the company? great video by the way

  15. so your basically saying private keys are useless in trading cause that's just the public address your mentioning just wondering why people still say that if you don't own private key you don't own your bitcoin. Base on your video requirements the only requirement to fill was the recipients address not the private key from your coinbase bitcoin address account or im just missing the point that bitcoin creators are mentioning like bitcoin used to purchased goods would require your private key?

  16. 6:00 doesn't this lag have something to do with the miner fee which is charged for the transaction ( i have one of these on a minor btc transfer that is taking wks to process so far ) – ie the guy in the comment below states coinbase is charging 20 USD to transfer to Quadriga. Probably – IMO – it is the only reason is btc would get to Quadriga in a generally short period of time. The miners are in control ( if so ) of the btc game right now. By being able to choose who to get off the chain ( according to fees ) then they have the ability to corrupt the general idea of fair transfer and we are back again at corruption of funds ( FIAT – metals – grains ). it doesn't matter which is the underlying if it is manipulated by the few. Until this miner issue is corrected then we are no further ahead by using crypto as a means of fairly distributing assets ( treasure, talents it what you want..) …what am i missing ??? Somehow i have over 1200 confirmations on that one transfer……could be that the funds are already available to me and that i don't understand the wallet ???? my bad in that case……dang Noob

  17. Sometimes you can find a big discrepancy with quad and Coinbase. I find ether usually goes the way of coin base in 12a day or so but I’m not a financial adviser and it is up to you what you do with your $.

  18. No problem man I would look for a little dip and look at ethereums ether I turned 500 into 900 in about 2 weeks day trading. I have some sitting in my sisters account and daytrade mine.

  19. Coinbase is a horable wallet, it's been one of the worst Financial experiences of my life. Their system has been partially degraded for months and I use the word partially with tongue and cheek.

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