Coinbase to Pay Interest on Cryptocurrencies

would you be interested in crypto that someone could hold for you and you earn interest on it well that's an option that is being proposed right now hi I'm Terry Brock with Terry Broadcom did you see the article in today's Wall Street Journal look over a year at this and Wall Street Journal they're talking about coin bases new customer incentive interest payments with a crypto twist and they've got Brian Armstrong here talking about what they're thinking about doing where they would hold your coin for a while and while they do it they would pay you interest they're talking about up to 8% interest which is significant in today's marketplace and you wonder about that see coin base is the platform where users can buy and sell Bitcoin other crypto currencies launching a program for institutional investors that will pay them a set interest rate likely between five and eight percent when they park their money in its custody service so that's something to think about many times people have said don't put your money in a place like coin base or others because hey you think of mountain and other places that have had currency they've had crypto there and that's where people lose it one of the best things to do is have it in a hardware wallet that is offline cold storage or printed out on paper Doug Scribner talks about that a lot and very important to a point to have that would you be wanting to do that well that's something to be wanting to do it is a major thing but now that they're saying that they're going to do this here but they're only doing it with tezo right here it's called tezo's and that would be the one that they're using right now and they might add others later you know that would be launched then and others cryptos would be added so that's something to think about I see there's pros and cons first of all you know it's locked in there and you're less inclined to move it around and that might be a whole part of the deal they'll start making money but if you're getting five to eight percent hey this year and last year also if you could get a positive five to eight percent growth that would be something this year we're seeing a little more stability within Bitcoin a steam steam it as well although still a lot more volatile II it's not anything close to stable it's way volatile but maybe a little bit more relatively speaking than it was last year in the year of oh my goodness 2018 that was a really rough time this year we don't know frankly I don't know what it is I wish I could predict the future but I am NOT a financial planner I am NOT a person you want to take financial advice from at all go to a real trusted reliable person for that who's got credentials and all that but long term just my feeling and the man of many others I think we're gonna see crypto rise I think steam it particularly I'm talking to you my steam Ian's out there I think steam it's got some real strong possibilities because you're producing value you're giving content that is good in the form of your text your pictures your video your audio I love D sound and the audio that we can hear on that it's great and I love the fact that we've got D tube for video that's not gonna be censored there's a lot of strength in that steam at platform and so I think there's some possibilities here so let me know what you think about what they're talking about here what Brian Armstrong is proposing seems like there might be a place for it I don't know coinbase of course is very very big particularly here in the United States and so I look forward to hearing from you drop me a note Terry at Terry Brock comm is the email you can leave a message here a comment or over on steam it do that at Terry Brock that's te rry Broc k all is one word all in lowercase of course and I'll look forward to hearing from you hey thank you very much for being with me today

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