15 thoughts on “Coinbase to Add Support for Ethereum ERC 20 Crypto Tokens – Coinbase Expansion is a Great Sign”

  1. If xrp is going onto it's own network, then doesn't that mean its not going to be an erc20 token anymore?

  2. Interesting… I didn’t think I’d ever see Coinbase deal with ERC20 tokens. But now that I think about it, it makes sense. Since they sell Ethereum, they already have most of the infrastructure in place.

  3. EOS, TRX, VEN, ICX, OMG, SNT some erc20 tokens that might be up next on coinbase according to market cap and popularity.

  4. But xrp is not a ERC20 I don't know how is xrp even relavent to this news. Not bashing xrp but this to farshed to say xrp is coming to coinbase imo

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