what's up crypto club Louie here and today and breather crypto news of the day today's day is the 18th of June 2018 and I could bring you everything's to a crypto currency in the last 24 hours start from mark out for today a crazy sits around two hundred eighty nine billion dollars as cryptocurrency is in the green as you can see the majority of coins are in the positive numbers and in the last 10 minutes or so the cryptocurrency market has just been an upswing because about 10-15 minutes ago it was in the negative and now is in the positive so it seems like we're seeing a slight recovery right now around 622 GMT you might be increased later on in a day when you see this video or it might have you know flattened out and fluctuated since it just depends on when you see the video but as of now it seems to be an upswing very very recent in the last couple minutes or so so as you can see bitcoins up around three point one six percent etherium top around three point five seven percent ripples up around three point one tube Sam Bitcoin cash is up around 4.5 6% and earwax fine is up around 2.6 percent as I said around 622 GMT here in the top girls for today and here are the worst performance day applause the video each point to check it out for yourself but let's move on with the video but why stop at news first I just want to say if you ever knew checked out crypto club cove in calm for your clips I can see merchandise check out the description but I leave a link to it there and also for a limited time only use discount code world cup to get 10% of your whole order yes 10% off the already very affordable prices and high-quality items on the website such as Bitcoin apparel or you call coin apparel crypto coins crypto collectibles and crypto club matter / use discount code world cup all in caps at checkout to get 10% of your whole order move on to the first new story I want to talk to you about today this is about that always go make a request network ZRX and other tokens could be listed on coinbase through the para dex acquisition so coinbase has actually acquired para dex and therefore there's potential that the ERC 20 tokens like the ones mentioned will be available as was bounty arcs and things like that on coinbase as the new coins do during the actual acquisition of para decks allowing the ERC 20 tokens to be purchased on the actual platform so it says here you know it could all be soon integrated with clan-based due to the San francisco-based exchanges acquisition of decentralized exchange para decks clear base acquired paradise on May 23rd and the decks seized operation shortly after the exchange unexpectedly came back in full of in full for residents outside the US Saturday offering a TRC 20 tokens namely bat maker mm our Moscow rep request Network SMT and ZRX and felis trading with that as well so you can see here originally para decks offered us and spanked chain trading alongside these eight tokens but they would not pass coin basis guidelines for new listing so it's potential that they actually will be integrated with coin based and we could see the addition of these eight new tokens which you obviously have a great effect in the market and specifically for the volume traded of these eight tokens so it says here is all the coin based digital asset framework requires that tokens list of an exchange follow strict rules and meets the centralization and usage standards we have a theorem classic coming on the platform very very soon so it's all very very exciting to see this come in and hopefully this will have a great influence on the market as a whole like coinbase always does the integration of paradise seems to be a big step in adding crc 20 tokens to the populate exchange which been planned since march and now is coming to fruition in addition coin base is seeking to integrate a dex into its expanding list of services which already includes an index fund and custodial services with their institutional products and this is all in order to stay competitive with other exchanges as well as a bit for nexus building eath for Nexen for example and there's other situations with that but it's very exciting to see coin base making these developments and it kind of explains why they've been expanding their team and the amount of employees they have to probably you know sort of work with the influx of users they could probably imagine when they add these new tokens and also a theorem classic next I'll talk about here is the centralized exchange that becoming the worst enemy of crypto so as gateways to the world of cryptocurrencies centralized exchanges have a mass large amounts of influence over the years these companies control the power to make or break blockchain projects and are usually the only businesses that remain profitable regarding or sorry regardless of the volatility of the crypto market experiences or that the equipped our market experiences so all of this wealth and influence has led to a serious – serious unethical acts of market manipulation and exploitation that expose exactly why these centralized exchanges are needed now more than ever so as you can see here Roy Quang the co-founder fresco network revealed on Twitter yesterday that a top 30 ranked exchanges openly asked his company to use trading BOTS to create fake volume with zero transaction fees we have all the pictures in the proof here the evidence and it says from the actual tweet here that listing proposal from a top day exchange I openly asked my company to use trading bots to create a fake volume with zero transaction fees we offer what we see as a blockchain company wanting to do things and there's an industry problem and they have an article on medium here as well to explain that it says here as well the yet to be identified exchange promised to provide an API and trading assistant to help achieve 50 Bitcoin daily volume and that they would even let the Train assistant a simple trading bot be the market maker fee free of transaction fees so it's very interesting to see this manipulation and obviously is a massive problem and even with specific projects were seeing manipulation as you can see here with the sky coin project the CEO synth has audio recording of his knowledge of ongoing insider trading involving his team and his telegram admin pseudo and a private insider trading group so here is the audio here you can actually check out I'll leave it in description below for you to analyze and listen to yourself but this basically explains some inside trading with sky coin and insider information that the CEO was aware of showing that basically you know something that shouldn't be trusted sky coin is being heavily manipulated that's interesting with centralized exchanges being manipulated now and we always knew his well certain coins well actually manipulate in certain projects but isn't you're very sad to know one as big as sky coin is actually being manipulated the CEO is behind it himself as well as the admin such a pseudo so says here is all Jared's done the person that I posted is that this isn't wasn't obvious as the accumulation of sky coin before the by next listing followed by the huge dump sell-off reminiscent of the coin base bch system obvious insider trading and the CEO of sky coin is bossed now busting people out the big problem is simp as was well aware of this prior so says here as well with the clarification the recording is of simp to CEO sky coin this does not reflect the actions of any by NASA employees and this is not reflecting bad and violence they didn't have any information regarding this they had no knowledge of this and it's just basically involving Synthesia oh and also sky coin project last thing I want to talk about here is a reddit post from clockwork new talking about how no one is talking about claim markets calm and how it stole millions from users as they're restoring nonsense coins for mumps and now is fully offline with no news suggesting that a lot of people are starting to come into terms about this and you sort of having this information now about how scummy this whole situation is how do you know bad it is that basically no one really had much coverage about this because it was one of the smaller exchanges and therefore you know kind of went under the radar in terms of stealing millions from its users restoring these non-sync winds for months as it says here and also now is fully offline no news as you come up to the website here you can see there is not a live version available like coin which is the page is taken to here the front page shows there's actually no activity no volume trading nothing you know the date histories you know from some time ago that actually been in trades and she's awful to see such such a disappointed project in something that has stolen probably millions of cryptocurrency in terms of US dollar value and from the users and obviously is turn out to be a massive scam a lot of people were left out of pocket as a result and it hasn't been much news covering it because I certainly haven't really heard of it before I wasn't really familiar this and it seems now is only coming to light you know a month after it's kind of got a flying which is ashamed to see anyway to conclude the video say I hope you did enjoy the video if you did give the video like and also comment down below what you think of the new stories for today I've talked about and also your opinion on it also if you want to support the channel please subscribe to the channel and hit the bell notification icon to be known for where next upload and also check out crit so club cloven dot-com to get your cryptocurrency merchandise and don't forget to use a discount code world cup at checkout to get 10% off your whole order anyway thanks for watching this to encrypt so club and I'll see in the next one

12 thoughts on “Coinbase TO ADD OmiseGO & Other ERC20 TOKENS! SkyCoin INSIDER TRADING! Crypto EXCHANGE SCAMS!”

  1. it's just another bull trap. and those coins you talked about will not be listed on Coinbase. Time will tell that I am right. The bull market will come when bitcoin hit $14000 dollars this year. And bitcoin is still very likely to reach over $35000 before the end of 2018.

  2. I hope the trading can be cleaned up with massive fines or even halt their trading for week, month, or more! No tolerance for manipulation.

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