Coinbase To Add New Tokens – Altcoin Technical Analysis Review!

hey what's up guys note investor here hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend in this video I'm gonna be covering several of the altcoins and specifically some of the names that were recently announced that would be added to coinbase or names that they are exploring to add so I'm gonna go down not the entire list I've already kind of filtered it out we'll look at some of the stronger names today and how are those looking potential trades and setups that I'm watching here over the next few days for some of those names we'll take a look at the Bitcoin chart see where the price levels are but no doubt it was a bloody week in the crypto markets tons of selling a couple of days ago we saw a balance attempt yesterday but prices still remain very much under pressure to the downside and most altcoins were hit pretty hard so we'll take a look at those but there are a handful of names holding up well got to build that watch list if the market decides to find a low here always got to be ready to go and have some names if you're trading these from a long term perspective I would recommend taking a look at some of these names to be honest coinbase added a few names that I was kind of surprised there was just very small cap names some of these projects have been around for quite some times there's some newer ones on the list for sure but it was interesting to see the list of names they decided to pick here there's some good ones on the list for sure some names that I like many of you guys have known I've been following a handful of these projects neomi sago chain link even district pretty interesting projects mana I'm a big fan of that project they're looking at some of those names but some of these other names here a little bit smaller cap names you know status storage they've been around for some time just have not gotten a lot of traction yet so it'll be interesting to see how this plays out but we'll take a look at a handful of these charts but let's take a quick look at the coin market cap here just kind of get a quick recap so looking at the total market cap list here this is the performance for the last seven days here so this column here on the right and just the week was rough Bitcoin down over the last seven days 19% after finding a little bit of a bounce yesterday rippled down 18% etherium down 24% stellar down almost 30% Bitcoin cash down 41% at one point was edged out by Bitcoin cash SV the battle continues yo skinning a smacking damn 40% for the last 7 days and you can just see it was carnage across the board here for the last few days no place to hide for the most part even the names that were really strong we're pulling in but we have seen a little bit of a bounce if you look at the last 24-hour column there are some some double-digit bounces in here even though iOS is down 40% for the week it is up 11% in the last 24 hours same with – up 11% so there's some bounce action happening off of these extreme lows but no doubt was a rough week in the crypto market space looking at the coin market cap total coin market cap still holding above that hundred billion dollar mark psychological level just barely edging out came really close earlier was at around 104 before bouncing here a little bit currently sitting right around that 108 level but nonetheless the downward trend continues ever since breaking that major level on Bitcoin at 6k we've just not seen any sign of a solid low just yet we had a double bottom attempt here a pretty good little counter-trend rally but that fizzled out and this week has just been the grind lower so let's take a quick look at Bitcoin and then will cycle through some of those altcoin names so looking at Bitcoin here the open short interest for Bitcoin and aetherium remain at these all-time high levels something to make note of you could still see the potential for a short squeeze yesterday we saw a big rally attempt off the lows the level to be watching yesterday was that $3,300 level the Bulls were battling it out yesterday in and around there finally gave it up prices dropped briefly almost a 3,200 before we saw that sharp rally higher pushing prices back up to almost 3500 very quickly and so we saw that big reversal on some very strong volume so that was the first good attempt I mean that was the biggest volume we'd seen here in quite some time off the lows so it is significant something to make note of here but now the Bulls need to defend this level here so on the four-hour chart prices must remain above this 3300 level a close below that would really just start to undo this potential reversal candle this big bullish engulfing candle that we saw you can see here since then prices have been trading within the range of that big candle but if it starts to close below that 3,300 that's gonna really start to negate that reversal action and would likely lead to another leg lower at minimum would retest the low end of that candle which is the wick right above 3200 so that's the level to be watching on the downside here in the near term on the upside notice this blue line here is my 10 EMA and prices just continue to see resistance right at that level even yesterday's strong move rallied above it but could not close above that 10 EMA and has not been able to do that since and so first target would be just getting above that on a closing basis but ultimately in the near term I want to see prices close above that 30 475 level that would start to change the picture that would start to show some moving out of the resistance and then above that the next level is gonna be around that 35 50 and you've got a series of resistance levels along the way these prior support levels that have given way are now gonna be resistance on the way up and so there's gonna be a lot of hurdles to overcome if prices can find a bounce here so 35 50 then above that around that 36 50 mark 3,700 was really the level that broke a few days back and then above that 3,800 so certainly a lot of levels to be watching on the way up near term I'm watching the support it's got a hold that was a good bounce attempt but the downtrend is still very much in place you can see here the moving averages are still heading lower they're still inverted the shorter term moving average is still below a longer-term moving average so technically speaking prices are still in a downtrend this is really the first attempt at putting in a pretty good low since last weekend so we'll see how this plays out over the next few days those are the levels to be watching here in near-term but as I mentioned the open short interest is pretty high so you could see another potential squeeze if I were short and I'm not short anymore but if I were short I would be nervous here because of that potential reversal you saw how quickly that happened yesterday prices have drifted lower on the positive the volume on this drift lower has been pretty lights and so if I was short I would be cautious here at minimum have some pretty tight stops in place in case you see a big spike up so that's the levels to be watching on Bitcoin let's take a look at some of these names here that were announced yesterday is potentially being added to coinbase so I showed you the list here at the start of the video with some of those names I've gone through the list a little bit and have kind of pre filtered out some of the stronger names today we saw some pretty good moves yesterday you saw a neo you saw a oz popping off the lows but have mostly retraced that entire move so I'm only going to focus on those names that are holding up here or potentially setting up for another leg higher and so first on the list is AE eternity if you look at that versus these are all gonna be vs. BTC here because I'm looking at what are those names outperforming Bitcoin and so you can see this one has had a nice move off the lows a series of green candles you found a lo here a few days ago and it's already up about 22% since then and is edging up on some pretty good volume volume is expanding as prices go and then today we're seeing this little breakout here out of this little range that it was pausing just below so these little pull backs to this EMA pair is what I'm looking at as potential secondary entries when it looks like the low is in and volume starts coming back in that's where I look to make a trade when I'm making trades based on this setup so you can see you had a strong rally pullback on lighter and lighter volume below average volume and then you see this green candle here volume expands again and it's off to the races again so looking for those secondary entries is the way to go on some of these names rather than chasing them because these names are very volatile and you're technically fighting the trend market is in an overall downtrend and so all of these trades in my opinion would be considered higher risk but they are outperforming Bitcoin by a pretty decent margin here so ae is on the list the next one is engine corn enj and another one that was added and you can see here strong rally nice pullback here consolidating and about to break out here on this Central resistance so that's the level to be watching on that one-hour chart it's still tracking to the ten EMA it's holding it up relatively well if we go to the four-hour chart it is a little bit extended here on this four-hour chart and so I'm preferring to buy dips pullbacks rather than breakouts just because by the time these breakout they've already started to get a little extended you're seen Vaughn contract on this consolidation which is healthy it's also allowing the our side to cool in a little bit but it is a little bit more the extended name here but very strong move off below here you can see from yesterday's low up about 20% as well so something to be watching here on the daily chart for some of these names they're just coming right back into a resistance level you can see Ian J head was setting up here was on my list last week and it was just kind of looking pretty good and then it rolled over it's coming right back to that zone so on a daily chart you want to be paying attention to those bigger picture resistance zones where are they relative to current price action and again don't chase right into those resistance levels ideally looking for those pauses those pull backs those little bull flag type of patterns are better entry points in my opinion for some of these but Ian J definitely strong and it's on my watch list right now Civic so civil is one of those names they've already started accepting deposits for and you saw some volatility here the volume kicked in yesterday zooming into that for our chart here it's pausing right now pulling right back to this EMA pair you can see right there and so I'm gonna be paying attention to this level does it hold this was technically the breakout level yesterday you can see it cleared that resistance on that big volume candle but it's had a lot of wicks to the upside so there's certainly a lot of sellers showing up as prices move above that 1700 satoshi level and so I'd be watching to see how this plays out today but it is holding up on the EMA pair and so I'm watching to see if this pause can just kind of settle out here and balling come back in if prices start to move higher next on the list district probably had one of these strongest moves off of the announcement yesterday single for our candle took that price up over 50% before they started to pull back and it was a quick pull back you can see how far prices pulled back down 20 percent in no time and have since just kind of been choppy consolidating in this range but it's still here in the upper half of that range so very strong action it's just pausing letting these moving averages catch up it's exactly what I like to see and so this is the one I'm definitely keeping an eye on here if we can start to close above this range that would be considered a little bit of a break out there go into the daily chart it still has room to run if it can clear this range it tested this resistance you can see here this prior support that gave way the rally paused couldn't close above that so that's gonna be the level to be clearing above that then that yellow line on my chart is gonna be the next level I'm watching that's where on that 478 479 level but has room to run in my opinion looking very strong here a bit extended on the daily chart so if it can just sit tight for a little bit longer that be good but that could provide for another potential 20% to the upside so district small-cap name and these smaller cap names are seeing some of the biggest moves only because they're just lower volume and so if you get any type of Valen coming in relative to what they've traded in the past that's what happens you see these big rallies these 50 percent moves in very little time so dnt is on the list next up is keeper network a and C and you can see here this one has paused pullback and the reason I'm watching this is just as it's setting up a potential low it's not one of the stronger names for sure but if you look at that one-hour chart some volume came in it is starting to stair-step its way higher so you've seen these little volume spikes along the way it is pulling back I'm looking for a potential higher low to be set on this one and then another leg higher if you can get above that 4000 satoshi level give or take then that's gonna be the level I'm watching as a potential continuation of this trend and the big picture just kind of looking for a reversal off that low so it's attempting to put in a low here lume been very volatile here over the last day or so but again another big name off the lows this is one that they're accepting deposits for as well and you can see we had that big volume spike rally pause right around that 14 60 1450 level and so that's the significant resistance level to be watching here in termina they can close above that you can see the next leg up and I'm also watching this EMA pair down here you can see that's where we're seeing some support starting to show up so I'm gonna be paying attention to that level today seeing if that is the support level and if prices begin to move higher if volume expands on that move higher that may be a potential secondary entry for this one looking at the daily chart on this guy as well it is attempting to put a little bit of a double bottom here and the volume was very strong on that move yesterday of course it was news driven and so you always got to take it with a grain of salt but it did change the fundamental picture on this one in the near term just because it's now in play and one of the names that are gonna be added for potential trading but so it's got to be cautious of the sell of the news scenario once it goes live for trading how will it react will it just get dumped like so many of the other names and odds favour that's probably what's gonna happen with a lot of these once they start trading you see that reaction once it goes live a lot of selling comes in at that point so one to keep an eye on here near-term it is in play the following was strong yesterday so I'm gonna be paying attention to this one to see if we can clear that resistance here in the near term around that 1,400 level next up on the list was chain link so link was moving here today again this one is in a broader downtrend it was one of the stronger names here over the last few months but has since seen some pause well look at the daily chart here shortly but this is the 4-hour chart you can see how strong and volume is starting to come in here today yesterday had that big move off the lows it's finally starting to turn the corner getting above some of these moving averages and so one to keep an eye on here near-term going to that one-hour chart some volume is coming in here today as it clears this very near-term resistance level right around that 6500 level and so seeing this one see if it can hold if it can hold above that level on any pull backs that'd be very positive to see but on the daily chart it's gonna face some resistance you can see it's got this head and shoulder pattern in play right now these moving averages are acting as near-term resistance on the way down and has just seen a pretty good fall after running for quite some time and seeing a nice rally off the lows since August I mean from August to the top here that we saw recently this one had a 300% move already and so it has had a good run and it has been pulling back here since mid-november so just something to make note of it is pushing against some downward pressure some resistance here so short term one hour for our charts look like they're trying to turn the corner daily chart still very much under pressure and not very bullish to be honest OMG another one that was on the list yesterday and this one has been putting in an interesting little resistance zone here so that's really the level I'm watching it was on the list last week and then it started to roll over this week as many names did but it's bounced right back and still has not cleared this level so that's really the level I'm paying attention to above that 390 but you can see some volume starting to come in here you see these big wicks to the downside so as they try to sell it off some buyers are stepping in there and keeping prices above and finally on this 4-hour chart the EMA pairs are starting to cross back over and so any move above that 390 a close above 390 would be positive here in the near-term and could lead to some more upside potential above that next level I'd be watching is around that 420 level and then above that 440 qkc this name has been in play for quite some time already but it is getting some more action here again near-term II saw the volume coming in yesterday and it's starting to make a series of higher lows so you saw that high coming in it pulled back held these moving averages Relling making a new relative high here earlier today and is right now pulling back as I record this and it's right back to that support level that needs to be held so something to be watching here but it is turning the corner again after seeing a pullback from those rallies that it had in November had a strong move off that support level in November has since been pulling back here through December it looks like he may have found a low there and now it's starting to turn the corner here on this four-hour chart so one of the names that were added to the list and should be watched here in the near term a couple more here looking at request network rep I'm looking at this near-term resistance zone right there a close above that 620 level would be positive and it's looking pretty good here you saw this little tight range and then during the crazy selling we saw here a few days ago really broke below but quickly bounced right back and it's right back in that range there that it was in a few days ago so very tight action something I'm watching here hasn't seen a lot of volume yet though notice how quiet the volume has been on this one so if this pushes through this resistance zone I definitely want to see some volume come in to help confirm some of the conviction behind that move there but it is one of the names that is being added and is holding up relatively well compared to some of these others so I'm keeping an eye on this one tee's owes another one lower volume named xtz there's a ticker on this guy is turning the corner here a little bit so this is xtz versus Bitcoin on the Krakken exchange you can also chart it on bit Finex so just something I'm watching again lower volume name but it is trying to turn the corner here on this announcement and so what I'm gonna be watching here and finally Zil one I'm just watching here in the near term as it's attempting to put in a higher low so it may have turned the corner needs to confirm though has not seen any confirmation to the upside you can see it paused right here this prior support level we saw that pull back and that's where the rally has paused here yesterday bouncing into that resistance now and I'm watching this pullback here to see if it forms a higher low and that may signify a potential turning of that downward trend but near-term it's got to get above that resistance level so closing above that for 12 to 4:13 level would be positive here so Zilka on the list right now and last but not least this is not one of the coinbase names that were added but I am watching Tron here let me clear some of these and Tron has just been stair stepping its way higher here after breaking out from this little pattern here a little ascending triangle base on this 4-hour chart saw someone coming in as it's pushed and it's just slowly grinding higher not a huge move only up about 3 or 4 percent from that point but still looking pretty good one of the names that stronger names that have been holding up relatively well in this recent selling and right now it's facing a little bit of resistance around that 390 level so one to keep an eye on here going to the daily chart you can see just big picture it's trying to put in a little bit of a low seeing some good fall and come in if you can get above that 390 level then next level up is around that 410 to 420 level it's going to be the next target to the upside so Tron is definitely on my list right now so that's gonna do it for today guys just a quick altcoin review I appreciate you guys watching remember be patient this market is still very much under pressure right now so for those of you that are trading I always recommend in these environments either wait for the better setups or just trade small keep tight stops all that good stuff but for now we'll see how these names on a short run work important levels to keep an eye on for Bitcoin going over the next couple of days so watch those two but until next time we'll see you guys Monday take care everyone have a great rest of your weekend talk to you later

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  1. Who cares about Coinbase today? Its time has passed. This addition of new coins is vain attempt to gain customers attention but they are not interested anymore.

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  4. Surprised you didn't TA ADA.. IMO, a much interesting choice to be added to Coinbase rather then so many of those shitcoins that you mentioned.

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