Coinbase SECRET Listing Strategy FINALLY Revealed?!? [CONSPIRACY] Did #BITCOIN Futures KILL $BTC?

what's going on guys it's k-dub here with another episode of crypto zombies so it's Tuesday thank you so much for coming back to the channel today we have a lot of interesting topics talking about the coin base coin listing conspiracy we're also going to touch on potential whosh trading and fractional reserve lending used on exchanges as well as the ETF being denied and some people saying that it's probably not really a good thing anyway but we'll have to dive into all of this so definitely stick around guys thank you for coming back to the channel and as usual yes unfortunately it's a red day it happens I wish it was a green day but it's not it's a red day but that being said it's only a red day buy 1 billion dollars we didn't lose that much guys if we have a look at what's going on right now we have a $3,400 Bitcoin with 107 billion dollar market cap having a look at the biggest gainers of the day we have decks up 48 percent 10x up almost 30 percent some interesting news about those guys so stick around we also have hyper cash Bitcoin private centrality q2 linky polymath and quark chain not doing massively today but they are in the green now I wanted us to have a look at what is going on in the markets it's bad enough that literally when you type in is Bitcoin the next thing that comes up is dead but we're also dealing with this chart right here now I want you to have a look at this because this is actually from Richard Hart's trading view and he actually took the 2018 chart and smashed it right on top of the 2014 chart and you can actually see that there's some eerie similarities between the two right here in fact let me just get out of your way and we can switch to this chart and as you can see right here it almost mirrors exactly what's going on to the fact that you can even see this massive dump right here that we had both in 2014 and 2018 you can see after kind of trekking our way sideways for a little bit then the market you know obviously started going back up again candle right there that's an inverted Zippity do with a kangaroo leg so it's bearish but I know I know past performance doesn't necessarily indicate the way we're gonna perform in the future but that being said I just wanted to point that out now let's get into some news today so obviously this guy's happy about the price Nouriel Roubini aka dr. doom if you're not familiar with him I'm sure you will be soon because he likes to pop in and out every once in a while in the crypto space to spread his to satoshis of pure pessimism what I find interesting is that not only is this guy bashing Bitcoin but he's actually come out recently and started bashing on blockchain as well now usually that's kind of taboo most people will say ok you know maybe we don't know about these crypto currencies but blockchain now that that's a good that's a good technology so this guy doesn't even like blockchain okay now it's interesting because there was a CNBC story that came out a while ago and it stated how he talked about basically digital currencies are only used for criminal activities and that they're you know pretty much criminals convert them directly back to dollars ironically enough reports actually show that less than 1% of all Bitcoin transactions involve actual criminal activity now some might say well that's just the criminals that we've caught well realistically speaking if you're a criminal and you're using Bitcoin you're just an idiot because it's totally traceable but anyway okay you know and then he goes on to put out this tweet saying Bitcoin isn't a currency it's a Ponzi scheme it isn't safe given the hacking of it well that's also a lie because bitcoins never actually been hacked yes there's been examples of exchanges that have been hacked or really their security on their centralized servers have been compromised people have had bitcoins stolen from their wallets but it's not because the Bitcoin blockchain itself got hacked it's because these people were actually just careless with their private keys or maybe their computer got hacked but they had a text file with their private key on it right so that is just something to keep in mind moving forward not to mention the fact that April 16 2013 he put out this tweet that says in good company with gold while everyone was focused on gold and silver Bitcoin dropped another 40 percent traded below $58.00 however even though we are in this red blood bath $58 all the way up to three thousand three hundred and ninety dollars who's really laughing though who really got the last laugh there dr. doom anyway moving on I wanted to talk about the Bitcoin ETF I know I know we've been talking about this forever and at this point do we even really need one that is the question I'm probably not guys to be honest but you have Jake you're Vince key over here now I follow him on Twitter I do appreciate his insights he is a lawyer he's somewhat of a crypto friendly lawyer so he went on a tweet storm okay I'm not gonna read all this it's way too much but I highlighted some of the key points discussing the ETF now we do know that February 27th is the last day you cannot push it back any more that's it do or die it's either happening or it's not okay so let's move on down here now he goes on to say that the most important question was about market manipulation the SEC wanted to know if CBOE bzx had a surveillance sharing agreement with a regulated market of significant size so this is the most important question he goes on to say because this is what killed the winklevosses ETF back in July so the Winklevoss appeal denial is the most important the SEC decision because it came straight from the commissioner so a surveillance sharing agreement basically would involve a crypto exchange voluntarily giving detailed information to CBOE about its order book and operations including trading data and customer identification the SEC could then require CBOE to turn that information over over however the FCC's problem is that it doesn't have jurisdiction over crypto exchanges so it can't force them to provide the information it needs to identify and prosecute manipulations such as spoofing and wash trading not to mention we don't actually know if it's the exchanges themselves who are committing the fraud more on that later so stick around also the issue for ETF sponsors is that most crypto exchanges don't really want the SEC looking through their books some are even blocking us IP addresses as we're very well aware of trying to stay outside of the SEC jurisdiction it's hard to imagine same exchange is pretty much agreeing to open their books as you can see this very very very long guys so basically here's what you can take you can take a positive view the ETF if it was doomed to fail they probably would have already denied it right but delaying gives the markets more time to develop and the CBOE more time to enter their new surveillance sharing agreements or you can take a neutral view the FCC's have really under no pressure to make a quick decision it loses nothing by delaying and appears more thorough and fair by taking all the time allowed in other words the delay means absolutely nothing it's just standard procedure however he did give one final opinion and he said if the deadline were today I'd give the ETF a 10% chance of approval okay now not everyone wants the ETF some people don't even see the point of it okay so if we come over to this article you can see lightning labs developer developer Alex Bosworth he says the biggest risk that a Bitcoin ETF presents is that it might incentivize institutions to work collectively to influence the ecosystem that is another story we'll be getting into in just a bit we got a lot lot to talk about today so stick with me guys so referring to the thorah to new york agreement in 2017 when leading crypto companies plan to support unpopular Bitcoin network updates simultaneously despite public outcry he says we saw companies that are custodians for other people's coins talking as if they hold those coins and take actions that decide on behalf of their users without even consulting them we don't want to have a central party out there negotiating for fundamental rule changes of Bitcoin right we also have the fact that if approved in the near future he expects Bitcoin ETFs would make up an even smaller percentage of the market than gold ETFs when estimated it represents less than about two percent of the global gold supply so we're talking about a very niche part of the market that would really even be interested in a Bitcoin ETF product it would be even less than gold is used as an ETF because the overall settlement cost of Bitcoin is lower than those of physically settling gold block towers Capital chief investment Ari Paul also went on to say if an ETF was launched he thinks that it wouldn't necessarily be the massive amount of you know institutional inflow that would really create a potential rally he thinks it would be more just speculators just getting excited you know hey the ETF got approved right so the price pumps but let's talk about some actual products that have come out and how they've affected the ecosystem so far with our favorite probably being the CM II Bitcoin futures which is up a hundred and forty one percent increase since November yay this is a great thing right is it let's dive in Chicago Mercantile Exchange launched Bitcoin futures on December 17th of 2017 let's just take a path down memory lane and and see where that was so December 17th would be the all-time high okay now that we have that out of the way so the launch of the Bitcoin futures on CME and the intense fall in bitcoins price is not a coincidence the paper bitcoins being printed on CMA are suppressing the Bitcoin price doing this CME is increasing their role to set the price of Bitcoin not to mention that really I've always had this opinion that it's just a tool for shorting because if you actually believed in the underlying asset and thought that it was gonna be really really worth a lot moving forward why would you just want to buy that asset you know what I'm saying like I don't know if I if you believe that a certain thing was gonna outperform dollars then why would you want to do it in a cash settled way just my opinion though guys take it with a grain of salt I'm just a guy on the internet anyway to see how negative the seamy bitcoin futures were we could take comics for example and look at what they did with the gold market so obviously you know gold is a physically back thing must be actually mined from the earth okay not like Bitcoin mining which requires large costs and effort okay kind of like Bitcoin mining but anyway if we talk about this the thing that really note is that the paper gold trading volume worldwide ratio compared to the physical is 233 to one I'll repeat that 233 to 1 yes that is absolute horrifying here's another thing to note the volume of gold is 61 billion monthly on CM II compared to the measly 145 million of Bitcoin futures and look at what it's done to the market it's unimaginable what could possibly be the effect if the markets of the Bitcoin volume ever actually matched the 61 billion that we have on gold so the same architects who ruined the gold price copy-pasted basically the same scheme and are now using it for Bitcoin and even worse traders on gold futures can request physical gold delivered to them but you can't actually have Bitcoin delivered to you on this option so that kind of sucks right and the thing is is that these guys are expert to set prices for assets with large markets like gold and Bitcoin price suppression is an easy thing for these guys to do so as you can see right here the chart below shows the futures volume increase consistently in November while Bitcoin futures volume on seamy increased by 141 percent I want you to look at this chart and I want you to look at this chart when I go back to this chart I would go back to this chart are you guys seeing a little bit of a correlation here guys so I just want to point that out not trying to say anything but the other thing too which is another reason why the SEC is so freaked out by you know getting involved with these other things as you could take right here now this is Vinny Lingam you guys may know him he's the founder of civic which just recently you know got listed on coinbase Pro over there which were gonna get into he noted that the practice of injecting liquidity onto exchanges through a form of fractional reserve lending he says exchanges may not hold enough cash or cryptocurrency to match the volume due to the effect of lending so basically this is another term for fractional reserve banking so what is fractional reserve banking fractional reserve banking is a banking system in which only a fraction of bank deposits are backed by actual cash on hand and are available for withdrawal this is done to expand the economy by freeing up capital that can be loaned out to other parties many US banks were forced to shut down during the Great Depression because too many people attempted to withdraw assets at the same time so he goes on to say I suspect there are a number of crypto exchanges that are currently financing their operations by running fractional reserves and utilizing deposits for paying for operations ironically we still need more transparency in crypto guys remember not your keys not your coins okay he's also worried that traders might end up losing their coins due to not owning the private keys exchanges are vulnerable to hacks as we just talked about but there are suspicions that some of the losses could be insider hacks right all right I mean that's always something that's crossed our mind you know Biff FedEx is one of the exchanges that offers lending for Bitcoin and thus increases the number of coins in circulation on the market kind of tying in to what I said previously so while Bitcoin aims to be sound money its usage can include a form of fractional reserve banking or fractional reserve lending the same approach used by Fiat carrying banks and we all know how well that's working right so moving on guys I wanted to just say one more thing so there is a little bit of positive light coming out of SEC chairman Jay Clayton he says underlying there are a number of concerns related to ICO as we know this right more precisely he pointed out the fact that according to him I SEOs are currently operating in a way that grants substantially less investor protection than that of traditional equities and fixed income markets in fact guys I watched a really good video by ReadySet crypto where he talks about stos and all these different platforms you guys should definitely check it out if you haven't yet it's really informative video kind of just side topic anyway so the consequence of this is greater opportunity for fraud and manipulation so finally he says I believe that icos can be effective ways for entrepreneurs and others to raise capital however the novel technological nature of an ICO does not change the fundamental point that when a security is being offered our security laws must be followed so there you go that's basically everything under the Sun I SEOs etf's wash trading spoofing fractional reserving is there anything else I missed here so that's pretty much what's been going on recently and guys we have the days of coinbase that's right each day at noon they will be announcing new features so the first thing that you have today is you can turn your crypto into e gift cards for uber Nike and more with Egypt but that's not what we're here to talk about today guys what I really wanted to talk about was coin base has recently announced a list of tokens that may or may not be added to their platform but the question is is there a connection between the coins that coin base is choosing to list and some investors let's dive in now this is all just conspiracy guys put on your tinfoil hats and also this is not my opinion this comes from being crypto okay so now that that's out of the way let's dive in and see if this actually lines up so as we know guys these were the coins that they were gonna list we've recently seen a few of them we saw civic and loom and mana and you know we had Z cash and and basic attention and all that so let's dive in let's see so they have their listing process here okay they go off with some credentials mission and values technology legal compliance market supply market demand and crypto economics okay sounds good we saw that they listed you know manna civic district 0x loom network decentraland is man or whatever so here is the connection one of the major shareholders of coin base is the digital currency group founded by Barry Silbert the company has a wide variety of investments and notably in some of the cryptocurrency projects that have already been added on coin base and some to be listed soon so at the DCG founders summit it was shown that major investments have been made in Z cash which has been listed and decentraland which has been listed okay furthermore the group also has interest in civic which has been listed and XRP which they're showing support for the custody it has not officially offered trading yet okay so the digital currency group has also been a backer of the brave project which was the second ERC 20 token added to the platform basic attention token so far these guys are batting a hundred oh here's the crazy one district zero acts certainly one of the most surprising pics the batch is listed as a partner of the decentraland project and both are collaborating with the Aragon team well let's see is Aragon up here for potential listing right there now I'm not saying anything guys I'm just pointing this out so it's very interesting that this could potentially be now by following the money we have identified digital currency group as a common denominator in the current coin based listing process ultimately if the same people that decide to invest in decentraland our Civic have been involved in assessing whether a token should be listed on coin base they will come to the same conclusion so you can actually come over to their website it's dcgo and you can go into their portfolio and you can scroll down and you can see there's brave okay what are some of the other ones that they have carbon stable coin that's interesting circle oh look they're Civic guys and you could come down here you know obviously I just highlighted some of the ones to bring up ledger that's interesting that's not actually a coin so it looks like yeah there you go Ripple okay XRP shape-shift they have and also Z cash so not all of these are crypto coins however it's pretty interesting and if you guys want you can come all the way to the top right here and you can actually go by sector so you can look into their different investments so if you guys think that this isn't a conspiracy and you think that these coins being listed are directly affected to digital currency groups portfolio you may want to have a look into that so that being said guys let's move on to some coin news for the day I know you've got places to be so we have coin one transfer a subsidiary of the Korean based crypto exchange coin one just launched the country's first blockchain power mobile payment app the new platform is called cross and utilizes ripples cross-border payment technology X current to lower the cost and increase the speed of transfer to Thailand and the Philippines so this is good news however I do want to point out they are currently only using X current which means they don't have to use x RP currently but I wanted to point out why there's such a need for it okay so there was a new report on extended payment delays and errors on traditional Global payment networks and you just see some of the you know nightmares that happened over here we can go into it now this is all in pounds you know for example you know Martin Finnegan was told the 2000 for 50 pounds sent from Nationwide account to his mother-in-law and Russia would take an estimated three days three months later it was still in transaction unknown in October the these guys over here Elaine and Malcolm Thompson's charity made a payment using swift for 11 thousand from the charities Barclay account it never arrived yeah so you guys can just look there's just horror stories after horror stories okay so these are why we need it now talking about other projects that even despite a bear market are just putting their head down so we have IOH K over at card on oh okay and basically they have some stuff they have Plutus and Marlowe have now been launched so what do these do while pluto's provides a general purpose programming language and tools for Cardno and Marlowe is a simple way to generate code and create software products it's an easy-to-use tool that enables professionals in the finance industry who have no programming background to build automated financial contracts on the blockchain now interestingly enough we've heard about by Nance looking to build their own blockchain and it looks like they're gonna use Byzantine fault tolerance delegated Byzantine fault tolerance which where have we heard this before well this is actually the same consensus mechanism that neo uses very interesting and it looks like they're gonna launch this on their decks first so why did they choose to use this that I don't know but the interesting thing is that it ascertains that as long as 2/3 of the network's participants remain truthful one-third of the bad actors are eliminated from affecting the network's final decision so maybe that's the reason that they chose to use it now there is this article that came out from David see just today and he is just really really bullish on Finance he says it's a phoenix from the ashes you guys can go on he's actually got this broken down into like different articles and stuff I'm not gonna go into it it's way too long guys but if you want read into it why he thinks finance could be you know the next I don't know whatever you want to call it Amazon or whatever so moving on we also have Morpheus network announced a collaboration with holo chain now this definitely caught me off guard I've actually sat down and spoke with the CEO of Morpheus Danny Weinberger a few times on the channel actually so the reason that they chose this was because of Halle change transparency accountability and immune ability like blockchain but without the inefficiencies of requiring everyone to agree upon and holding duplicate copies of a single global ledger they say it's a perfect framework for supply chain because of its efficiency it supports offline transactions as well as data from even low capacity IOT devices on top of the fact that anyone can include outside sources of information ranging from temperature you know readings to satellite imagery plus no cryptocurrency or mining is actually necessary now why is TEDx pumping today well looks like they're doing an air drop for a rewards token which is going to be the actual 10x token te NX where currently we have pay okay so that's why everybody's excited if you want here's the information okay they're gonna be here dropping knees now this is going to be a rewards token I have a question was it pay token supposed to be the rewards token because I remember I actually bought some 10x back in the day and they were saying that when their cards came out you would basically get a small percentage of the fees globally and that would be distributed to everybody but now there's another token coming out so maybe this is why and you know I'm just saying certain people out there get frustrated when they say that you know basically crypto is printing money because you're basically printing money so I'm just going to move on but that's my feelings on that guys now we also have art pleased to announce the acquisition of security and penetration testing services from bugcrowd so basically what does this mean well it means that these guys are gonna be going nonstop trying to breach the arc hall and attempt to expose vulnerabilities before they pose a risk to the arc ecosystem I think that more projects should look into things like this smart contract auditing you know hacking trying to trying to find those bugs right very very important moving forward also we have matrix AI server competition round two is almost over there's only two more chances to win if you don't know what I'm talking about this might not pertain to you also we have a raw video demo of the new iOS token pay wallet app with QR code payment if you're interested you can come over and Casper underscore and L has done a bit of a you know example over here if that's something that you want to check out and moving on we also have oh my goodness no a public apology from – merchants management regarding media reports on the relationship with KFC Venezuela and their efforts for – to be accepted so it turns out that they're saying they want to make a public apology it looks like the message released was premature and reflected their optimism instead of the current state of their discussion with KFC Venezuela so KFC is not currently accepting – yet yet okay moving on cryptocurrency focus merchant bank galaxy digital and block 1 have led a 30 million dollar series a investment round in u.s. neo banking platform good money while on the flip side bit Maine has been forced to close down its a rarely Development Center amid rapidly declining revenues possibly over 1 million amp miners have been shut off the mining industry has entered its worst bear market in history billions of US dollars of Bitcoin mining equipment has been shut off the equivalent of 1.3 million s 9 ant miners according to bit max research total daily Bitcoin mining revenue has fallen from around 12 million US dollars to around 6 million per day leaving only about a 1 million daily profit margin across the entire Bitcoin mining industry even after rigs have been shut down so some people say could this be a good thing could this allow you know newer players to come in possibly but um yeah times are definitely rough even for these guys one thing that I thought was kind of interesting is that PayPal actually has created its own cryptocurrency but before you get excited know you cannot buy this on an exchange this is going to be an internal token just used for the staff and it's going to be basically for contributing ideas and participating and they've set it up for have their own internal website for employees to access access the private tokens and earn more by enrolling in learning programs the tokens are clearly not tradable it's very unlikely that PayPal will be venturing into cryptocurrencies anytime soon as for example they made 13 billion dollars in 2017 and a large chunk of that was derived hugely from overinflated foreign exchange rate sending money between PayPal accounts in different currencies can cost as much as 5% borderless Kryptos obviously would be a threat to the industry so to truly become wise you must first lose your pants in an IC L I don't know this has nothing to do with anything this is just a funny Yoda meme I found guys but seriously before we go this is the end of the video I just want to let you know there's nine days left for your chance to win two cold'll our wallets that we're giving away in the blockchain brief I think we have like a 300 new entries and just yesterday alone we have 749 people that have entered so far so if you guys haven't had an opportunity yet you can go over to the blockchain brief website if you guys haven't checked out the blockchain brief yet guys you know it's a magazine that we're all involved in I write for it whatever it's five dollars a month you can also get the or all of our old issues are totally free yadda yadda yadda you guys know the drill but that being said guys I want to look at this chart one more time and I think to myself if history does repeat itself potentially although it might not but if it does we're gonna have probably a bumpy probably a bumpy 2019 honestly guys I have a feeling that December is gonna probably be a little rough and we could possibly have q1 q2 but once these instruments start coming in once these you know like backed and fidelity and everything else I mean then we're gonna have our answer and we'll know you know because we don't know right now we're just speculating so that being said guys if that doesn't get you excited here's Donald Trump with a Hottel hat that says dump it I actually don't know why that would get you excited you know what guys I think that that means that this is enough for me it's time to get going guys we need to get going it's our day it's Tuesday you got stuff to do so that being said thank you so much for coming back to the channel everyone been liking subscribing commenting also if you guys haven't turned on the Bell notifications you should do that because tonight I have a very let's just say it's a very highly requested video I think you guys are gonna really enjoy it I think you're gonna have a lot of fun with this one and I'm really really excited so definitely keep your eyes peeled for my video coming out later this is a viewer request by the way so I know you guys are gonna like it that being said that's it for me today I've gone on for way too long my name is Kay dub this is crypto zombie look forward to catching you guys later for that fun video and until next time stay crypto NTSF

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  2. They stated PUBLICLY that they want to find out if crypto can be MANIPULATED, right? How is it a conspiracy theory to think "Maybe they're trying to manipulate it…"? The question isn't whether they're manipulating it, but are they bringing it down so they can get in when it's low, or are they attacking the platform its self? Either way I see up to 30% moves around Jan 24 in either direction pending the approval and dictating whether I get to cost-average or have to FOMO in.

  3. Breathe more between topics 🙂 It´s difficult to keep up the rhythm sometimes. Thanks for the great content you have been providing the community with tough 😉

  4. Its going to be very rough and tough for the next couple of years people. Many will fold and drop out but those who wait will reap the rewards. Be strong and ride it out, forget about your investment and carry on with your normal activities.

  5. I don't know why it's so important of coinbase listings.
    Coinbase Exchange handle may be 5% of total Crypto coins. The price is high only a day for may be 5-15%. Just see what happened to ZEC,BAT,MANA,
    LOOM, ZRX. There are so many coins doing better than those coins and doing better in some other Exchange.Dont worry

  6. ETF will destroy Crypto with their paper trading and not having to actually hold the BTC they would sell. It is B.S

  7. 10:00 lots of grain and salt on your comment because Futures are not just a tool for shorting its a derivative utilized by professional asset and hedge fund managers to HEDGE their position and/or make profits by using specific derivatives strategies so this is crucial for institutions and big fund management firms as its used to minimize risk and increase profits. When it comes to Wall st its not about "believing" in a technology or not! its all about reducing risk and increasing the probability of having more ROI based on volatility and the correlation between assets within the portfolio. Its pure finance and mathematical finance

  8. A man bought BTC at 2000 is a great and wise thing to do. But when he is still holding and keeping it when it is high is foolishness. If BITCOIN should rise to 18000 then he is a bigger fool for not selling. The hype might eventually lost it value and you end up selling what you have and having a great loss at your end. Surely was the last thing I had to do with BTC then not until I was introduced to Gary Bailey. He asked me some questions about my trade experience. Then he gave me his strategy to look out when going for platform and so many important things a trader won’t tell you, then he let me into his specially designed layout and gave me professional and important advice with perfect trade signs, with this strategy trading became easy and very profitable I just want to use the a s a medium to pass this words and help as many that may have faced unfortunate situations. For all questions reach him through is email*([email protected])* . Bitcoin is mostly useful for trading and investing only but right now is beyond trading and I made 60,000 fromBTC. My success never started bountifully made sequential losses before my turning point in the crypto world.

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