Coinbase Pro Listings: $EOS, $MKR, $REP. What's next?!?

i'm TI nogs with trade cripple live and this is the pulse of crypto welcome back everybody it is Monday April 8th and the big news today is the coin based listing we have AOS we have augur and maker all listed on coin BassPro today can be assumed that the follow the same path as some of the other coins and eventually make their way over to the retail platform as well but to start they're getting a few different pairings you'll see that they're a little bit different makers getting a bit coin in a USD see paring whereas US Dollars are getting paired with rep and and euros are getting paired with AOS this is this is an interesting interesting listing grouping not all the projects I kind of thought they would be looking at at the same time but it certainly fits with what the trend has been for them recently and that's really just throwing up whatever they want so it's gonna be a staggered launch we're gonna have the transfer only phase the post only at the limit only and then full trading phase typically after that point we'll start seeing news about it rolling over to the coin base platform itself the retail platform for everybody to begin trading and not just their pro users so let's take a quick look what's been happening with augur the ticker is our EP and today they've got a little bump in the last hour and they've been doing fairly well over the last little while a lot of projects have been doing well since about February of this year and you can still see they're still down quite a bit since since their all-time high at 99.5% decrease in value the return on investment is still pretty good let's take a look at maker maker not been doing so hot it is one of the few that have spent the last month or so struggling a little bit but they had a really good run before before a lot of the others kind of did as well and if you go back and look at the 90-day you can see that we're in a bit of a correction phase right now and that volume blowing tapered off a pretty busy start to the year for them so maybe some some turning some turning points for maker here but we'll have to wait and see us on the other hand has been doing very well they are the number four by market cap right now and this year they really stood out as as kind of stabilizing what was a really rocky start to their platform and their being that launch so looking forward to seeing where this goes for them if we take a look at the list by coinbase themselves we are ticking off the boxes where do we go next that's the big question who's next we have lots of people calling for card I know I've heard a lot of people looking at oMG when we say go I think some complete projects are on this list and perhaps there some that are basically already ready to go and that would be tezo's there ticker is X T Z and the reason I think they're ready to go is because coinbase already has them listed on their custody they've also mentioned that the maker doubt governance is to follow and this is just about a week and a half ago so in my opinion is the very next one to be listed will likely be tezo's but like I said earlier who knows coinbase seems to just pick them out of a hat sometimes and if we go back to our list here there's some other really good really complete projects here that are looking at main net launches quark chain launches their main that this month at the end of the month it was supposed to be last month but they they put it off loop ring is a very complete project engine iOS T khyber Network they're all on my list and of course there's neo neo is a higher market cap coin and really has it seen kind of the the same amount of interest to some of the others so maybe that's one that slips in there or maybe they just throw us right out there and they list po core storage first we will have to wait and see as it stands right now all of these coins that are listed on coinbase are not on both platforms you can see coin base on the left going based Pro on the right we have US Europe UK and then they lump sum of the rest of us into the group over here for Australia Canada and whatever else that is standing for so we can take a quick look you can see silica wah is not available on coin based Pro in the US neither will be maker immediately interestingly enough then if you come to the main platform you can see there's a lot of them that have not been moved over to the main platform yet so I expect we see that before we see any more new listings but it is exciting to watch it's kind of like a game of bingo don't get caught up in the hype these listings aren't doing what they used to do and that is it for me today this has been the pulse of crypto of with ti nogs I'm signing off

6 thoughts on “Coinbase Pro Listings: $EOS, $MKR, $REP. What's next?!?”

  1. Thanks TI, ADA should be next but if they rather list shit coins like EOS whatever. CB has been bought and now is owned by the rulling families they are told what to do, my sppeculation because of the EOS listing, damn pedo coin. Maybe xvg is next on their list. scumbags.

  2. ENJ could be a surprise based on the Samsung situation though – will be interesting to see, I wasn't expecting these 3 that showed up out of nowhere!

  3. I want ADA to be next, but I'm guessing it won't come until after Ouroboros is successfully implemented and staking is active without major issues. Tezos makes sense based on that Custody fact! Thanks TI!

  4. I think Tezos $XTZ has the best chance to be next. They already have a solid foot in the door as they are already on Coinbase Custody and being staked by Coinbase.

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