Coinbase Pro adds XRP Cryptocurrency For Trading | Cryptocurrency News 2019

hello and welcome to channel today i have some cryptocurrency news for you everyone still i'd like to do a video and cryptocurrency news and what's going on in the world of crypto and earlier today just a couple hours ago i opened up my email and i got an N bit and email from coin bass pro so here's the email right here x RP is now available to trade coin based pro now supports x RP trading depending on your location you may be able to trade on x RP USD x RP 0 and x RP BTC order books so though for those of you who don't know x RP is a crypto currency that is tied or used by the ripple payment network and its aim is to be fast and cost efficient for cross-border payments now if we jump over to your coinbase pro exchange here you go we can see the x RP USD trading pair they're pretty awesome and you can see all the orders that are going on looks like there's quite a bit of movement going on pretty awesome it's really pretty exciting so they there have been rumors about coinbase adding new crypto currencies and recently they've been starting to add more and more cryptocurrencies they added Z cash recently they added a couple others and now x RP now that's really good news for the the US users here that like to trade on coin based coinbase is one of my favorite exchanges between coin base and by Nance those are probably my two favorite exchanges and then Q coin is another one drop will comment down below and let me know what your favorite exchange to trade on is and yeah so I'm excited I know there's a lot of mixed bag feelings out there about XRP and also the the ripple payment network I like xrp because it's my it was my second cryptocurrency that ever bought back in late December of 2017 I bought Tron or TRX was my first one that I bought and then XRP ripple was the second one that I bought and I didn't sell any of it so I have a bit of it that I'm holding on to and so anytime there's some kind of XRP news I'd like to tune in and see what's going on and so I was really excited to see that XRP U was released on coin based Pro one of my favorite exchanges and it just makes it a lot more easier for me to trade and now what I could do is I could move my whenever I want to sell I don't have to go through an extra hoop to get USD out of my ripple you know or out of my ex RP I can just do it right darn coinbase so pretty awesome and that's one of the advantages for people that use a coin base and want to do USD you know to get money out make some make some profit so there we go it's a little bit of cryptocurrency news and that not a long segment for you but again make it make a comment down below and let me know what your favorite exchanges also let me know what your favorite some of your favorite crypto coin cryptocurrency claims are my favorite is deep onion and then I have a couple others a steam is one of those one of my favorites as well but deep onion is a privacy coin that I really like and maybe someday it'll be listed on coinbase as well anyway my name is Matt Taylor again this is my a variety channel and until next time happy investing everyone take care you

16 thoughts on “Coinbase Pro adds XRP Cryptocurrency For Trading | Cryptocurrency News 2019”

  1. I prefer relatively small exchanges like Bittrex. Think Deep Onion will be disseminated primarily through them. Coinbase can be considered large place. But the main thing is to expand opportunities.

  2. My favorite exchanges are Kucoin where I bought all my ONIONS and Binance as well. I used CoinBase to buy Bitcoin but now I use Bitstamp.
    My favorite coins are Remme, Faceter, Substratum and DeepOnion.

  3. It's nice to hear that more and more cryptocurrencies are being added to Coinbase Pro. I hope they add my favorite DeepOnion privacy coin.

  4. Nice video! Kucoin is my favorite exchange because it has a variety of coins but if Coinbase were to add DeepOnion, then Coinbase would become my favorite exchange. Still, I like Coinbase enough right now especially since they have enabled Paypal withdrawals for EU citizens.

  5. Matt, thank you for this video ! I like to trade on Crex24 cause it's very easy to work with it in my country. I'm also waiting for the launch of Buzzex exchange 🙂

  6. Favorite crypto exchange so far is Kucoin and Coindeal! but there are many good one listing $ONION, a lot of options here with The DeepOnion project! Soon Coinbase will add $ONION because of it many good features! Favorite cryptos so far $ONION and some other private cryptocurrencies.

  7. Was hoping that you'd say Ripple went up and we are rich LOL
    But in all seriousness that's amazing news Matt, hopefully DeepOnion is next!

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