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real quick guys I want to make a short video let you guys know that coinbase decided to add 0x now this doesn't really come as a surprise for some of us I've talked about 0x I talked about how coinbase because they had this integration with paradox and toshi wallet both that utilize 0x protocols so it's not surprised to me and for some others that they were gonna add 0x however there are still four other coins that they are testing right now that cludes basic attention token card on Oh stellar and z cash so are they gonna be announced soon we don't know in my opinion I've been talking about this for a while the other GRC 20 candidate has to be a basic attention token Brendan Eich has done a fantastic job it's a great company great project and I have a really good feeling they are next and then in addition I do think that stellar has a really good shot of getting added but with that said even even cardano's Z kasi cache of courses they're ready on Gemini so they also have a shot and card on Oh everyone loves cardano's so they also have a shot so out of the five who knows maybe all five gets added but for now it's gonna be just zero X and that's why even today when things are bleeding heavily zero X is in the green now they said that this is gonna be on coin based pearl first they're gonna allow people to make deposits wait until liquidity is there before allowing people to actually trade and then they said right now right now zero ox is not available on coin acecomm website and the apps because they're not allowing fiat buying just yet once they get enough your liquidity I'm sure they will then open that up so they haven't announced a date for that yet those of you guys are interested in buying with fiat you have to wait bit alright guys that's it just want to give you a quick update on this big news from coinbase this is one of the good pieces of news that have come out today that had effect on a good ol point alright guys hit the like subscribe to the channel and stay tuned for tomorrow's live session at 10:30 a.m. Central Standard Time take care bye-bye

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