49 thoughts on “COINBASE NEWS: Bitcoin Cash Fork BSV”

  1. coinbase does everything as if the concept of time is missing for it. but for me it is. and I am terribly furious with such late work

  2. Coinbase let you withdraw this but to do everything else you have to go to different exchanges. The question is, why do any of that on coinbase then?

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  4. Interesting news. It is surprising that the two branches have diverged so much in value. Thank you for sharing.

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  7. Tried sending it over to Bittrex and was not able to do so. Perhaps u can only send BSV to a wallet? Tried doing this as well and was told…This recipient address isn't whitelisted. Add address here: https://pro.coinbase.com/profile/address-book. I think i was able to do this. I now got an email that says…1 new address will be whitelisted in 48 hours. Hoping to trade BSV before it drops lower. I am not a frequent or savvy trader.

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