Coinbase New Listing Policy, ZelCore Multi Coin Wallet & NVIDIA 2070

hey everyone what I'd like to do in this video is talk about three different topics I'd like to talk about coinbase is no asset lasting process I'd like to talk about is LK she's multi-asset wallet which they have recently rebranded and I'd like to talk about the NVIDIA GeForce @tx 2070 and I said that without saying GTX I'm still getting this GTX r-tx playing with my system so hey I apologize for the delay and talk about these stories guys have been watching my mom and dad's dog this week and she's lying near trying to look cute trying to vie for my attention oh and yeah watch my mom and dad's dog I don't I don't always get enough time to do the videos that I want to do so onwards and upwards here as coin basis bag announcement and it really has a big announcement coinbase is new asset lasting process our goal is to rapidly last all assets to meet our standards and are compliant with local law we're providing our customers with the tools to discover if how you trade and use that digital assets so there's a big announcement about us in how they're you know they're wanting to add a you know new your assets and all that and what to support cryptocurrency world now they say that the line that they've got here you can see here so I talked about previously know what is that previously as they say that the exploring Kedah know basic attention tools a token stellen stellen lumens Zed cash and 0x now at the time what they were doing with it was kind of like putting these coins at lambeau they were saying we're going to add these coins but first we're going to spend some time vetting them but we've not added them yet and yeah it was a little bit strange to me that that but the Energy Star resale and you can see that was July 13 to remember doing a video about but know that going one step further and they are saying hey come to an application form which is this submit your application and if you meet all of our requirements you go real estate now right off the bar I like some of the things that are doing here the first one being that they're not charging any application fee and if you've seen any of the videos talking about the the fees the by Nantz charge then you understand why that's such a good thing and it's not just by nouns that are doing that some really bad crypto currency exchanges out there and they're charging hundreds of thousands of dollars to be a last eat yeah it's not something I agree with I do I do understand the exchanges aren't always making a ton of money as well not as much as you're thinking will be making and by the same time I think fees should be reasonable and you know coinbase of just come and say that we're not going to charge any fees at all which is quite surprising because they are going to get an absolute avalanche of applications have you followed any new coin over the last year you know any coin is relatively new you always see someone saying when are we going to be listed on Finance when by Nance but I think from now on people will be seeing when coin base and it would make more sense for a team to less to apply for application on coinbase first before by Nance because it's free and by Nance you need a lot of money there and you really do have to be an established coin really aim but are talking about that say your digital asset framework so the table that's digital asset a framework so if you look at this here though now I can only imagine what it could be like if you walk in for coin base and the avalanche of coin applications you're going to get but right off the bar a lot of these crappy coins just simply I'm going to be lasted at all because they're not going to meet the requirements now I think that those coins and the developers of those coins will star ply even though they don't meet the requirements they'll just waste coin this is time but they won't be lasted so you know they're just wasting their own time as well but if you go down you can see a lot of the things that you have to taxi based have to go down and tuck all these different requirements and open financial system security in code and founders and leadership engineering a coin base will apply no your client standards to publicly visible founders or leaders thank you amen so I've been strongly against these anonymous teams for a long time guys I really don't like the way that these coins act and kinda cowboy I like I don't know that I'm and I understand the benefits of being anonymous but I think for a team that shouldn't apply I really do want the people who develop a coins to be public to be visible and TBI promoting the coin explaining what the coin does some people does agree with me on us but I'm agreeing with what coin based are doing here so right away there's a lot a really crap team a crap coins there they just can't last because they don't want to be visible governance is well they need a white paper they need a road map again there's hello it clap coins idea in future development funding so let's look when Jase thing as well the same is our plan or a boat and mechanism for raising rewarding or allocating funds this is going to capture a lot of coins as well that's really I was going to catch a lot of cones as well because even if they've got a pre main they may look at it and see a lesson your pre main is going to bond soon you've been you know you've been hemorrhaging cash and it doesn't look like you've got any way to change this in the future and I'm who I'm hoping that this is gonna drop down and we're going to see Tim saying right we need this in place we need this in place we need us in place before we even launched maybe this is going to be a lot of push that's going to I don't know maybe I'm dreaming here but maybe it's gonna be a lot push that improves the quality of coins are launched probably no I can dream but you can see other things here is real that coin bees can legally offer this asset so I'm a say is not classified as a security using coin BC securities law framework compliance obligations integrity and reputational risk there's a lotta things to meet there guys there really is and I understand from a team a perspective there's maybe some of these things they say well what do you mean by that's what they mean by that but aim hey listen you're not charging anything for less and the printer I did and black and white what they're looking for so I think this is good I do think it's good I know and right off the bat you can see that they're looking for coins that are transparent but not anonymous and so they'll be then you know there are some peg coins out the other stone anonymous but they won't be lasted a they looking for transparency they're looking for the coin to be legal to be regulated the looking for it to be a you know self-managed and they're looking for the coin to have some sort of plan in place for how it's going to be funded long term so that's not just abandoned and I think this is good news I'm looking at this announcement a pause of thing I really do think this is a positive thing coin base is always you know had a limited number of coins in fact you can even see that on the page here you can see that right now all they've got is back coin aetherium Bitcoin cash like coin aetherium classic and sure they are going to add all these coins at one point I have no doubt Papantoniou they really have had a very very limited sale of coins and so yeah that's as a game changer so next story guys zel cash so zel cash is wallet Zeljko as LJ sorry I've talked about Zell trace before and I showed you owe him so really cool a wallet it's a really cool a multi coin wallet what they're calling a multi-asset wallet you can see here that Zell core is released for Android iOS and desktop now the first thing to know as the as kind of like a rebranding right off the bat aim and the renamed that from zero trace to sayö core now after you have downloaded the Zell Jays wallet for your a for your computer if I bring this up what you need to do is you need to uninstall zell trace and just going to your computer uninstall and then just download the the can talk the desktop version of the elk or if you look at I'm sure there's some differences behind the scenes here but looking at the desktop version here looks nothing more than a rebrand at this point oh you know one and stole her and I reinstalled Zell core and you know the only thing that really changed as you know it went from zero is to sell core but a the entry cylinder website is that was the OJ's they've not got the zero court I mean they're still using snail chase so they've got the ad multi-asset encrypted wallet and there's a desktops which supports Windows Linux and Mac OS m and there's mobile support for Android and iOS now the mobile version as see it's 50 M over 50 assets we're calling her now and the significant thing for for me here as in the rebrand going from 0 JS which I thought was yeah it was good enough a name the sale core yes fine I don't know the thinking was behind changing it because the Starwood does LJ's the main name but the key thing here and the thing that really unchaste me as the mobile version now if you look at the the desktop version here the desktop wallet that's as a fantastic looking wallet and I know you can see where all they've done is put a play a little picture in the background but just the whole design of the application that's a very good-looking wallet and it supports a lot of different coins and you can see there's a lot available there but this as a true not only a true multi-asset wallet it's also a wallet that syncs across multiple devices and that's the key thing here that's the key thing Zeljko can now be downloaded on Google Play so come in danger downloaded on Android devices and on iOS and a my own array of I copied all right sorry sorry sorry what I've done there is copy over him I've copied over zelgius there let me see zo core iOS I'm not prepared here I'm not prepared right so there's the a droid version and there as the Apple version but you can see with this kit not it doesn't let me zoom in here but Android does so you can see the images here can I go left and right no I can't but I mean look at that wallet is is basically mimicking what the day's talk while it looks like I think that this looks fantastic they've done a very very good job here now obviously I have not looked at the core data thunder that year all I've done is download the desktop wallet but I think that I think most people agree that that's a very sexy wallet the desktop version and the mobile version but the key thing here is the fact that that's syncs across multiple devices when you log in to the desktop version you can then log in on your phone or your tablet and you can get access to the same account now our lloyd people don't like that they prefer things to be tied to one device but from a practicality point of view and from an adoption point of view this is very very your so you know I can I can send funds when I'm in the house and then when I'm out I can you know access the same wallet on my phone using the same log and et and you know I can you know access my coins I can say and I can receive that says this is really really good then it's him that's is really gonna make a you know puts a okasha on the map there's a lot of other coins are trying to do the same thing and so I'm not saying that you know Zell cast the only ones doing this but I think of on the surface at least I think that they've seem to have pulled off something really really really good here and I do think I really do think I cannot stress that enough I do think that that's really as you know the significant thing here as that as another step to a doctrine we really do need things to be more user friendly you know if you're trying to introduce capital currency to someone that perhaps isn't the most tech-savvy you can't able to tell them to you know download the cute they the cutie wallet make sure you backup your wallet that file make sure you do this make sure you save your public keys and make sure you do yes you'll start off deceive your public keys for this but my point as thus is going to simplify the process of adding funds receiving funds trading and yeah so kudos to say Oh cash and I'd like to see more coins focus on the development of the walls and come up with things that I think this is a big plus for them so last story I want to talk about was the GeForce @tx 2070 and you can see here there guess a release date of October 17th so that's going to come out as $600 so the work that the founders a dashing well I'm it says here that in line with the general performance progression of the GeForce ethics family the 2070 is slated to deliver around 75% of the 2080s performance now the 2080 has been at least about I think $750 or 750 pounds in the UK only maybe own fights $800 in the USA aim and okay so there's there's a comparison here the phone does adduction and the r-tx 2070 against it 10:17 you can see you know the bumped up the cause I mean look at 14 gigabytes of gddr5 memory called 14 gigabytes per second a Agag array of Ihram 185 Warsaw it's actually higher than 1870 was I know kind of funny you know because I'm really puzzled as to why they don't just release us at the same time as a 20 80 and 20 atti I assume I don't know cuz I could I could understand unknown to them at the same time but if they were going to delay the launch over by three weeks I don't know what is that achieve I thought if there was maybe a delay in the background in the proof in the manufacturing process or something I don't know but if they're going to delay it you think three or four months of delay would make more sense and you know you know you can launch with a bang delaying the launch of a 2070 by like three or four weeks you know I don't know I can't work that why no aim no from from a mining point of view well obviously GP remaining hasn't been at the forefront of cryptocurrency recently because well sailing on and the UK in Europe because of high electricity costs and low mining returns but a the 2070 as certainly a cheaper card to buy so perhaps we're going to see more people buy that instead of buying a 2080 TI which is ridiculously expensive a yeah so we're gonna have to wait to see what mining performance will be for thus what kind of harsh rays we get from this and bars as they were seeing there on the article on a proof stimulus website again and I'm take always get that wrong and that website scene it's going to gather about 75% of the 2080 so yeah we can probably work out the harsh ways from that but I'll wait and see what people see about and what high streets people are getting I'm not looking to buy this and you know I'm not looking to buy this just no but and the scenario we are maining profits go back up and I touched upon this and a video the other day from you know when I was recording with my phone I was just talking about the resale value of cards and talking about when I bought my cards I bought ten sixties and a few 1080 eyes but when it came to reselling I thought the 1080 eyes would be easier to sell when you haven't and moving forward if I was to buy a GP remaining reg and I was too bold you know my legs back up again and start but you know buying more cards I'm not saying I am but an anti situation me a profit set up I would probably be leaning more towards like the 2060 them they're 2070 these cars are going to be cheaper to buy and it could you know electricity is obviously a law as well but in a wait-and-see I wouldn't see I haven't seen anything about high streets and every generation there's always one card oh you know if the rains that always performs a little bit better than expected and perhaps it gives you a lot more bang for your buck so thanks for watching guys I hope you've enjoyed this a look at these three different topics excuse me and I'll leave a like a list of all these articles so you can check them out please do check them out and get me your opinion on the coin B C's new lasting policy get me your opinion on his elk I was going to see snow crush ya on the the Zell Cassie's z0r wallet my god I've got at the other end I just confused me because it says L chairs at the top it's easy o cash somewhere and it says el Corredor in their aim so yeah let me know what you think about this elk or wallet let me know what you think of it coin B C's lasting policy and what do you think about the 2070 TI f you're a GPU minor as that's the card that you would buy let me know in the comment area guy is always a always appreciate your your comments on these things and day thanks for watching and I'll speak to you and the next one cheers guys

9 thoughts on “Coinbase New Listing Policy, ZelCore Multi Coin Wallet & NVIDIA 2070”

  1. tkkmr4 ZelCash has a highly active team and add coins (every 2 weeks recently) all the time. The D2FA and the mobile wallet was recently rolled out. Other projects areZelNODES, ZelDEV and ZelDEX. The white paper explains it all or go to ZelCash Discord channel for more info.

  2. ZelCore looks like Exodus wallet but supports more coins plus multi device support. Apparently they are trying to impliment their own decentralized exchange too.

    Definitely looks like a nice all in one wallet. Anyone know if they are actively adding new coins? (Exodus seems pretty slow at this)

  3. Love the ZelCore wallet. The cross platform functionality is awesome! Log in process is ideal. Also really liking the whole Zelcash coin / team & roadmap. Hope it does well. Miles & team seem great & are very helpful on their Discord channel.

  4. I honestly doubt anything in the 20 series will be worth buying for mining if/when the market gets super profitable again. It'll probably be between the upcoming Polaris refresh or the 10 series cards if it happens in the near future.

  5. Following on from your video about regulation the other week, this sort of coinbase listing policy is exactly what we need in crypto. It seems like an excellent way to rid out all of the crap coins and to encourage the development and listing of solid projects. I think this will go a long way to raise standards in the altcoin space, where there are more clear criteria for a person to determine whether a coin is good, or bad. I think its also good that coinbase proactively developed this system, rather than being 'forced' by a government/regulator to do so. This sort of sensible 'self' regulation I think is very important for the future of cryptocurrency, as it encourages confidence in a decentralised system. I think this is a fantastic step towards mass adoption.

    In terms of the Zeltrez wallet, I would side with the people who prefer to have their coins stored on a hardware wallet (i'm a ledger user), however, I think a solution like zel core is ideal for smaller balances and seems like a very convenient solution. I'd agree with your point about adoption here also, this user-friendly design should help encourage more 'non-technical' people to begin to use cryptocurrency.

    I'm putting off buying any more GPU's until the antminer 's11' comes out, as I think that might be a better buy. But if I were going to get GPU's, I think the RTX cards might make sense just from a future resale value 3 years down the road opposed to an 11 series card, and I think the increased price might justify that.

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